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The experts noted a change in the wedding fashion in Russia: Russian brides are no
longer so eager to escape abroad, and foreign Suitors find it possible to stay in the
home of Russian wife. To understand the latest trends, we spent a half-day at the
wedding ceremonies.
Portrait of Russian women to be engaged: the stare more rigid,
the character stronger
Internet - suitcase - abroad
Exports of Russian brides, according to some estimates, has about 4.5 billion dollars of
annual profit. As senior researcher of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian
Academy of Sciences and an expert on the women's emigration Olga Makhovskaya
notes: in the past 10 years, the diversion of Russian brides on West is measured in
hundreds of thousands. Only in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of
Justice, 75000 women went from Russia. Standard scheme: Internet - foreign fiance -
marriage - departure from Russia.
Russian Brides For Export
According to Olga  Mahovskaya's observations that carried out the study in America
and in France, very few managed to become happy. Those who had thought that in the
prosperous abroad life the problems could be solved by themselves, were cruelly
First, they have to build into the caste society where clear rules of monetary and
human relations govern. And secondly, there may come a disappointment to the
husband: you know, Foreign Suitors which were looking for white-skin and beautiful but
the unpretentious bride, themselves often are elementary losers, people with physical
and moral shortcomings. Here and there begins: scandals, attempts to assert their
rights in full ignorance of the realities.
Recently, however, Russian brides become a skilled hand and wised up. As the experts
on the marriage matters note, the decision to marry a foreigner and leave abroad is
adopted increasingly consciously  - particularly by the young women from big cities.
Notably: Wedding Palace # 4 staff (Moscow) note that the Russian brides in the mixed
couples now are very different from what they were 10 years ago. For example, in
couples, where the groom is Muslim, Russian bride comes to the registry, already
dressed in accordance with religious tradition of husband: "The shawl on the head - and
the eyes full of love." That is Slavic girls, challenged in marriage a Muslim, are ready to
pre-take the lifestyle and religion of her husband.
"I declare you husband and wife!"
Wedding Palace # 4 - the only place in Moscow
where the marriage with the foreigners is
registered. In the middle of the week the
Palace is calm. Looking in the mirrors, couples
of spouses roam the corridors - on weekdays
they often record non-solemnly and without
Mendelsohn without crowds of visitors with
She is blue-eyed blond, Muscovite, a lawyer.
The white suit, smart view, elated mood. He -
slightly shy German with glasses, the owner of
the studio recording. Olga 23, Johannes - 46.
Wedding Palace № 4
For questions about future plans Olga responds willingly. To live, of course, will be in
Germany. Judging by all in Olga's head is already formed a picture of her life in the
coming years. And the notorious "children, kitchen and church" there are clearly not in
the first place. In Moscow, Olga has graduated the College of Law, managed to work in
state office and in Germany she hopes to continue her career. Of course, this will need
to receive a second education. And thereupon she would like to go to some big
Olga was looking for the foreigner husband quite deliberately. She led the merciless
arguments: It is well known that many Russian men have problems with alcohol. They
are often lazy: wife is torn between the two works but the husband does not want to
strain. In addition, Russian men often abandoned and neglected their children. When I
took a look around, I realized that I do not want to assume such a future for me.
Foreigners are brought up in a different way, they have more respect for woman and to
the family. I have often been in Germany and imagine what a life is waiting for me
Olga is the Russian bride of new formation. She wants to run away from the Russian
situation, but she relies not on the notorious Prince, but on herself. Such a sane
Russian brides, it is now much greater. On the other hand, there are many brides who
do not consider what is better or what is worse for their careers. A foreign husband is
not seen as a ticket to a new life, but it just so happen that a beloved was from
another state. Next couple - direct proof.
She is from Russia, he is a black resident of Cameroon. Getting took place four years
ago, when Divayn came to Moscow to study. He is currently finishing a study for the
dentist, but already in the home. Hearing the standard "I declare you husband and
wife, congratulate each other," Divayn almost cries, snuggles up Silva and does not
release her for long time.
After wedding they are leaving to Cameroon for good.
The explanation is simple: racism in Russia.
- Here they can laugh at the man of another colour, insult, not to mention the more
serious consequences - Silva said briefly. Curiously, she never has been in country of
her husband and  she has too distant conception of the life. But that does not matter.
- I follow my husband - she said very quietly.
So the next heroine - "ambulance" paramedic Elena is going after her husband without
particular hesitating. Her bridegroom is foreigner, but "ours" - Dmitry has emigrated to
Israel 15 years ago, working as head-cook. When he was asked why did he chose wife
from Russia, he answered this way:
- Still, we better understand each other. Russian women are more emotional and their
intelligence is developed that is valuable. Not only I thing so. In Israel, those who are
from the Soviet Union they rarely marry indigenous Israel. About Russia, Dmitry said
that even with all the positive changes that he saw after 15-years of his absence, he
has not a thought to stay here to live.
- People are evil. On the second day of my arrival I was in the store to buy an
expensive thing. I was in good mood, and said to saleswoman: "I am so happy to see
you!" and a roar  in response: "Really? ... But me - not!" I clearly was taken aback...
This was the way run up to blunt boorishness - as if they threw me back to 15 years
ago, to Russia of the early 90-s.
A foreign - is equal distinguished.
In total: international couples registered on a day, have made such a choice: three
families are going to leave Russia, one - still live in Moscow.
