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   Russian Brides In The Range Of Opinions.
 About a Russian woman it is so much written and said
that the study, implying systematisation and synthesis
of many, many facts, evidence, statements about it,
can never be completed and therefore claim to
The only circumstance that somehow justifies
researcher in this case, is the amount of analysed
sources and random (not functionalized) selection of
them. Using the solid sampling method for "Russian
woman" in a search engine, we selected about 100
sources provided on the Internet: scientific articles and
journalism, interviews, topics in forums and in blogs. All
the sources have the same significance for us in an 
True Russian girl
analysis. The totality of sources (speech, surveys data, etc.) were divided into several groups: 1)
Russian men on the Russian women, 2) Russian women on the Russian women, 3) foreign women
on the Russian women, 4) Foreign men on the Russian women.
Happy family. Husband, wife and child on her shoulders
Russian men on the Russian women. Russian men contributing
mental properties of Russian women as the most significant - 18%
and their role in the family - 18%. Among psychological traits
(loyalty, reliability, diligence, sensitivity, the ability to love) prevails
loyalty (recollect Pushkin's Tatiana!). Typical examples: "Our
beautiful girlfriends... will be faithful to bail us guys of Russia",
"Russian women to the same, as a rule, are very loyal, and the
family appeared to be strong ".
Group of qualities "the role in the family" were those who imagine
the woman as a wife, mother and the family foundation. Among the
most significant for men, naturally, is the presentation of women in
the role of a wife (over 60%), while on
maternity has just over 10%
encountered contexts  "Russian women - the most popular bride in
the world, they combine many qualities that contribute to a strong 
family, sometimes not even aware of his appointment - girlfriend to be faithful wife and loving mother".

External beauty is a little inferior of the dominant characteristics (spiritual one still is more
significant). Men say that Russian women are beautiful (37% contexts), even an excellent (25%),
charming (25%), monitor themselves and their appearance (13%). The importance of women for
Russia (12%) emphasises their crucial role in the history and culture of Russia. Thus, a modern
philosopher and philologist Gachev says of the Russian woman as a "entity of Russian life." In some
instances, it was stated that it was a Russian woman phenomenon reflected itself Russian and
wealth of gene pool ("This is a combination of rich natural gene pool, as in the blood of any human
being, born anywhere in the vast commonwealth, either Kiev or Vladivostok, the blood of many
Peoples meets!").
The exclusiveness of Russian women mentioned (12% contexts): she is perceived as a mystery
(perhaps "mysterious Russian soul" - is, first of all, female soul), a miracle ("how can we deprive
ourselves of such a miracle as our Russian women"), exclusiveness ( "Russian women are most
beautiful women in the world", "nowhere in the world you can meet so many beautiful women, etc.).
The share of other qualities allocated by Russians, is much lower. Thus, the intellectual sphere is
only 6%, it is easy to explain - men still could not put the intellectual abilities of women on a par
with their own ("it is characteristic of Russian women that female logic, in fact, means the absence
of any logic" ).
Among other characteristics manliness mentioned (6%), popularity among men (6%), women's fate
(or what is called "the female share) 4% and pragmatism 4% . Note that in this sample there virtually
are no negative character traits and behaviours. This is not to say that men idealize Russian women,
the fact is that Russian men are discussing, as a rule, women in general, rather than Russian
women, it is the words were excluded from many samples.
Foreign women on the Russian women. Utterances selection of women from other countries is
small and consists of the views of American, Canadian, Dane and Malta women. It is noted that
Russian women seriously compete in the marriage "market" and constitute a real menace to the
local women ("Russian women are coming" where "are coming" is understood as invasion, which
can not be stopped). The natural reaction is charging Russian brides for immoral behaviour (25% of
all contexts): an unscrupulous, the easy accessibility and prostitution (Russian women tend to
"engage in prostitution to earn money by any means"). But foreign women note the beauty of
Russians (38% contexts): "Women are such beautiful there, returning home you notice the
difference at once" or "Men from police also fell under Russian illegal fascination." One of the most
debated topics is the "passivity" of the Russian women: "Why are Russian women so passive?".
American and Canadian call Russians to activity, ambitious, aggressive type of conduct. But it is
aggressiveless behavior of Russian women allows them to be "
perfect wives" for the men tired of
emancipation of the West. Is it well? The issue is so complex that we will refrain from responding.
Foreign men on the Russian women. In general, foreigners emit as the most important
characteristic of Russian women - her beauty (it is a corporeal beauty) - 25% of all contexts. For
example, "Russian women are not even just beautiful, they are madly beautiful, so beautiful that it is
not the word to explain," I have often been going to Europe, saw a lot of pretty women, but now I
understand that there are in Russia only, astonishingly charming and feminine." Beauty disclose
through appeal, charisma, charm, sexuality, sophistication, elegance, etc. It is important the
femininity ("They are more womanly. Russian women are painted and kept more femininity than
Swiss"). It is noted that the Russian women monitor themselves, have a sense of taste, allowing
them to look good. Often referred to the beauty of the eyes, and in a variety of contexts: "They have
extraordinarily beautiful eyes" and "They all are witches there! Perhaps she has eyes green and
glitter! She will bewitch you and strip off."
