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      Most Pretty Sexual Nationalities In The World
In distant overseas countries the pretty
sexual, beautiful girls and charming
men are waiting for us. The folk rumors
often attribute to foreigners
unprecedented dignity. Are the sexual
stereotypes about the validity of a
Pretty Arabian Girls
Pretty Good Old Europe
According to researches conducted by Durex, the most pretty
sexually active were Greeks. They
have sex more often than other (about 138 times a year) and almost everywhere. However to allow
yourself to run wild in Greece should be cautious: in this country safer sex is not in fashion. 70%
of the population take no precautions.
After sex with
Italians they remain generally satisfied. Statistics argues: in this country  the
quality is valued more important than quantity. Italy is a country of metrosexuals. Narcissistic,
knowing the price of themselves, Italian men and girls keep doing all "perfecto", taking care not
only about their pleasure, but not forgetting about the interests of a partner. The Italians are
involved in love considerably less than Greeks (only 106 times a year), but everywhere: in a car,
on the beach, in the park, in the garden. The toilets are less in repute - they leave in Italy, indeed, 
to be more desired.
French worldwide are said romantic lovers. However, the famous French charm, alas, is valid
only for the phase of courting. In the sex French are conservative. They do not enjoy various toys,
only few persons prefer to practice sadomazo games and Tantric sex. Adultery is circulated far
less than it is considered: became married, only a quarter of those surveyed had the extramarital
relations. In this country they make love a lot - about 120 times a year, but the average sexual
intercourse lasts no more than 14 minutes, including the preliminary affection and kisses.
As in everything else,
Germans in sex are thoroughly and landing. Respectable average German
burgher is in "this" 104 times a year, extremely physiologically, performing the urgent need,
similar to clean the teeth daily. In Germany children start to receive sexual education sooner than
in other countries (from about 11 years) and
lose their virginity before other (in about 15 years with
a little). The Germans, unlike other Europeans prefer to love each other in the bedroom
exclusively. They are less inclined to change partners and only one-tenth of the citizens of the
united Germany are unfaithful to spouses (in other EU countries the number of cheating spouses
is 2-3 times higher).
Stiffness and
coldness of residents of the Foggy Albino statistically is not confirmed. Englishmen with pleasure keep using sexual toys, are open to new ideas. They can make sex  practically
everywhere, preferring cars and parks. More than a half of them had a sex for one night. However,
the attitude to marriage is serious: only 14% of the surveyed cheated their second halves.
Pretty girl's kiss
Love in the New World
About the promiscuity and sexual omnivorousity of
Americans the legends are afloat. Indeed, the
inhabitants of this country  most frequently diversify
their sexual life: let the third to the bed can enter
into relations with persons of their gender, practise
anal sex and more willingly use vibrators. The vast
majority make love outside the home, choosing to
do this a car or a toilet booth. A one-fifth of those
surveyed admitted that at the most interesting
moments they use to turn on a video camera.
Surprisingly, but at the extreme  fear of accusations on sexual harassment, every fifth managed
to make a love affair at work. However, the diversity likely leads to satiety, and because of this
only half of Americans have sex at least once a week, while more than 50% of respondents
satisfied with their sexual lives.
Studies confirm not overshadowed by the
sanctimonious prejudices the reputation of beauties
and macho from
Latin America. On the sex they
are all right, and they are willing to engage in sex in
almost all fields more or less adapted to this.
Interestingly, more often than representatives of
other nationalities, they manage to do so in the
workplace and even in public transport. Local men
and women, throughout the life, dancing lambada
and other incendiary samba-mambas, where the
thigh had to work well, do not need different means
of inciting and vibrators - polls data show.
Pretty girls on Carnaval
In search of exotic pleasures
Learnt all Kamasutra poses, you should not go for practical exercises to India. Its inhabitants
appear to be the "sexually no concerned". It looks like the ancient book on the art of love was
written to diversify at least a little intimate life in this country, whose citizens have an average of
no more than three partners and later than all (almost 20 years old) come first time in sexual
relations. Half of those polled residents of India stated that it was correct to refrain from close
contacts before marriage.
Here, almost no one tried the three sex, did not use vibrators, had no homosexual connections. 
Night with Indian will be a fairly boring and without romance: they fewer than other inhabitants of
the globe are buying the massage oils, inciting fragrances, and absolutely are not interested in
erotic literature. Local residents are not attracted with sex outside the bedroom: 65% engaged in
love only there. The only diversity that every one in five allowed to himself - is a sex in a bedroom
of their parents. The Indians come into intimate relationships much less than inhabitants of other
countries (only 75 times a year). Worse figures are only among Singaporeans (73 times) and
continually working Japanese (45 times).However, all the same is characteristically for other
South-East Asian countries:
Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore. Their
inhabitants much less than Europeans have sex (and prefer only the classic version), they do not
welcome any variety and they often had to resort to other means, extending the sexual
Living in
Turkey confirm the reputation of lady-killers. In average, every Turk had more than 14
partners (this is an absolute world record!), More than half of respondents cheated a wife and had
a girl for one night. What the love with the Turk will be like? Dweller of this country prefers
traditional or anal sex, without all the "European newfangled stuff" -  toys and bondage. Having
enough loyal attitude to adultery, and that only half of participated in the survey think about the
safe, only 8% said that they ever suffered from sexually transmitted infections.
Talks about the merits of black men cause palpitations of many representatives of wonderful
gender. The view that immigrants from
Africa are faster-higher-stronger not only in sports
competitions, but also in sex, is confirmed by statistics only partially. On the one hand,
Africans practice all forms of sex and ready to deal with it everywhere: from the car to the beach,
from nightclub to a public toilet. The World record-holders for the length of sexual intercourse were
Nigerians, involved in love continuously at least during 24 minutes.
However, such "long distance races" occur infrequently: only half of the inhabitants of this country
is engaged in sex at least once a week. Ladies who dream of beautiful blacks, have to note for
themselves that the majority of Africans do not mind the consequences and do  not use remedies.
Sexy girl in short dress on the high heels and two Muslim women in long black dresses.
Before going for lands miles and miles away, in search of a better partner, do
not forget that the statistics is good for marketers. Alive human is unlikely to
rely on average rates.
Psychologists agree unequivocally: when the novelty effect disappears, it is
clear that foreigners are different from domestic characters far more strikingly
on appearance than in sex.
White man with black woman
The study has found that in the Eastern Europe, the most sexually active are Russian
women. According to a survey the Russian women are having sex an average of 12.7
times per month. Herewith the third of Russian men experience erection problems.
Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. Sex is rather better than the Cosmetologist's
room. In the course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital the group of experts
reviewed the people of various ages through unilateral mirror...
Sex is on a par with domestic concerns. Yeah,  I wouldn't wish it on my worst
enemy. At this point, an unexpected sex should come to the rescue. It is an
unexpected sex can become...
In primitive times there were no traditional dating alternatives such as online dating
sites or courtship that were similar to how we know it today. It was customary for a
man to simply seize his wife by raiding villages and capturing defenseless women.
An opinion that the nature has endowed the Southern men with sexual skills and
abilities more generously, than the northerners is nothing more than a legend.
Temperament is an extremely individual feature and does not depend on ethnicity or
an area of residence. Nevertheless, sexual behavior is regulated both by natural
instincts and moral principles, cultural traditions and official law.
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