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Take care of men. What Russian women expect from men.
"Take care of men!" The famous slogan. What they need to be saved from? From the
sofa? Wicked women? Exactly! Men must be kept away from women. Actually, why we
need to take care of men? Are they really finches of endangered specie? Of course
not. In total they are well-fed types with a penchant for beer and the TV. Whether
moderately aggressive or not to the extent. Relatively intelligent (I said relatively!)
and not concerned about the idea, how would they care of their women. So why on
earth should I protect them?
Who will guard me and thousands of my friends of gender? The printed word, one way
or another being in the hands of men, brings us the light of truth by the following
words: not to get bored him you have from time to time to throw a little holidays -
trick out in silk underwear, light the candles and cook his favorite stewed hare. And
nobody asks, if  the entity for which this down at heels hare is stewed, got bored me,
me personally! And what should he, he for whom I must wear silk panties, do to keep
me? I too want him in silk shorts to sing me about love...
The men in passing reading my simple enough creation, will be filled with indignation.
Approximately with following words: "what goes on... it can't be true that woman was
gone from a man if he earns good money and does not fight. Where she will go... so
far with the children..." OK!  Say you're a genius. Oh, just do not flirt, "It's hard to
believe it!" and all that! This is something that is very easy to believe in. So, you are
brilliant. Rich. Famous. You are a figure. With you it is hard not to be considered. You
of course, still are not the school subject, but in all decent universities a couple of
lectures about you and your accomplishments are certainly presented in the curriculum.
But all this means absolutely nothing when you come home later than usual. Turn on
TV too loud. Drink yogurt from the wrong cup. Disconnect the phone for half a day
because you are fed up with all. 
You can be any cool in the life that flows beyond the threshold of your home, but here
in the epicenter of the hearth, the whole palette of your life feelings shrinks into a
narrow white beam which sheepishly sneaks in the darkness of married life - the
goalkeeper's fear of the penalty. So what that you have made yourself, beat all,
fulfilled the life plan outlined in the five-year age, by 120 percent? She does not care.
She, unlike you, was not going to be the first. She wanted to be the one and only.
My advice to you, dear finches, I mean
men. Do not pretend a couch roll, but boldly
get up from the bed and go to your
girlfriend, which is nervously cleaning
potatoes in the space, referred as the
kitchen, put your right hand on her shoulder
and say: "My dear (favorite, beloved,
native, honey, a squirrel, piglet, Maria
Ivanovna)... you spit on it and let's go for a
walk in the evening streets. Because it is
only you with whom I want to roam under
the stars, and no one more. It is your
beautiful face I want to look at in their
mysterious light."
Girlfriend will babble something like that
"...what do we eat for dinner", but you with
a firm hand dismiss her from sacrificial altar
called the sink, and say: "A dinner is every
day. But the stars can not wait."
After this introduction ninety percent of the
women put on their coats and, like a cobra,
A young man with woman stand under an umbrella embracing
fascinated by the pipe of fakir, will go with you on an evening stroll. And after this
you'll be guaranteed to have a night of care. It shall be done by hands of yours
I often talked with many Russian girls which came to our marriage and matchmaking
agency. I asked them one and the same question. "Why do you want to marry
foreigner?" Some of them wanted to find "their only" man. To search for one with
whom the girl feels well and comfortably, to find their "another half". These girls are
ready to meet both  Russians, and Western men as well. 
Too many girls do not take into account the difference between psychological habits
of Russian and Western men. Russian girl does not give adequate priority to this fact
and operates with the principle of "my prince will find me all the same". She does not
try to appear on Web-public in all her glory although in common life before to go out
she will look in the mirror not less then hundred times. 
Half of the men, sooner or later come to the services of professional marriage
agencies, had previously "been in the hands" of one-aloner gurus. They did not
receive the answers there. This is quite logical. After all, the proper answer to the
question "What is a Russian woman" could not give a single person. The adequate
personal conclusion can only come about as a result of living communion with many
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