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 If A Woman Says NO
Very often men repeat the same thing: "A woman
can not be believed", "Women's logic does not
exist", "Listen to a woman, and make vice versa"...
Such statements lead to rabies the feminists, force
the hysterical blonde to cry and result housewives
in mellow anger. How can we
understand women?
How to bring together both perception of world and
the logic of the genders?
This is a rather complex issue, on which the
scientists break their heads not one year. We have
to do the same but simpler: most importantly, do
not forget that all women, for that matter, all men,
are all different. Depending on how their parents
brought up them, what kind of education they
received, what place in life did they find for their
abilities to be realized, what a special nature has a
person, what habits, due to all this Women need to
be understandable in a very different meaning.
If A Woman Says NO
For example, there is generally accepted opinion that a woman should wait for the
man would call first, first would propose to make the first invite to visit, the first will
offer hands and hearts... Girls! Yes, if all your life to sit at the window in anticipation
of the excellent Prince, it is possible to reach a pension! If you have a conflict with a
young person, which is easier to call and talk about it, not waiting until the man
understands (if ever will understand!) that you are in the grievance to him for
Men do not attach so much importance to details and if you do not draw their
attention specifically, then a situation that is so important to you, will be passed by
him. The same to the flirtation. If you will be smiling the whole evening, even with
your most charming smile, and just limit yourself with that, it is almost 95 per cent
probability that it will remain unnoticed or perceived as a sign of cordiality - not the
In order to attract a man, you must file a more clear signs for him and, in addition
clear to distinct the cases, when you coquetry can reject any proposal, or directly
accept.  Your hidden "yes", implicit as impregnable "no" not every man will understand
- whether you want this or not, 21 century goes now - the age of urbanization, ultra
modern, and not tolerating the mincing fuss.
And you, our dear men, also should stay alert, because still not all the girls are
guessed that you became somewhat lazier and do not want to "read between the
lines". And if your chosen girl refused to go with you to a movie or restaurant, but her
smile is full of archness and skittish dancing eyes screw up and beckon drowning - do
not rush to abandon your goal, you are just played in those games, without of which
You would not appreciate us so high as appreciate now!
Be happy!
Russia is a country of paradox! And this is its regularity. Russian man
does not want to do or to think when his stomach is empty, but when it
is full - he can not. (Faina Ranevskaya)
The men who reveal their male opinion on Russian women intend no
offense to anyone, they only state their thoughts and feelings. It should
also be said, that each person has an individual personality that really
makes the difference in human relations no matter where they live.
Long-distance relationships are the reality for thousands of men who
chose Russian women as their partners. Despite the fact that a long
distance relationship seems to be hard to maintain, it is do-able. Hope
you will agree that the most important aspect in a long distance
relationship is communication.
One of the sad truths in our society is how empty many people feel, and
the devastation their emptiness causes others through their resulting
addictive behavior. The question is: why? Why would someone who
seemingly has everything destroy their own life, and the lives of those
they are close to, with their addictions to sex, alcohol or drugs?.
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