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Russian girls about the loss of virginity.
The loss of virginity affects... the self-esteem
first sexual experience has a different influence on men and women. The men feel
attractive, but with the girls there is not so simple... After the first night the
men's self-esteem rises up, and the female's one goes down.
Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have found that, after the parting with
virginity, the men are generally more satisfied with their bodies rather than women,
who, on the contrary, after the first time often feel less sympathetic (the results are
published in the scientific magazine Journal of Adolescence).
These findings were made during the observation of 100 students who preserve their
virginity to the begining of their studies. The participants of the experiment completed
questionnaires four times a year, there were also questions about how they relate to
The guy with the girl in bed after the first sex
Here's how Professor Kaufman of the University of Toronto comments these facts. She
specializes in adolescent sexuality issues: "When young man makes love first time, in
most cases, he is beside himself with delight. After all, someone found him attractive
enough to go into bed with him. A girl after the first proximity often feels insecure, for
example, because she was hoping that this sexual intercourse will grow into lasting
relationships, but it did not happen".
And here's how
Russian girls comment these facts. (adapted from Russian women site
Julia Morzhova
And what an original conclusion are we making from this article? That's right! All the
men are bastards and they all need only one! ))))))
Rubbish. After defloration the self-esteem just went up
Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania once again have worked out their
salary. The outcome of the experiment is utter nonsense!
Rubbish. After defloration the self-esteem just went up
completely agree )))))))))))
I am a virgin! And it's cool! It is so wonderful to feel inaccessible to those lusty
loons!!!!!!!!!!!! As they get angry when they realize what they can not afford! Ugh,
how disgusting when you've been fucked by a cretin. I'm glad that no one guy can say
this about me!
capricious child
Complete rubbish.
All is individually and depends on whom you've lost with, and how it all happened.
I also felt confident. And these scientists should not write that expectations were not
fulfilled. I'm having sex from 14 y.o. with one guy. We are together for 4 years and
plan to marry, when move off the parents.
That's it, they sleep with just anyone, and then they have frustration and wrong
relations. If on mutual love then wont be disappointed. First, a strong relationship,
then sex, but not vice versa.
I join this. The girl needs to have self-respect.
Mature big women from Russia are often very open and kind, but with a bunch of
complexes. They are very sociable and charming. Very welcoming and helpful. They
are truly feminine, as they have rounded shapes and charms that the men are so fond
of. Big women also are self-critical.
Sex is on a par with domestic concerns. Yeah,  I wouldn't wish it on my worst
enemy. At this point, an unexpected sex should come to the rescue. It is an
unexpected sex can become...
Sex in the life of a men is slightly different thing than in a woman's life. For him it is
not only the satisfaction of physical needs and the euphoria of the merger with the
beloved person, but also a field of self-affirmation, gaining the self-importance and
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