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Some Tips On How To Approach Women
Since the dawn of mankind, the irresistible force that leads men toward women has
been undeniable in our composition. Some men find it easier than others to walk up to
women and start conversation, break the ice and move on to the next step. Still others
find it difficult, awkward and simply need help in learning how to approach women. If
you're one of those guys, don't be upset and don't get down because the following will
be a lift to your spirit and will get you up and going in no time toward learning how to
approach women.
Ask yourself what your best qualities might be, whether it's your hair, your physique,
your clothes or maybe your ability to converse about a certain subject. There must be
something you can draw on from your personal collection of "that something special"
about you. If you can't think of a single thing, then perhaps you need to develop
something from scratch. Think about what you'd like to develop and start working on
that aspect of your personal appearance and your
first impression.
First impressions are big because usually you
only have that first shot when you approach
a woman. If you blow it, then it's over and
chances are you won't get another chance.
This is why you need to have some kind of
preparation about you, whether it's just your
appearance or a certain conversation you can
kick off. Most important, you need to learn to
Play the numbers and think about how you
might approach a woman and ask her
something. If you blow it, then there are
many more women you can try this technique
on. Don't give up. You get better with each
approach. Just make sure you're comfortable
in your shoes and make it seem like you don't
really care what she thinks of you.
Woman with boxing gloves with flower.
Showing confidence is what
wins the woman. Even if you're a geek in your own skin, if
you're confident about your sense of humor or your appearance, then the woman will
levitate toward you. Don't get nervous and weird with this energy because she'll pick up
on it and move away quickly. You are the hunter, but in a calm and casual way.
The keys to remember when learning how to approach women are confidence, knowing
what your strengths are and building on them, learning to play the numbers and not
worrying too much about blowing it with your first few tries and not giving up but
getting back on the horse and trying again. Sincerity will always win out and a woman
will know if you're sincere or if you're a faker. Put these things together and you'll be a
ladies man for sure.
Russell Strider 
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The transition from dating online to dating in person can be tricky, especially if it's your
first time. Online dating is comfortable and switching to face-to-face can be daunting -
all of a sudden you need to think about time, clothes, makeup
Searching a life partner on dating sites, we often find ourselves in the same position as
a buyer in a huge store with a large assortmentom. We face one and the same
problem there - the problem of choice...The clearest and simplest example, as well the
training of the ability to define your goals at the same time is finding the necessary
clothing for you.
There are a huge number of Russian women dating sites on the internet today. Since
this has become much more common, there are a number of con-men and scammers
that you have to watch out for.
You have a problem with pretty girls, while your friend everything goes perfectly. Cute
girls just cling to him. But those same pretty girls for some reason are starting to avoid 
you after the first meetings. What don't the girls like in you?
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