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 How To Use The Weaknesses Of Russian Women.
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Can we play on women's weaknesses? You need not to play on women's weaknesses,
but to use the womanliness in reasonable way is possible. Every
woman: Russian,
French, English or any other nationality, by her nature is individual, but  I still choose the
most common women's weakness, which are located from the least-meaningful ones to
the most...
One of the women's weaknesses a
chocolate can be called and the sweets in
general. Females like to treat themselves
with all those "delicious": candy, ice
cream, marmalade or, finally, the cake will
always be pertinent, by the way, if you go
to see her. Rather, you should not be
against, with all these sweets. Of course,
if she will share with you...
Fluffy and not very ones, large and small -
all of them bring joy to woman. Even a
keychain for cell phone, implemented as a
small animal that you gave her not only in
regard to your wedding anniversary,
birthday or March of 8th without fail will
enjoy her. The surprises, gifts with humor
or with the intent, or maybe romantic note
will please your beloved by remarkable
sense of focus, sensitivity and romance.
Weaknesses Of Russian Women
Talks on the phone
Women can talk on the phone for hours - about anything. They can discuss everything
and at the same time, nothing, nothing substantive, important, just talk, gossip,
discussion, on someone or something.
This is followed by weakness to flowers. Women love when they are given flowers to the
occasion and without it, a chic bouquet or modest one, no matter. Anyway, this is
attention, and women value this.
A woman more than man, is inherent to this human weakness, as a curiosity. She is very
interested either in what you think about her and what your friends think about her, 
what is the view on her from your parents. It is also interesting to know with whom you
have met before, by what threads you are bound to a man and what is a destiny of
your friend or your former lover.
Love for a variety of trinkets, ornaments and jewelry. Women love jewelry and they love
when they are given these decorations, because in their view they deserve all these
gifts. Thrust to the beauty and perfection is a remarkable propensity, and a provided
feasible assistance in this will not remain not noticed. The best friends of girls are
The women's competition
Why do women often compete with each other? Because even one of their weaknesses
is the thirst of limelight. Being in the center, both male and female attitudes, be a cause
for gossip and talk behind their backs, all of this gives them self-confidence and inner
satisfaction. This raises the need to keep the fashion, to maintain good physical shape,
to take care of their appearance.
Pleasant words in her address
A woman like (as, indeed, and a man) when she gets compliments. If her attractive
appearance draws attention on the party, she will become even more beautiful, if they
commend her sense of humor, she will crack jokes sorely even greater. Indulging with
women's weaknesses will bring her joy, comfort, tenderness and once again will prove
the sincerity of your emotions.
Women love to shop and spend money on clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics...
It is adopted to consider that the shopping removes a stress, but as to the female, it
often turns into a real mana. Dressing from the leading designers, to buy expensive
clothing brands is the desire of each woman. A woman can buy the outfit and wear it
only once, and is in the order of things! As long as money is - and women can find how
to spend it.
Man's attention
Each woman seeks male attention, ways and means to achieve it have no meaning for
her. Even the most, seemed at first glance, inaccessible men will fall before her
charming, unless, of course, she does not chooses so. It is just statistics confirms that
the men who are more difficult to tame, enjoy a high woman's demand. But along with
the hunting for men the woman unusually subtle feels and craves the gentle touch.
Light massage of shoulders, stroking on the back, sweet kiss - and she has already
forgiven, she is ready to echo by her tenderness and warmth.
Tags: Marriage
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My current girlfriend is the most impossible of all jades I ever met, still
remains to be it (just not with me). We are very tied to each other, I
may even love her, I still like to look at her when she sleeps, in this
moment she is like an angel.
Why Russian Women? So... what makes these women so special?
This is a question that I am often asked by men new to the world of
international dating. Those guys fortunate enough to have met or visited
the Former Soviet Union (FSU) already know the answer! The first thing is
that these women still have "traditional" values. Now this phrase probably
means something a little different to everyone who hears it.
"Take care of men!" The famous slogan. What they need to be saved
from? From the sofa? Wicked women? Exactly! Men must be kept away
from women. Actually, why we need to take care of men? Are they really
finches of endangered specie? Of course not. In total they are well-fed
types with a penchant for beer and the TV. Whether moderately
aggressive or not to the extent. Relatively intelligent (I said relatively!)
and not concerned about the idea, how would they care of their women.
So why on earth should I protect them?
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