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Law of Attraction
Do you want to activate the Law of Attraction in a very powerful way and receive the blessings of the
universe into your life? Are you ready to take control over your life NOW and create the amazing life
you deserve? You see, YOU too can have ALL the MONEY you want, buy your dream car, purchase
the finest clothes, attract your soul mate, go on exhilarating holidays with your family, have vibrant
health and give in abundance to charity. All this and more is possible when you know how to effectively
apply "the secret power" of YOUR OWN THOUGHTS!
Law of Attraction really works
This is Tantra that Sufi gurus give their new students so that they would have the experience to make
sure how the thoughts work, how they form our destiny. The task of the teacher - to give the student a
firm knowledge of this fact, rather than inspire blind faith in the fact that our thoughts determine our
reality. It should be just strong knowledge based on personal experience. After all, if someone had
tried the sugar, he knows that sugar is sweet. It is not necessary to believe that sugar is sweet, he
just knows - sugar is sweet. The question of belief disappears as unnecessary.
If you look at this Tantra at least 4 minutes a day, then not later the fourth day  a run of luck starts,
first in the little, and as if by chance. The right person at the right place and time himself has found
you, the phrases of random people do provide an answer to some of your old question, you stop being
late, and much more. To show the student that there is no any coincidence, he is said for some time
to stop meditating on Tantra. It is, the luck disappears, and life is like before: happy "random"
conditions become much less frequent. Then, the student begins to meditate, and again good chances
begin to haunt him.
However, you can use this universal Tantra. Meditate at least 4 minutes a day. Pronounce the written
affirmations mentally or aloud (if you are not afraid that the relatives will call a doctor :)) Be ready for
pleasant surprises and do not consider them as random coincidences. In fact, only a bird can
accidentally do caca on the head, but then it was some reason there - Sufi gurus joke. In order to
enhance the impact of Tantra (ie your own thoughts) keep your spine straight and smiling. Started at
first little and then big success will offer you an incentive to begin to study of yourself and practice your
divine capabilities.
Mr. Adam Gilad has produced a special report entitled "Online Dating Secrets" which
will show you how to finally meet and date as many women as you want, with deep
attraction , at your discretion. Many men frequent the bar scene, only to spend money
and time without any real results and no real attraction.
Once upon a time a poverty was. And it was so poor, that it had no money even for a
capital "P". So it was called - the poverty in small letters.And it was so unsure of itself
that it could not live alone. It always lived with someone who kept thinking about it.
Searching a life partner on dating sites, we often find ourselves in the same position
as a buyer in a huge store with a large assortmentom. We face one and the same
problem there - the problem of choice...The clearest and simplest example, as well
the training of the ability to define your goals at the same time is finding the
necessary clothing for you.
For almost all men the female consciousness is a baffling mystery, more difficult to
decode than the greatest mysteries which have plagued the human race forever. Even
though we all want to meet women online, without any true information about exactly
how female psyche works, our goal is usually a lost cause.
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