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Next ten men's misconceptions about the opposite sex.
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Next ten of men's most common misconceptions about women and all that related to
them written by Russian man:
11. Good sex is able not let a woman go, even if she is not satisfied with the
other qualities of a partner.
Sex is undoubtedly the most important part of any union, but in the meantime sex for
is not the point. Even without experiencing the orgasm, a woman can be happy. She may well be content with the "reflected" pleasure of that she has managed to
bring the beloved a joy. Actually, the entire
sex is treated by woman "with her head",
her ears, feelings and emotions, and the technique itself is secondary (but not
12. You can not beat the woman.
Brawls (and fights as their partial version) is indispensable and beneficial component of successful love union. Another thing is that some couples are limited by flapping with
ostrich fan, and for the other, to express a feeling, it is not enough a stool. During an
argument the latent grievances and complaints come to the surface. This is an
opportunity, on the one hand, to tell everything sore, to let off steam, and on the
other whether to heed or not to heed the criticisms of the opposing party. It only is
important not to affect in the heat of the moment the "nos" (each has his own "nos"),
especially painful for your beloved, - such the wounds heal very long time. In addition,
many women do like to feel the brute force of a partner, although they never confess.
It strongly excites them. All that is accomplished by force, has a distinctive, pleasant
13. The love (woman) can be bought for gifts.
Very delicate moment, very delicate matter. Of
course, we need to give women presents, they need
the favors. Moreover, your gifts, while in front of she,
constantly remind about you, causing a feeling of
affection and gratitude with all the nice effects. But
the large gifts to keep people apart. After receiving
such a gift, she considers the acquaintance, the
relationship "is fulfilled", she has "got hers." In
addition, there is a feeling of dependence, which often
inhibits the natural response and gratitude. Of course,
a woman placed in a "golden cage" is likely to remain
near you, but what will happen in her head and in her
life - you'd better not to know, and you will never
14. We are the one whole.
Nothing of the sort - it is necessary to preserve the
independence of the individual in the union.
Nice girl taking the present
15. If she gets to know my faults, then she'll leave me.
If she leaves, then at the best, there is a low price of such a companion, but if she
really loves and appreciates you, it will help you to overcome or at least to mitigate
the difficulties.
16. Any woman can always instinctively to catch all your desires and needs.
It is a common misconception, which leads to a multitude of quarrels and
misunderstandings, which could be easy avoided. Even the most intimate and loving
person can not understand in what a condition you are, what you do want, and can
perceive what is happening very differently. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, we are to
do some clarification.
17. If we truly love each other, then we'll be
Even the most loving people sometimes get tired of each other. In this case,
unfortunately, some one often wants to stay alone. This does not mean that all's
over, feelings and love are cooled down, it just takes some time that emotional fatigue
to get past. The feelings division brings us together, it increases in our eyes, the
positive aspects of the loved and reduces the negative. Wise partner himself feels
such times beforehand, and for a while tries not to fall once again on the eyes...
18. Modern women do not want to marry.
Every woman wants to marry! If she is not
, then just did not find or did not yet
take in hand whom she wants.
19. Ago's partner will shut her eyes to
betray, prefer to deceive herself, to not
notice, to not know.
Women's curiosity is without restraint. There
are not the incurious females. If a woman
says she does not want to know something,
then she already knows all of this. In all
situations, the woman wants to know
everything until the end, to be ready for any
eventuality. She will not keep asking you, but
she will know everything, down to the size
Pretty girl looking for marriage
of the bra of her rival. As for adultery, a woman can learn to live with it, but can not
overcome her feelings. She can get used to the idea, but not forgive. And her revenge
can overtake you at any time in unexpected way.
20. The man can break off the relations with woman at any moment regardless
of her desire.
All the threads of relations are in the hands of women. Women's intuition, a natural
propensity for intrigues and manipulation make these creatures almost invincible in
battle of the sexes. To fight against them by their rules is a hopeless task. A
strong-arm methods only can help out, not but the men's losses are incalculable.
Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. Sex is rather better than the Cosmetologist's
room. In the course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital the group of experts
reviewed the people of various ages through unilateral mirror...
The answer in my opinion is obvious. Who does not love it? And how it depends on
the belonging to some ethnic group? How is this possible - not to love the sex? So I
reasoned, from the position of an ordinary Russian woman. But the questions
continue to be asked by the doubter Western men, apparently, they suggest a
possible negative response (what if they don't?).
Sex is on a par with domestic concerns. Yeah,  I wouldn't wish it on my worst
enemy. At this point, an unexpected sex should come to the rescue. It is an
unexpected sex can become...
Mature big women from Russia are often very open and kind, but with a bunch of
complexes. They are very sociable and charming. Very welcoming and helpful. They
are truly feminine, as they have rounded shapes and charms that the men are so fond
of. Big women also are self-critical.
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