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Today, everyone knows about the advantages that the Internet gives people who
want to meet for marriage. Services of the dating sites  are very popular and the
demand is growing rapidly. This is a whole industry. According to various estimates its
annual turnover is about $ 20 billion a year. A great deal of money as we know is
always associated with cares.
One of the concerns are scammers. It has long been crammed nauseam that the
scammer is the evil which must be ruthlessly fought. Now I'll try to explain that this is
not the case. Of course preventive measures against the scammers should be
conducted by administration of the sites. Yes, in any serious
dating agency, this work
became a routine part of the overall work to ensure that their customers have
comfortable and safe conditions. This work is not visible to anybody, but it yields
results. The customer is satisfied. This is important. This creates a good reputation for
any site, and therefore it's good income.
Another question. The
fight against scammers has become the same business. Alas!
There are services having nothing in common with the dating, but in every way
proving their necessity in the industry. They stir up excitement,  exaggerating very
much. They "spoil the blood" not only to customers but also the site owners. Their
services are used not only by unfair competitors, but also... by scammers. I mean the
dating agencies that either have no or have very small database, and the lion's share
of correspondence is carried by the personnel of agency, not human beings. These are
the same scammers, just a little more scope.
The main product of the scammer fighters is
Blacklist. About it we'll have a talk. What
does it gives the person who decided to
start looking for his second half on the
Internet? Please note, the correct answer!
NOTHING. Nothing but clouded brain and a
momentum to move in the right (for
someone) direction. If you think that real
scammer is afraid of the Blacklist, you're
wrong. Blacklist frightens normal people (and
normal sites) but not professional scammers.
Scammer has many names and many "real"
pictures (which he took from the Internet).
He does not care that one of these names
will fall into the Blacklist. He will take
another one and continue his attempts to
fool someone.
Blacklist actually consists of the names of 
Upset girl. Two hands in a handshake. Gives money
real people who have never engaged in fraud. So what is the point to look for the truth about a person there? There are reliable ways to protect yourself from fraud on your
own without paying to the scammers fighters. These services do more harm than
good. There was such a case. One Russian girl kept correspondence on a dating site
with Spaniard for seven months. They have long-term relationship was adjusted. And
suddenly the man stopped. He appeared on the site regularly, it can be seen from the
list of "who is online", but did not answer the girl's letters. The girl was smart enough,
throwing off a jealousy, to get a real cause. She asked
Google, search terms - "her
name scammer". She found herself in several blacklists and even admired for her
photos, that didn't avail a joy of course. But the girl again had the sense to turn to
the administration of the dating site to help (she already was not indifferent to the
man). The administration has contacted a man by internal mail, and very carefully
figured out why he did not write to the girl. It turned out he saw the name and photo
of the girl in a Blacklist. The misunderstanding has been settled. They have been
married for two years.
So why do they need Blacklists? To make money on people's desire to have a safe
Internet dating. The Blacklist benefits only its contributor. Anyone else does not need it
An example of Blacklist. I am sure that many of these girls are not even aware that
their photos are used as a scarecrow.
This is not numerous (it pleases) population of men, which can be found on almost any
dating site. Their tireless activity brings a lot of trouble to administation of sites. They
call themselves nobly: "Scam Hunters". Sort of forest orderly. And they struggle
against dishonest women, deceivers who dupe gullible foreigners.
Too many girls do not take into account the difference between psychological habits of
Russian and Western men. Russian girl does not give adequate priority to this fact and
operates with the principle of "my prince will find me all the same". She does not try to
appear on Web-public in all her glory although in common life before to go out she will
look in the mirror not less then hundred times. 
It would be unfair to say that females exclusively trade on the grounds of fraud in
Dating marriage. We know cases when men come to Russia, and allegedly
disappeared his credit card. Girls lost all caution because of men's charm or
suggestive prospects, obtained the money for their operating costs and for the back
Half of the men, sooner or later come to the services of professional marriage
agencies, had previously "been in the hands" of one-aloner gurus. They did not receive
the answers there. This is quite logical. After all, the proper answer to the question
"What is a Russian woman" could not give a single person. The adequate personal
conclusion can only come about as a result of living communion with many women.
Despite the fact that our "Articles Directory" has a lot
of information on Russian single
women, we realize that
something may be missing or
have not fully implemented. Tell
us what you would like to know
about and we'll be happy to
supplement the site with new
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