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Is Your Erectile Dysfunction Physical Or Psychological?
If you have concerns about your erections, ask yourself the following questions.
Before you seek help it is important to determine the origin of your condition:
1. Do you have an
erection at least once a week when you wake up in the morning?
The answer to this question is important because it indicates whether your problem is
psychological or physical. In an investigation conducted at the University of Chicago's
Sexual Dysfunction Clinic, 32 men who said they were suffering with ED were asked
about morning erections. They were also given a thorough urologic examination. Of the
men whose exams indicated psychogenic (psychologically based) ED, 86 percent
reported having morning erections. In contrast, 100 percent of men who were found to
have an organic (physical) basis for ED did not have morning erections.
If you frequently have morning erections, or nocturnal erections - it is often
incorrectly assumed that these are related to a need to urinate-your problem is most
likely psychogenic in nature and will likely respond to a comprehensive ED program like
the one found at
2. Are you able to get an erection firm enough for
intercourse under some circumstances -for example,
during masturbation or with a different partner?
Your answer to this question distinguishes between
situational and global erection disorders. A man with a
situational disorder can get an erection in some
circumstances but not in others. For example, if you
are able to stimulate yourself to erection, you are
capable of having an erection with your partner and
your problem is situational. If you are unable to get an
erection under any circumstances your problem is
Man sitting on the froor deep in thought.
3. Did something in particular happen in your life that seems to have triggered your
erection difficulties?
If your erection difficulties started at the same time you began a new job, moved,
retired, or lost a loved one, your problem is likely to be caused by stress. Sometimes
when ED persists for several months after the triggering event, you can be caught in a
self-perpetuating cycle of erectile failure: Stress leads to erection failure, the episode
of ED creates anxiety, and this leads to another failure. Anxiety and the anticipation of
failure interfere with sexual responsiveness.
4. Do you get a firm erection but usually lose it when you attempt to penetrate for
If you are getting sufficient stimulation, that loss of firmness may signal a slowly
developing physical problem. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, heavy smoking or drinking,
and other behaviors may be catching up with you. But the abrupt loss of a firm
erection on penetration may also indicate a psychological conflict. If this happens
frequently, have a urological examination to eliminate any physical cause before you
begin looking at personal and relationship issues. Gradually losing your erection after
several minutes of intercourse is not a cause for concern. You may be tired, or you
may need to vary your sexual routine.
5. Can you feel mentally aroused even if you have trouble with erections?
Almost every man has had some period in his life when he didn't feel his normal desire
for sex. In most cases, this is temporary, and desire soon returns. When loss of desire
persists, look for an underlying psychological cause. Stress, fatigue, boredom, fatigue
are all possibilities.
These questions can help you evaluate your situation and determine if the erectile
dysfunction problem is more physical or psychological. They can also be used as
talking points to open a discussion with your partner. Your erection problems affect
her too. If you are looking for a reliable treatment approach for your ED, check out the
wellness program at
By: Dr.
Joel Block 
Article Directory:
Joel D. Block, Ph.D., is an award-winning psychologist, practicing couple and sex
therapy on Long Island, NY, and couple-relationship seminars throughout the United
States. Dr. Block has appeared on all the morning news shows (CBS, NBC, and ABC),
countless radio shows, and he has been a psychology consultant to ABC. He lives in
Melville, New York.
The quality of the man's life is changing, he can enjoy the "spontaneity relationship" (this is
especially pleased because the urologists have found that the fact of erection stimulates the next
erection). The latest treatments help men to find a free choice of the moment of intimacy and the
self-confidence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. Sex is rather better than the Cosmetologist's room. In the
course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital the group of experts reviewed the people of various
ages through unilateral mirror...
A man is young until he's all right with his erectile function. It is a fact. As a fact is that the youth
can be renewed at your will. The tool is as accessible as potent. It is your desire plus a little
labor. As a result, an erection of 18-years-old boy will be provided to you.
You may be one of millions of people who are afraid of failing. Yet overcoming fear of failure is not
difficult. Adopt these simple steps and turn failure into success. You'll soon become much more
powerful than you think you are.
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Andy G 2012-06-06 18:17:13
This is an unfortunate ailment that affects so I'm told, one in every eight men. I am one of those, it can be very frustrating, I am now in my mid 40's, I have been affected by this since I was 19. In my younger days it bothered me, I was like most immature young men, I wanted to sow my seeds, but as it began to take affect, so my ideas of sex dried out, I did go through a spate of self abuse, drinking to excess, smoking, even cannabis for a short time until I found it expensive & it just didn't do anything for me, not only that, but the problem was & still is there, it is physical rather than psychological, it was brought on by an operation when I was 17, it is beyond my control, I can do nothing about it except live with it....

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