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   Russian Girls. Jades Or Angels
Surely you're not surprised with the fact that Russian girls like indeed the girls of any other
nationality are a certain mixture of angel and devil. But this blend of Russian girls has its national
characteristics. Today I want to talk about Russian girls in terms of their propensity to bitchiness (I
think the word "jadishness" will suites better, so let me use it hereinafter). And how this can be
overcome successfully.
You once are cruel, gently then
Again you beat my fragile nerves...
You have to wear warning plate:
"I'm dangerous! Before you Jade!"
So exclaimed a poet, often run up on terrible jades and time
after time missed very painful blows. Assuming that at the call
of bard all jades suddenly take the plates recommended them,
the tender and vulnerable men will certainly be shocked by a
huge magnitude of the jadishness -as terrible as the tsunami,
and unpredictable as El Nino, a spontaneous phenomenon of

Jade Or Angel
But the jades can be different, here are the major types of jades, which most often occur in our
Russians latitudes. We hope that this classification is useful for our readers, because the enemy,
as the famous commander said, must be known by sight.

Spontaneous jade.
By appearance she is soft, decent, gentle, faint and kind, but can get worked up with half-turn. The
only wrong word, a vague gesture doubtful compliment, and the poor man is assailed with tubs of
dirt, buckets of charges, often in the form of material objects griddle (with a garnish), teapots (with
boiling water), hot irons and aromatic dishes with borsch.
The main signs of this type of jade are the dove-eyed view and some complex. Spontaneity of the
nature is also evident in the nature of sexuality. This lady can quickly get excited and dominate a
man in any interior of the home, at work, in transport, at a public event. She does not love to refuse
herself something, as her constraint centers are struck by unknown to Science viruses. Natural
jadishness is to be treated difficult and long. Resorts, waters, expensive gifts, moralizing interviews
are not effective. "Antibiotics" are helpful in the form of regular injections (sometimes with the use of
physical coercion). In the reasoning behind this suggestion is the teachings of Pavlov's instincts,
and the result of it - jade's clear understanding of the fact that, if she once again "begin to pull a
trick", it will be very painful.

Pig-headed jade.
The most difficult type. The stubbornness is transmitted maternally or acquired during poor
upbringing in childhood. This jadishness shines through all, daily and hourly. Pig-headed jade is in a
state of perpetual hysterics, therefore is extremely dangerous to bystanders.
In the sex she is unpredictable, as well in her deeds. The distressing statistics
impassively reported of numerous injuries of mates to be at fault, caused by jealous jades of this
type. Reeducation - not subject. Only hippopotamus with a thick skin and blind deaf and dumb
cynics can get along with such a lady.

Oddity jade.
"You are an interesting oddity, but the matter, you see in terms ..." - sang a famous singer. What's
the matter, he did not conveyed to curious public. And the fact is that "oddity jade" is a term born in
Odessa and characterizes the most warm and mild (tolerance) jadishness type. Oddity jade
constantly wants to change everything around her partner's life, an apartment, work, friends, children
and relatives, the situation around him, the view outside the window and even the country. For such
a girl the permanent dissatisfaction,
some timid romanticism and sentimentality is typical. She always looks for something better,
"miracle", but her actions often resemble Don Quixote's struggle against the mills.
Oddity jade brings a lot of inconvenience to a family. She makes them all the time comments, trying
(most of the good intentions) to change these loved ones for the better. She is very disappointing
that they are changing, but not so quickly as she would like. She is often on the verge of tears. She
is often, wantonly crying, explaining this by the pain from the imperfections of the world. In sex she
requires a romance, candles, guitars, gentle words.
When treating this type of oddity jade the excellent results are given by full load the girl with some
interesting affairs, so that she has neither time nor effort left.

Jade - chameleon.
At work, she is angel with gentle winglets. She is warning, soft, witty, radiates charisma and charm,
is sober, logical and predictable in the deeds and thoughts. If necessary, she will serve any sexual
services to superior officer. She has an excellent reputation of reliable, executive employee, her
portrait hangs constantly on the symbolic Leaderboard.
At home, she has changed to one hundred and eighty degrees, becoming a tyrant in a dressing
gown. She continuing needles the henpecked husband, children-sloven,
mother-in-law-schizophrenic, not allowing them to relax for a second. Sex in family relations she
uses as an additional tool for exerting a pressure on her husband. Husband to be guilty is charged
deprived of "sexual rations" to the full remedy. While she herself is exposed to corrective with great
difficulty. A life partner with a very strong character is only capable to eradicate the chameleonizm
from such a person.
Armed with academic advice, you, men can safely apply them in everyday practice, because those
times when jades will wear distinctive plates, is unlikely to come soon, remaining a pious wish of
the poet in the clouds. Not for nothing the aforist who came under the charm of mistress-jade and
abled fortunately, to break out of her iron embrace, finely perceived:
"A jade is a woman who changes a man into a hybrid of Vibrator and ATM". Better not true.
Julia Pika
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Article is written to give an outline description of a certain type of Russian girls. Fortunately for
western men who would like to
meet a bride among Russian girls such women do not look for
husband abroad and dating sites are visited only by
Cute And Pretty Girls
Saleswoman from one of Russia's stores hit a psychiatric hospital due to the fact that
the director smiled at her all the time. "Maybe I have shortfall," - girl tormented
constantly, and her head had turned with this. It's terrible to imagine what would be
with the director, if the above incident had occurred in United States.
My current girlfriend is the most impossible of all jades I ever met, still remains to be it
(just not with me). We are very tied to each other, I may even love her, I still like to
look at her when she sleeps, in this moment she is like an angel.
Russian girls are not only kind, calm and devoted. They are also very beautiful in a
whole. You will be impressed not only with their figure, but also with their rich inner
world. Don t forget also that Russian mothers are the most affectionate, attentive and
devoted to children.
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