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I want the woman of my dream.
Men want a dream woman, women want a prince on a white horse. For both it is
absolutely real, and achievable at
any age! For many people, it is difficult to believe it.
Just because, people often become
reserved for an external cause and go in the
direction aside from their success. It's always easier to blame the other for our failure,
hence the firm belief of the opposite sex is that all women are bitches, all the guys are
asses! Where it goes from?
My husband and I, fortunately, have few disagreements, but still they are in every
family, to happen. For example, I'm a supporter of eating as much of greenery as
pissible. I chew fennel, parsley, basil, watercress, lettuce, celery, lovage. Just like
that, with cheese or even with... tea.
My husband looks completely opposite at the eating of grass. Against all my beliefs, he
 - I'm not an ass to eat a grass.
 - Dear! - I exclaim - the women's wisdom discourses that all the men are asses. And
they know better. And there is nothing to argue with the opinion of the vast number
of women.
My husband just laughs in reply. Does he not know
that I do not think so. But, unfortunately, the large
part of women think really so. Even smart, beautiful
and promising ones. Why?
The simple answer to this question: they were not
lucky with men in their life. But really it is not so
simple. The origins must be sought in the childhood.
Most often, girls and women who are unlucky in love,
alas, have been brought up by a mom. And not only
divorced, but one or more times betrayed by men
and therefore they nurse a grievance at all
masculine. In this case, wittingly or unwittingly, she
is programming her daughter for failure also in her
personal life.
Even if the mother does not speak aloud, that "all
the men are asses", this
girl's feeling develops on
Girl kicks with her foot.
the basis of little things - from mother's comments on father, conversations with the
same single girlfriends, and from many others.
Unfortunately, the objection to men can take root in the soul of a girl who grew up in
an intact
family. It happens not only if the father is alcoholic, a rowdy, or other
antisocial personality, but if dad likes his daughter not enough, offends her or simply
does not notice. This girl is growing with a low self-esteem and her resentment at
father she brings to all men.
And there is such an incident - a woman with low self-esteem is noticed just by those
men, that are accustomed to use women, regardless of their opinion, and not caring
about what they are experiencing. That is, a vicious circle...
The same thing happens with the men. Low self-esteem and deep-rooted beliefs are
yielding the negative results.
Even Freud had suggested that we meet the very people who already live in our
subconscious. Marcel Proust, too, claimed that at first we draw a woman in our
subconscious, and then meet her in real life.
A friend of mine, which long had bad luck in her personal life, said that to understand
the men she had been taught by 11-years-old boy, the son of a friend, who initially
offered to teach her to swim, then makes her to like catching the bullheads in the
Black Sea. He also infected her with collecting of seashells.
And one day returned home, she suddenly realized that now she knew what men she is
to choice and how to build the relationships with them. Less than four months since
that time she had met the man at an organ concert and soon married him.
Woman closing a door.
I tried to find it out, to what the boy had
taught her.
First, she was difficult to answer,
then said: "You know, I just realized that the
men are just same people like we women." 
That is to say: all men are different and there
are those with whom it is nice to build
trusting relationships, just to talk, just be
friends. It does not matter how old they are -
eight or a hundred. And then the fate, seeing
that you've changed, gives you your soul
The same can be advised to men to
understand. Men who find it difficult to
search for their
own woman.
The women are just same people like we men
To begin with the self-confidence, just to
repeat at every opportunity that you deserve
to meet a caring and loving woman. To
communicate, more to be friends, it should be better with the people who treat you
with respect and appreciate you as a person.
When our perception of the world is changed , we are ready for a new relationship.
As soon as we allow ourselves to meet our second half, it comes. Immediately!
And all those who want to start a family, having self-confidence, they surely can
create it at the age of 20 or 80.
Girls are emotional beings and in order to get a girl to fall in love with you, you will
have to tackle on their innate emotional side - this is one part about women which
most men failed to understand and therefore failed terribly in getting a girl to fall in
love with them.
Searching a life partner on dating sites, we often find ourselves in the same position
as a buyer in a huge store with a large assortmentom. We face one and the same
problem there - the problem of choice...The clearest and simplest example, as well
the training of the ability to define your goals at the same time is finding the
necessary clothing for you.
Do you want to activate the Law of Attraction in a very powerful way and receive the
blessings of the universe into your life? Are you ready to take control over your life
NOW and create the amazing life you deserve? You see, YOU too can have ALL the
MONEY you want, buy your dream car, purchase the finest clothes, attract your soul
mate, go on exhilarating holidays with your family, have vibrant health and give in
abundance to charity
Mature big women from Russia are often very open and kind, but with a bunch of
complexes. They are very sociable and charming. Very welcoming and helpful. They
are truly feminine, as they have rounded shapes and charms that the men are so fond
of. Big women also are self-critical.
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