Exclusiveness of Russian women close with this feature (13%): foreigners think they are mysterious,
unlike the other women, better than others: "Contemporary Russian women, are able to combine the
mystery of Slavic and sophistication of Europeans with most incomprehensible way", "I do not know,
of course, what they have such a especial that they are attractive." Foreigners also allocate such
feature of Russian women, as emancipation (9%): "Lovely, touching, sacrificial creations" appeared
very energetic, business-like and perky, harshly suppressing the attacks on their rights",
"Independence of Russian women, their obeylessness to traditional social, behavioral and sexual
norms. "Although, I believe that emancipation is not the dominant behaviour, as evidenced by
statements of foreigners on mental qualities of Russian women and their role in the family. For
example: "The general view of Western men: Russian women are kinder, more careful, thrifty, and
they are good wives", "Russian woman to me - it is woman who devotes herself entirely to her man -
father, son, but most of all, to her husband and lover. In this sense, she has no equal."
Among the mental qualities the next highlight: kindness, warmth, humanity, sincerity, the ability to
love, care, devotion ("openness to mental contacts it is a distinctive feature of Russian women") -
that is the quality that does not belong to emancipated aggressive type of behavior. Among the other
features highlight: emotional behaviour 6%, the ability to organize the communication 5%, high
professionalism 5%, aggressive behaviour 4%, high intellectual ability 4%, the popularity among men
4%, immoral behaviour 3%, dependence on men 3%.
Interestingly, the foreigners appreciate the intellectual abilities of Russian women: "What is the
difference between a blond from Russia and blond in common? The blonde from Russia can play
chess", "high level of education and training." Overally, the attitude to Russian women is very
positive, although the inhomogeneous. The most positive feedback goes from the Americans and the
Japanese, less positive - from the French and Italians. Germans are the most negative (for example,
"They are like women prostitutes", "You have to be afraid treacherous Russian women, no less than
insidious Russian Mafia" etc.)
Russian women on the Russian women.The most significant factor of their external appearance
Russian women contribute their beauty (16% of all statements). Emphasis charisma, attractiveness,
femininity, beauty: "Russian women - most beautiful", "the foreigners compose legends about our
beauties of the Kursk and Orel", "they are beautiful by soul and body, but what distinguishes our
women - is the desire to be pleased. The mental qualities slightly lag (13%), among which are
kindness, loyalty, dedication, diligence, reliability, patience, lack of mercantileness.
These qualities are extremely important for the family because, in general, the family remains a
major asset for Russian women: "They put family first. They are always ready to sacrifice their
brilliant career in order to be with her husband and children", "Our woman naturally raises family
above career." The role of the wife is more important than the mother: "They have kind heart. If they
marry, they are given to a man in full", "Russian woman is natural in her adoption of the behaviour
and actions of her husband. This does not mean that she is not trying to affect them. She just does
not try to reject them. She is always with her husband and other members of family (But on the
other hand: "Care of children - perhaps is the most important in the lives of Russian women.")
Intellectual and spiritual spheres is presented in 9% of the speech, that says about the
noncoincidence of vision of their capabilities with those stereotypes that exist in society (both
Russian and foreigner men as well estimate intelligence of Russian women less). Among the
qualities of this group are mentioned ingenuity, education, great ability to learning and creative work,
self-improvement, spirituality. Therefore, we can not say that "Russian women are women with a lot
of understated self-appraisal." Rather, because of the influence of Russian intelligence stereotypes
of women they wrongly estimate lower.
The intellectual sphere is close to labour one (7% contexts), in which professionalism, the lack of
careerism, endurance, hard work, initiative, the performance of men's responsibilities associated with
heavy physical labour emphasized.
Russians evaluate themselves as unique, unlike any
who: "Russian women are unique creatures",
"Russian woman has a unique, rich experience of
self-dependence and development", etc. The
uniqueness is a breeding ground in order to perceive
themselves as different from all the personality
qualities such as naturalness, independence, inner
nobility, individuality, seamless nature, harmony:
"Her whole nature can not tolerate the half-way
policy", "All subject to our women. And each of them
is worthy of becoming queen". "
We clothe for fun, we
Beautiful Russian girl with a sledgehammer on her shoulder
like to invent something that's interesting", etc.
Among the other remaining manifestations of the characteristics the heroism mentioned (7%). It was
expressed in the sacrifice oneself and on the contrary, omnipotence. Sphere of conduct - 7%, which
are the major features as the sensitivity, tolerance offs, responsibility, the popularity both among the
males and in the model business (5%); the emotionality (5%), which emerges in the quest to
extremes, reckless, unpredictability.
Among the negative characteristics reference to immoral conduct (3%) found, lack of taste (3%) and
2% of greed. Note that the negative field occupies only 8% of the sum of all fields. Overally, we can
say that the whole world recognizes the uniqueness of Russian women, their extraordinary beauty, a
rare mental qualities and the ability to combine harmoniously the professional qualities and the
ability to create a family comfort.
It remains to wish to Russian ladies greater confidence of their forces and not only demand by
society of all the different talents of Russian women, but (despite the patriarchal relapses)
adequately praise of all these qualities.
Julia Pika
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It has been often a serious debate amongst European men whom I have witnessed at
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According to the well-known proverb, a Russian woman can stop a galloping horse, and
enter the burning hut.  Whether someone tested the truth of this adage - is not known,
but just one clear: Russian ladies combine so many wonderful qualities that the glory of
this has dispersed worldwide.
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