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Intuition Is The Key To Success In Personal Life. 
"It is impossible" -  Reason said
"It is imprudence" -  Experience  remarked
"It is no use" -  Pride snapped out
"Try your luck..." - Dream whispered
   Dear Friends! Our life is arranged in such a way that in order to achieve maximum impact we
should use our abilities in the fullest. It is not a secret that our brain is a powerful tool that literally
works wonders. And of course you know that there is logic and intuition. Left and right brain
hemisphere each perform its own function.
Take a simple task. This ballerina can whirl in any direction. Logicians see her whirling in one
direction while Intuitive persons see another. Harmoniously developed person can make her to whirl
the way he wants.
If you think that she whirls clockwise, you have left hemisphere developed stronger (logic analysis), a
counter-clockwise direction - right hemisphere developed stronger (emotions, intuition).
Conclusion. There is a need to develop, train, reveal your dreams. Move to your goals using the tool
of logic and intuition to achieve maximum results. And if you have no goals yet, quickly decide where
you to go. Otherwise your life can be a bit one-sided and not interesting.
We wish you a wonderful, colorful life. Worthy goals and your opportunities revealed. We  wish you
well-being and prosperity. Put ballerina whirl the way you want. And you will see amazing changes in
personal life.
Put ballerina whirl the way you want.
Young couple on the beach or a man's face?
"NLP" and "subliminal messages" - if you have been keeping tabs on the field of
psychology, there's a possibility that you've already heard about them. However, you
really don't know what they are, more so how they relate to each other. Or perhaps the
most basic question is if there is any relation between the two.
If you sow the idea - you will reap the deed, if you sow the deed - you will reap the 
habit, if you sow the habit - you will reap the nature, if you sow the nature - you will reap
the Fate. 
Our imagination and choice of focus inevitably shapes the future that we experience.
Whatever we focus upon tends to become the reality that we experience. Although there
are many things that are out of our own control...
I know I've made some harsh assumptions about you. But take a really good look at
your life and be honest with yourself. If you think the same thoughts, feel the same
feelings, and do the same things you've been doing, nothing will change for you.
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Bahman 2015-08-25 11:06:09
Iam very very good

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D.C.Taylor 2015-02-21 20:56:26
Good advice so Thanks! Is this a porn site tho? Yeah, newayz I enjoyed the advice coz it's like the kind of thing that ur Mam should tell you when ur growing up. Peace, Passion & Forever Love...........&shit!

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