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How To Protect Yourself From Russian Women Scams
Are Russian brides true or scam? Russian brides are TRUE! Unfortunately, there is always
someone ready to empty the pockets of men who are overly eager for romantic adventures. Keep
your eyes and ears open, so to say. Here are some stats about Russian scam brides: 0.1% of all
applicants submitting their information to the Russian dating services are scammers.
How can you recognize Russian scam brides?
Here are some early signs of scam.
*The letters a man receives tend to be generalized. Direct questions about personal life are avoided.
*Any claims of love should be suspect until you met in person.
*Money is involved
*Big age difference.
Scammer's Portrait
How to protect yourself from being

Here are the top 4 effective, simple and easy
techniques that can help you avoid being
*Never send money to strangers. The majority
of scams involve money for travel to the man's
country. Take common sense precautions:
send her the ticket rather than money if you
want her to come visit you. Keep your purse in
your pocket, it's difficult to get scammed as far
as you do it.
*Check out the girl's incredibly beautiful
appearance, the photo may be false. Ask her
for more photos that are not made in the
*Ask for the girl's personal information (postal
address, telephone, etc.) and see her reaction.
Does she ask for gifts? It's wonderful! Find an
agency that delivers flowers and gifts with
photo confirmation. Scammers hate this, they
love anonymity. This way will be verified not
only her appearance but also her postal
address and telephone number. 
*A travel to Russia should be born in mind to meet your pretty Russian girl and her family. If the
intentions are serious, of course. Thus the majority of burning questions will be answered and the
initial information verified. And may be even more...
The majority of pretty
Russian girls online are real. They are looking for love and really want to build
a family in spite of unfavorable demographic situation in Russia. The rewards of finding a suitable
Russianwoman outweigh the risks. Use these simple precautions and you will be safe from Russian
scam brides.
Tanya Bilk 
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Free singles dating sites have flooded the Internet as of late. Some of them are great,
most are average, and a few are bad -- really bad. So how should you determine
which ones you will sign up for and try to meet females with, and which are the best
ones to leave alone?
When dating foreign women via the internet, it is important to ascertain that you are
dealing with real people. There are stories of people who have spent hours chatting
and interacting with each other for years just to understand too late that the person
they thought they knew was someone quite different from who they thought he or she
Online dating scams have been an issue for singles who need to pay attention too. It
is very easy to recognize whether he or she is a scam or not. Every day, more and
more singles join paid and free dating sites to find love online. Thousands of happy
relationships and marriages are created from such dating websites.
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