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How to succeed on the dating site?
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Theorem. To catch a good fish, you must offer a very good bait.
dating sites are colorful with ads. Smart ones post their profiles on several sites
simultaneously. The persistent ones, not spare money, raise their profiles on the top row
every 2-3 days. Beautiful ones hope for professional photographs. Ladies expose the most
attractive parts of the body, talently take tempting poses of the mermaids, unobtrusively
swash in the foam of waves. Apollos, muscles slightly tensing, invite mates to hold
unforgettable night. Alas, at the age of Internet and mobile communications a few people find
what that were looking for.
Good profile is a way to success on dating site
What are they looking for? Women are looking for that
very Only One, a half. For whom, who will deliver by
his soul and body the pleasure and comfort to the
family, nurture and bring to mind not numerous, but an
ambitious offspring.
Men want to find a  beauty women "under the status"
and rather try her in the nearest horizontal soft place.
And then, as God gives. And He gives, but somehow
not the way you want, and not to those who tries
more. Why does it go amiss, though it seems bites
and the place is full of fish?
1). Questionnaires are empty. You can see photos only. Here you are! It's Me!. Unravel a
mystery. If guess - would be a prize! Alas, the people can guess bad.
Questionnaires are not honest. Someone is using photos of known and unknown artists.
Someone lie on the pages, trying to attract maximum partners, hoping that they will get
loved-get used.
Owners of profiles are honest, modest and shy. They can not stand giving the information
for fear that their neighbors or colleagues will know, and will judge.
Owners of profiles are slow-witted. For example, they write about their preferences, that
love to travel. And then later it turns out that he prefers to do it in an aircraft and to live
comfortably in expensive hotel. On the other hand a partner can imagine traveling as a
pedestrian route, nights in mountains, in forests by the bonfire with songs and mosquitoes ...
There are dozens of examples of how the sexual giants have turned dwarfs, businessmen - 
auto washermen, passionate women - cold Atlantic herrings.
What to do? To risk. Maximum risk. Becoming the most candid. Expand yourself from all
sides. Emphasize the qualities for which you dear friends, can be loved. Do not be afraid of skew
the views of friends and acquaintances, because YOUR LIFE is on the scale. Maybe it is today,
now the person to whom you have sought will flash by and disappear. He might not notice you, if
he thinks that your spiritual life is empty or bad.
Questionnaires or profiles should be filled until the edges like the bowl with wine, which
held to dear guests. Let the photos show your individuality. Go towards each other. Take
politeness and willingness to look inwards human. It is where the real wealth is hidden. Expand
before your likely companion your best spiritual qualities, love and tenderness, courage and
reliability. Communicate maximum frankly, there is a wisdom, too.
Remember that there are no trifles. Sometimes they are very important. Someone might like
such a trifle as there was in one of the forms: a woman wrote that she had pets, but she also
considers her pets the titmice, which sit on her window sill. She wrote that she was very fond of
them. And someone will get this trifle in the heart. And then write more about happiness ...
To enter into a woman (man) for a night, just smile, sympathy, music and a glass of wine
enough. To enter into a woman (man) for long, you have to disclose your inner spiritual world.
Enchantment of spirituality, love and kindness is very strong. They attract, and there is no
opportunity to confront them. Show what you are for now. If you still have shortcomings, show
that you want to change yourself, that love will change you for the better.
Good luck on dating sites, dear friends!
Tags: Profile
Sounds ironically but the majority of profiles submitted to dating sites clearly do not
meet important task conferred on them - to represent their owner and creator in all
their beauty. This state of affairs had prompted me to write this article.
Women dominate the online dating game. Reportedly, women who send out emails to
men get upwards of 96% responses. Men who email women get only about 20%
responses. Even so, it's important to realize that cyberspace can be much more
dangerous territory for women than for men. First, men tend to lie more than women,
particularly about their marital status.
Getting a good profile picture is essential in conveying to other online dating users
what you are like. It is all very well to try and visualise what someone else looks like
but putting a good picture on display can help dispel any doubts as to whether
potential dates have lied about themselves. A picture can be reassuring and put your
mind at ease.
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