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Is It Love?
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What is love?
The most common definitions of love include words like
desire, affection and
attraction; but what does love mean to
you? It can be difficult to define the feeling and for many, a
little frightening when they suspect that they feel it for the
first time in a romantic relationship. Knowing for certain
whether or not you have these feelings for another person is
something that there is no test for; no box you can pick up
at the local drug store and in five minutes have a definite
answer. However, though each person may have a 
different idea of what love means to them, there are some common feelings about it in general.
Below are some of the most agreed upon ideas and concepts that are felt by those who truly
believe that they have at last found that special someone that they were looking for and feel
certain that they are in love:
* Physical Response: When a person suspects that they are in love and that their feelings are
returned they will often find themselves in a happier and more positive state than usual. This is
often accompanied by humming or singing to oneself; laughing freely at things that may have not
previously received such a response and even smiling at random at the mere thought of the other
person. A person in this condition may also tend to feel healthier and eager to wake each day
simply because that day has the potential for interaction with the object of their affection.
On Your Mind: Often those who believe that they have found love will think of the other person
many times throughout the day at random. Situations that may have little to do with the other
person may bring the idea of them to mind simply because they are so much a part of your
thoughts that your mind will latch onto anything that even distantly reminds you of them. This
constant thinking about the person can even become a little frustrating when trying to concentrate,
though often those who are in love don't become to agitated as thinking about the person they love
often produces pleasant feelings.
Curiosity: Even for those individuals who are not naturally inquisitive, finding a person with whom
you hope to spend your life often makes the idea of knowing all about them interesting. The tiniest
detail will be remembered and interesting even when these same bits of information may have
previously been the type you would forget. It is often because the person becomes so important
that desire to know them well is great.
Romance: Those who were never particularly interested in romantic subjects; activities or places
may find that those things now catch their attention. In some cases finding love for the first time
may even produce a life changing point of view for those previously annoyed by the subject of
In Conversation: Frequently those who are in love will feel compelled to talk non-stop about the
other person with their friends, co-workers and relatives. For some this will be the first sign that it
is happening; the person who is listening may bring up the fact that they have been speaking a
great deal about their partner. Often when discussing your love interest with others you will feel
unusually happy and excited because the thought of them is enough to bring joy to your life.
New Things: Falling in love often opens doors to ideas and activities that may have previously
been of little interest to you. This may include things that your partner enjoys and because of their
interest in them you now have an interest as well. It is common for people who feel this way to find
new activities exciting because they get a chance to experience them with their partner. The
respect and affection for the person you love can often produce new ways of thinking as well; your
opinions on important subjects may be swayed as your partner explains new points of view.
Becoming Important: One thing that may have not changed too much in the many centuries of
courting is the desire to impress the object of one's affection. When falling in love you may feel
compelled to show off and renew ambition so that your partner will be dazzled. Even when your
partner makes it clear that they have chosen and are in live with you this courting stage may last
well into, if not always a part of, the relationship.
Planning for the Future: When thinking about your life in the years to come your partner may
now be a constant in even your wildest fantasies. Those who find themselves making plans for the
future that include their partner can usually be certain of deep feelings. The realization that you
want this person to be a part of your life for years to come may be a bit of a shock at first, but will
certainly help in making your feelings clear.
Happiness: Perhaps the number one indication of a person who has fallen in love is when their
partner's happiness means more to them than their own. It is a noble and wonderful reaction to
feelings of deep love that your partner's happiness should mean so much to you and that it should
make you so happy in return.
If by the end of this article you find that you have been nodding and smiling at each of the signs of
love then congratulations you are probably well on your way to a new and wonderful life! If on the
other hand you still feel uncertain perhaps you should simply try to picture your life without the
person in question...a life where you don't hear them laugh or see them smile; a life without their
affection or how do you feel? If the answer to this is sad; possibly even
terrified, then it maybe that you finally have your answer and that you have come to trust, depend
and yes love the person in your thoughts. Good luck to you and all of your loved ones may you
have the courage to follow your heart.
By: KattChat 
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Tags: Marriage
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