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Russian woman about the opposite sex.
Russian woman's comment on men's misconceptions about the opposite sex
 Basically, I agree with the author of this opus, but some of the items that caused me
a strong protest should be commented. A precondition: I do not like to write anything
(because of the natural laziness), there is the lack of experience, sorry if anything
wrong... Moment the second: all set out below, is my personal opinion, which, I
repeat, I do not impose anybody.
1. Fomer prostitutes make the great wives. This saying is not true in the bud." - I
do not agree. Among my many friends there are... yes, anyone, including
representatives of the
oldest profession, so that I can say: everything is possible...
Sorry for the banality, but if a woman marries for love, the betrayal is unlikely, if the
mercantile convenience - you
know yourself. In this, absolutely does not matter what
she is (or what she was) by profession...
"4. If a woman to the date to meet you has
"worked up enough", then she having calmed
down, will become a faithful partner.
- it only
seems so.
" Let's understand why she was
"working"? In search of the ideal or from the
natural whoredom? If the first thing, then the
prognosis may be favorable (provided you are that
very ideal), but if the second...
8. The size of tool is not important for women."
Russian women share their secrets.
Yeah. Worst case. Let's understand one after another:
"Although in terms of physiological, for women it does not matter which size is" - is a
blunder. Yes, in certain positions the vagina lengthens, but not ad infinitum anyway!
The discrepancy in the volume is a matter of time (will develop), but with regard to
the length that won't do! At best, some positions will be unavailable due to pain for
girl partner, which does not occur immediately, but over time, so if we are talking
about only the one night spent together - do not worry.
"they prefer that the man was with a big dick. It is for them - a pleasant surprise
and a joy of having something outstanding, peculiar fetishism"
- hmmmm... Doubtful.
Especially considering that with this "acquisition" you can not boast... (or I am wrong?)
"In addition, man with big dick usually is more confident in sexual intercourse, and
this is very much appreciated by women."
This is, unfortunately, true. And how can
we convince the man with a small tool of that "not the size is important, but way of to
18. Modern women do not want to marry. Every woman wants to marry!"
A small correction. Almost every woman. We all are different!
I used to think on a grand scale, making a mental list of "smart", "responsible",
"kind", "true", "humorous", "ambitious", "adventurous", "attentive", "easy on the rise",
"sociable", "livable "and so on.  And only now I realized what a man I'll never fall in
love with and whom could never live with... With a cynic!
The answer in my opinion is obvious. Who does not love it? And how it depends on
the belonging to some ethnic group? How is this possible - not to love the sex? So I
reasoned, from the position of an ordinary Russian woman. But the questions
continue to be asked by the doubter Western men, apparently, they suggest a
possible negative response (what if they don't?).
Sex is on a par with domestic concerns. Yeah,  I wouldn't wish it on my worst
enemy. At this point, an unexpected sex should come to the rescue. It is an
unexpected sex can become...
Mature big women from Russia are often very open and kind, but with a bunch of
complexes. They are very sociable and charming. Very welcoming and helpful. They
are truly feminine, as they have rounded shapes and charms that the men are so fond
of. Big women also are self-critical.
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