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Surprise! Sex on a plane and a balcony.
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Do you know with what is compared the family sex by "experienced" couples? With the
purchase of food in grocery store...
Sex is on a par with domestic concerns. Yeah,  I
wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. At this point, an unexpected sex should come to
the rescue. It is an unexpected sex can become the life-saving boat, on which you can
sail forever. Both for sex, and for so important a friendly closing-in, the rejoicing and
naughty pranks brings us perfectly closer!
Sex on a plane
Take the step towards.
Before the unexpected sex it is
necessary to analyze what needs
to be changed in relations, and in
what manner to act:
 - reject the embarrassment (after
all, the partners have spent more
than a year living together);
 - openly discuss the bed "tool kit"
(perhaps there is not enough the
affection and tenderness, or
possibly a storm of passion and
exuberance.) Many couples, for
example, those who lived married 
long enough, sometimes feel difficult to answer the question, for example, what position
in sex is most liked by the partner, and what he does not like in the bed. So, in deciding
on an unexpected sex, you have to give yourself installation - no restraint and maximum
of imagination.
Girl in sexy fish net holding handcuffs behind her back
The nature has given us the instinct and imagination.
Therefore, unexpected sex suggests that we turn on the
fantasy to the fullest. Want to let sex in unusual place,
for example, on airplane,
in a hammock, or on the
balcony at night? What to conceal, we like when they
can spying on us, from this the imagination and desire
excite us even stronger. Or, after work, to drop the car
to a deserted place where to give you up (in the car, of
course) to violent passion. Yes, the secret is not new,
but we do not need to re-invent the wheel. It is already
in our heads - in our imaginations. Just share them and
try to realize, even the most indecent.
Tags: Marriage
Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. Sex is rather better than the Cosmetologist's
room. In the course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital the group of experts
reviewed the people of various ages through unilateral mirror...
In distant overseas countries the pretty sexual, beautiful girls and charming men are
waiting for us. The folk rumors often attribute to foreigners unprecedented dignity. Are
the sexual stereotypes about the validity of a nation?
Sex in the life of a men is slightly different thing than in a woman's life. For him it is
not only the satisfaction of physical needs and the euphoria of the merger with the
beloved person, but also a field of self-affirmation, gaining the self-importance and
Men want a dream woman, women want a prince on a white horse. For both it is
absolutely real, and achievable at any age! For many people, it is difficult to believe it.
Just because, people often become reserved for an external cause and go in the
direction aside from their success.
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