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Jokes About Blonde. 
 Some why it is taken to joke over blonde. They were chosen as the embodiment of female's foolishness.
As to me I actually don't believe the blonde are more stupid then brunets and conversely. They are very
loveable, sometimes more direct and open. And the most important -
they are not feeling unloved at the
jokes against them.
Maybe it's just the human envy? After all, they are beautiful!
On the riser in the wake of the snow you can determine which car and how was parked
Who and how parks.
Six girls on the podium with a raised numbers. The blondes keep their numbers upside down
The blonde on the Beauty Contest
A Letter From Blonde Mom To Her Blonde Daughter .
Hello, my dear girl!
If you receive this letter then it came to you. If not, let me know and I will write you one more
time. I am writing slowly because I know that you keep reading not very quickly. The weather
is good. Last week rain came just two times: at the beginning of the week, 3 days, and near
the end of week within 4 days. By the way, about the coat that you wanted, uncle Vasya
said that if to forward it with the cast buttons it will be too expensive by weight, so I cut
them. You will sew them back, I put them into the right pocket. Your dad got a new job. 500
people are under him! He mows the grass in the cemetery. Your sister Nastya got married
recently, and expects baby. We do not know what the gender will be, so that I can not yet
say whether you will become uncle or aunt. Should it will be girl, she wants to call her like
me. A bit of a strange decision to name her daughter Mom.
A funny incident with your brother Tolya happened recently: he closed his car and left the
keys inside. He had to return home on foot (10 kilometers!), to take a second set of keys,
and to release us from the car. If you suddenly find your cousin then remember her my
greetings. If you will not meet her, then will not say.
Your mom
PS: I wanted to send you a bit of money, but have sealed the envelope already.
A Letter From Blonde Daughter To Her Blonde Mom.
My dear mummy!
Yesterday I finally finished reading your letter. I have news too. Recently your son-in-law
read a study that says that most of road accidents happen near your home. Therefore, we
moved to another apartment. The apartment is beautiful, there is a washing machine here. But
it does not work. Yesterday, I put linen in it, pulled the cord, and all the clothes disappeared. I
am looking for Manual (a neighbor all the time proves to me that "this refuse chute is OK").
Recently, the same as my brother Tolya I got problems due to defects in detail of car. Tell
you all in detail. I have a favorite dog Arnold, of a rare dwarf breed Shee-Ttsu. Typically, Arnold
sits on my lap. But recently it was necessary to stall at traffic lights. I clicked on the pedal,
but there was Arnold, who was able to climb somehow under it because there is no a stuff, to
protect it from falling under the pedal any small animals, and the instruction does not warn
about this. I immediately drew back my leg, because Arnold loudly whimpered of pain!
Because of this, I crashed into another car and badly creamed my own car. Then I was told
that I was to blame in the accident, and I will have to pay for repair both mines and another
car. If I must pay for that they have done poorly pedal? Had they done a car as it should be,
my doggy would not be able to climb under this pedal. And nothing was written in instructions
about that small pets could go under the pedal! In addition, Arnold has a fractured pad, it has
to treat at veterinarian. Therefore, I need money to repair the car and for daughter's school.
Now in the mornings I have to seize an opportunity of passing metro to get to office. As a
proof I send you the pictures which I made with my new phone of last brand.
Blonde catches a ride in the subway
At work I learn to go roller-skating. I think might be useful. After all, winter is only once a year,
and I love to skate.
blonde standing on two chairs with wheels
Blonde karaoke
Parallel universe
Three blondes at the table
A pink blouse, a pink car
Your  Daughter.
Oh, quite forgotten. I received your letter. So you may repeat, because the money was not
really there. I checked twice.
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