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Russian women. Big body, big heart.
Girls in bikini.
Mature big women from Russia are often
very open and kind, but with a bunch of
complexes. They are very sociable and
charming. Very welcoming and helpful.
They are truly feminine, as they have
rounded shapes and charms that the men
are so fond of. Big women also are
self-critical. Because of their weight the
women can not afford the high heels and
tight clothing, by which the graceful
beauties seduce the men. From this is
born the number of complexes that
interfere lush women to feel full-fledged in
society. But in vain...
Big women have not only faults but also
the advantages that are simply not
achievable for thin girls. The men like
femininity, which suggests the existence
of forms and shapes like sandglass. Skinny
girls could hardly boast of this, but the big
women - please! Their openness and good
nature attracts people, men reach out for
the soul. Who said that being big is awful?
It is a plus for a woman. This is not the rack of bones, but the soft spots to which the
hands reach out themselves. As you know, the guarantee of "binding" the partner is in
the tactile sensations. It turns out that the guy will sooner feel freer and more akin
being with a plump, rather than a thin girl.
Girls in bikini.
These women are good housewives.
Their perfect shapes they lose after
giving birth. The hormonal disorders
occurs, and here you are the plenty.
But once a child is, then there is a
man, for whom she sacrificed. So she is
not alone. She has a loved and
devoted husband, full family. But a slim
sophisticated lady at this moment has
broken heart of solitude.
Why all this happening? Because the
most important thing is outside the
body, namely, in the soul. It does not
matter which the proportions the
women possess, most important is
what they are by nature. In addition,
not all girls match the thinness, for
many of them would better fit the
plump cheeks. What regards the health
problems, the skinny also exposed
them. I'm talking about anorexia which
ends even fatally. Plump woman can be
very beautiful both good looking and
good for communication.
Anyway, the plumpness is no crime. A few extra pounds can be lost with active sports
and proper diet, selected individually by dietician. It all depends on the willpower and
the volume of inconveniences that come from plumpness.
All women are good and beautiful in their own way. For each of them there is a man
who will be able to love for what she is. And it's important in life.
A hippopotamus, which seems so ponderous and clumsy, is much more agile in its
natural state than one can be and is really beautiful... From childhood up Russian
ladies learn to respect men and to attract their attention. They read fashionable
women's magazines, study psychology of men and spend their last money for stylish
foreign dress and make-up, which is extremely expensive in Russia. 
But still Russian big-city girls are unlike the others. Moscow and St. Petersburg are
places of high international activity. Thousands of tourists, businessmen, scientists
and artists regularly visit them. Girls there have a lot of opportunities to meet
foreigners in real life besides the means of on-line dating services. 
The study has found that in the Eastern Europe, the most sexually active are Russian
women. According to a survey the Russian women are having sex an average of 12.7
times per month. Herewith the third of Russian men experience erection problems.
The internet is full of dating sites and marriage sites from all over the world. These are
currently subdivided by geographical region and continent. Thus one will have Asian
dating and marriage sites, African ones, European ones and Russian ones. As for the
Russian brides sites it is interesting to discuss why it is fairly popular for many men
of diverse ages
.
Jokes on Russian mentality
A naked Russian woman with a huge body is reading a newspaper and smoking.
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