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Sex in the life of a man is slightly different thing than in a woman's life. For him it is
not only the satisfaction of physical needs and the euphoria of the merger with the
beloved person, but also a field of self-affirmation, gaining the self-importance and
This is true not only of "sexual athletes" who dream to surpass all the men by the
number of seduced women and get into the Guinness Book of
Records, but for most
"normal" men.
The desire to possess a woman he likes is quite natural. This is a manifestation of an
ancient instinct. In nature, female, makes the final selection, not a male. Because for
her, the error is much more expensive. Status of the male, his significance is
determined by the ability to classify himself as "selected", read - elite! That is why a
man is reacting so badly when a pleasing woman rejects him with the intimacy. And
the matter is not in the sexual concerns and unmet needs. The refusal undermines his
self-esteem, the man's status, this can even plunge him into a depression.
When meeting through the Internet, a
Russian girl faces the difficult choice. If she
gives up a man too quickly, she risks to deserve a "label" of frivolous and dissolute,
and even to be suspected of the most nefarious motives. But if she keeps him at a
distance too long, she can even lose him. Where is the verge, that "golden mean"?
Not a simple question.
When the traditional ways of dating and making the relationship, it is solved somehow
by itself. In the Internet dating by correspondence it is much more complicated. In
this situation it is difficult for women to determine the depth of the emerged feeling,
which allows to indicate the optimum point of transition from a romantic relationship to
intimate. After all, on the Internet, we do not communicate with real people, but with
virtual characters, that are half of the photographs, forms and letters, and half - of
our own fantasies and expectations.
After several months of lively
correspondence it may seem that the
person is familiar, close and loving, but
when the meeting, it turns out that the
girl was carried away by her own invented
image, which simply does not exist in
reality. And it may happen vice versa.
The girl met the man only out of
politeness or curiosity, and when they
met, suddenly some a spark flashes, and
she realizes that he is the one whom she
sought all her life.
Let's imagine a more concrete, a typical
situation where Russian girl and a man
from another country have met at the
dating site. They corresponded for a long
time, then he came to the girl's city, 
Woman lies in the bed hugging a pillow
met with her and hoped to spend the night together. The girl should not be offended
by such a frank desire and to not stand in a pose: "all of you the men, need only this."
She understands that it is not very reasonable to travel thousands of miles, to spend
so much time and money only for a sleeping with someone.
Clearly, it would be easier and cheaper to solve such problems on the spot. The girl is
aware that coming to another country, the man does not have the limitless time to
pass all the traditional stages of courtship. Within the days they both need to decide
whether to be the continuation of relations or not. That is why the man is in a hurry,
wanting to obtain the girl's consent at least on a single intimacy.
Well, if she hesitates? Maybe the man was not like her imagination has drew when she
read his letters. You were not prepared for this turn of events? Then take your time. A
man will hardly get pleasure to be in bed with a woman who does not want him, but
just tolerates. The more that the attraction is always mutual and reciprocal.
Spend the
first meeting on the neutral ground and try to talk so that she has learned
about you as a man and future husband, but not just a sex tourist. Maybe she will see
in you something that she did not even guess in the correspondence. And then say
goodbye, give her a few hours to spend in solitude, to collect her thoughts and feel
deeply all that she had received during the meeting. After that meet up again. Perhaps
her desire will become different.
Russian women in terms of their personal sexual preferences are no different from most
women of other nationalities. All is individually, it's up to you. Let her know that you
are reliable. For Russian woman this is decisive argument in favor of man.
The answer in my opinion is obvious. Who does not love it? And how it depends on
the belonging to some ethnic group? How is this possible - not to love the sex? So I
reasoned, from the position of an ordinary Russian woman. But the questions
continue to be asked by the doubter Western men, apparently, they suggest a
possible negative response (what if they don't?).
Sex is on a par with domestic concerns. Yeah,  I wouldn't wish it on my worst
enemy. At this point, an unexpected sex should come to the rescue. It is an
unexpected sex can become...
The first sexual experience has a different influence on men and women. The men feel
more attractive, but with the girls there is not so simple... And here's how Russian
girls comment these facts. (adapted from Russian women site
Fomer prostitutes make the great wives. The girls, who grew up in dysfunctional
families, make good wives. Anal (oral) sex brings no pleasure for women. Bright
appearance and the yelling defiance in women is a sign of sexuality.
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