American Rass (52 years) and Russian Svetlana (34) looked the most solemn: she had
white dress with ribbon cable, which Rass readjusted very carefully all the time. Rass
was led to Russia by his job.He is trading company employee, he is already two months
in Moscow. But this clearly was not happened by chance: the last five years, he was
interested in everything that was connected with Russia. Talking with him, you know
that the man is in the subject: exactly describes the population of Russia, is aware of
the demographic situation. And the fact that the wife he chosen, is Russian, looks
legitimate. Going to live here.
- I love Russia, it seems to me, more than my wife - Rass says and holds his hand to
the chest. When he was asked whether he was afraid of Russian realities -
bureaucracy, unwieldy and unpredictability - Rass answered philosophically:
- People are people ...
Svetlana said that she had not the goal to go abroad. Her life in Vladivostok was
arranged: good work - chief accountant, and so on.
- Do not think that if you decided to marry a foreigner then manna celestial will pour on
you. This is a life turn, it is necessary to overcome a lot of difficulties. What a hell is
the documents gathering for the marriage - in Vladivostok we were just tortured  by
translations and taxes!
Of course, not all foreign get accustomed in Russia. Still, it must be a certain type:
with a stake of romance in the nature, with the sustained psyche and the stock of
optimism. Depressed moaners nothing to do here. It is desirable to be slightly
adventurer that quietly to accept the chaos and unpredictability of Russian life.
Muscovite Kira hopes that all this would be enough for her future husband - Greek
Nikos. At the end of this summer, they played an engagement, and in February-March
next year they plan he to move to Moscow. Young couple are going to live here since
they decided that Kira has a better job - she is journalist. Nikos has free profession:
musician, he plays in restaurants and clubs. In the next few months, he must work out
the contract, and then can move to Moscow. It is uncertain with employment here.
- I understand that in the beginning it will be difficult, especially with the money. I am
afraid of some friends: "Your Greek will escape once first frost will come! You'd better
leave away - because, our country is impossible to live!" But I do not think so.
Moreover,  I was in Greece many times and had the opportunity to plunge to the local
life, to understand: there also is no honey there, problems are everywhere. In a small
town, where Nick lives, compared with Moscow is rather monotonous life. For me there
is nothing to do, at home, I will not put up staying at home long but there is no work
there: I will always be "ksenos" there (stranger), and a top prospect - to wash dishes
in a restaurant for a small to local standards salary. So why?
In general the girls who are held in life and have the opportunity to assess the
prospects for immigration, take decisions very carefully.
"Endemic" export of brides from Russia to the West, of course, continues, but at the
expense of another category of the population - these are not the girls from capital,
but from the regions.
"Provincials are behind in the wedding fashion. And the reasons are understandable: in
their environment, they can not always orient correctly, to take a good social status" -
senior researcher of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Olga Makhovskaya said.
- As to foreigners, in Russia they cause respect and even envy. Men are still attracted
by the low level of competition, which they could win easily. They are distinguished
because of languages knowledge, education, and their capital which as a rule, by our
standards is more important. Here, they have more opportunities to take a top position.
And, of course, in Russia there is entirely another standard of relationship. Foreigners
receive an enormous amount of emotions. Many of them are like "caught" by this: even
if the marriage breaks down, they are seeking a Russian wife again.
They say that nowhere else they can love as like as in Russia...
According to Svetlana Vasilieva, deputy leader of Wedding Palace  # 4, which registers
the marriages with foreigners, they record about 6000 marriages a year, about 1500 of
them are "marriages, complicated with foreign elements". There is still an overwhelming
majority of "foreign elements" - are men. Couples where the groom is Russian, are very
rare:  rating of Russian suitors in the global market of Marriage,  seems to be low.
Foreign brides are more in the repeated marriages. For example, a citizen of Libya in
Soviet times married a Russian, adopted Russian citizenship, and then the marriage
broke down. He understands that he needs "wife from ours" and brings her to Russia.
                                                       Top of suitors.
1st - 2nd places (with great breaking) - citizens of the United States and Turkey. The
Americans - are often from USSR by origin, as well, marriages with the Turks are likely
to arise after the resort dating (Turkey is the most popular spot of vacation for
Russians). In Moscow there also are quite a lot of Turks working on the Contracts for
3d - 5th places - Germany, Britain, France.
6th place - Italy.
Former socialist camp also enjoyed success - those countries, which have been formed
on the territory of Yugoslavia, Lithuania, etc.
Of the CIS countries Ukraine and Moldova are leaders.
In recent years the suitors from Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh apparently surrendered
their positions. It is due to the fact that fewer students come from the countries.
Despite the fact that our "Articles Directory" has a lot
of information on Russian single
women, we realize that
something may be missing or
have not fully implemented. Tell
us what you would like to know
about and we'll be happy to
supplement the site with new
Brief instruction to those who are going to marry.
Minimum hundred million of educated women of reproductive age was left
in the demographic lane. Of course, some of them were lucky - they had
the beloved one's, husbands or just boyfriends. But there are appeared
the huge groups of those who had lack of men, because all - the best
and the worst of them were already occupied.
If you don't know why beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women search for
American men, find out the reasons right now...
Now, when I overview the events of the past days from the distance of
decade, I still can hardly understand: whether I did it? Whether
overcame? And in my words - there is no sadness, no joy and no anger -
just emptiness.
Look around on the web, and you'll find plenty of sites that advertise
Russian mail order brides. In reality, though, the term "mail order bride" is
rather out-of-date. It's still used because it's just something that people
are used to hearing and saying. True mail order brides haven't existed for
about a hundred years.
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