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The Shocking Truth About Russian Women.
Or The truth about the writing on "Russian Dating"
By Julia Pika
Russian Dating has long been a serious
business. As in any industry there is
competition here. And the competition, as
we know, is not always accepted by all
as an incentive to improve the quality of
their services. Often, it moves to create
a bad opinion of another competitor. It's
much easier. Why work hard for years,
earning a reputation among clients, when
it's easier to do character assassination
of competitors. As a result, there is a
conflicting information.
The man who really decided to get
acquainted with Russian woman, naturally
has questions, the answers to which are
extremely important. He begins his quest
and first encounters with the "gurus" of
the "Russian Dating". Gurus know how to
intrigue the audience. In this I should
give credit for them. Half of the men,
sooner or later come to the services of
professional marriage agencies, had
previously "been in the hands" of
one-aloner gurus. They did not receive
portrait of Russian woman from life.
the answers there. This is quite logical. After all, the proper answer to the question
"What is a Russian woman" could not be given by a single person. The adequate
conclusion can only come about as a result of personal living communion with many
women. The textbook can not help here.
Many "independent" writers of e-books on Russian Dating use the same techniques to
promote their "product". They have their common feature. This is the presentation of
the material as something sensational.
"The shocking truth", "Important Dating
Tips The Marriage Agencies Never Tell You"
and the other titles, where the
"sensational" information is, that... is laid out in every marriage agency and is not a
These essays do not provide the reliable and objective information about Russian
women. Because the authors have a different task - to sell their book on the current
topic, where the demand is high enough. Will there be a benefit to the reader or not -
does not matter, it is more important that he made a purchase! The agency earns by a
different way.
It's funny to read the "paradoxical" discoveries in such the essays. Very often, the
gurus, posing as a connoisseur of Russian mentality (meaning, "I am a Russian
woman"), fall into the trap of their own ingenuity. They make their sensational
statements, which for the real Russians are quite mundane and familiar things. Making
such statements means that he or she simply does not know Russians! How a "owner
of the Russian mentality" can ask the questions, that are not questions for any
Russian, both man and woman?
Here's an example:
"I want to give you an example how you can read into the marriage agency advertising
using a critical eye and common sense.
Try this: Go to any marriage dating agency and following their procedure to join. Look
at Russian women from 21 to 25 years old.. Pay close attention to what these women
have written in their bios.. Do you see anything in common??? Of course you do.. It is
very obvious! Ninety percent if not more of these women have written that they have
a bachelor degree. They just finished or going to finish their educational requirements.
Ask yourself, WHY?
If all the dating agencies are telling you that all
Russian women are very family oriented and in most cases live to serve their husband and children, why would they spend 10
years in school and from 4-7 years at the university, getting a degree?"
This says a "Russian woman"! (?) If the guru is not chasing a sensation, but was aimed
at an objective presentation of information, he or she would have known that having
an education for the Russian is as common, as having a passport. In Russia, it is no
secret, that the Diploma of Higher Education is an indispensable attribute of a "decent
women", and it is often left without proper application later. For the most part, when
choosing the Institute, the girl is guided not by the criterion of a future
career, but
based on the principle "that the Institute is closer to her home". And having an
education it does not mean not to be "family oriented". It does not interfere each
other! On the contrary, a girl with a diploma is more likely to marry. So it has taken in
Russia. And not knowing this for a "owner of Russian mentality" is at least strange.
Another example of "shocking truth":
"Is it not unusual to see in the average American family at least three children. The
statistical average is 2.7 children per family. How you get a 7/10th of child I don't
know, but that is the statistic!
In Russia, to see a family with three children would be quite a shock, absolutely! It is
even unusual to see a Russian family with two children.
When I just came to USA, I was surprised how many pregnant women I saw on the
streets! In Russia it is very seldom that you will see a pregnant woman in public. For
the last few generations, Russian couple produce only one child. By the way, it is a
very big problem in Russia.
That each couple produces only one child, does not allow the population to grow but
rather stagnate. To be honest, it is not only a problem for Russia, but for all European
Are you wondering why most Russian couples have only one child if Russian women are
so extremely family oriented as the dating agencies promise you? Why don't they want
to have more children?
The reason is not because of a difficult economical situation, in fact you can see
many countries that have much more difficult economic situations and these poor
families have 5-10 children. In Russia, even wealthy families have only one child."
And here the answer to question "Why don't they want to have more children?" is
obvious for those who do know Russians from inside. It's a pathological reluctance of
Russian men to take responsibility for their children. The initiator of abortion in 90% of
cases is a man, not woman. At this point there is an official statistics, and the guru
seems likes the statistics, but somehow selectively.
I do not want to convince anyone that to deal with the agency is more reliable than
the services of a guru. This is a matter of personal choice. I want to end with the
words of quoted guru:
Be smart enough to learn about the culture of your future wife's country and about
the circumstances that she grew up in, before you marry her. It can prevent you from
making many mistakes and help you to build a happy family with an Russian woman.
Mature big women from Russia are often very open and kind, but with a bunch of
complexes. They are very sociable and charming. Very welcoming and helpful. They
are truly feminine, as they have rounded shapes and charms that the men are so fond
of. Big women also are self-critical.
What do guys usually want to know about their online brides? These are the most
important questions asked by men from our online brides. Tips of what to ask and
what not to ask your online bride while corresponding with her.
Marrying foreigners and moving abroad Russian women often insist on taking their
child with them even if the child is not so small. This situation is normal and I think
one should have no heart to forbid that. 
Single Russian women are always found to be unique when compared to western
ones. They are always admired for their beauty, dressing sense, make-up, their hair
or those beautiful eyes. In fact these single Russian women are also considered to be
perfect life partners for any man about the world.
Comments, questions:
Ana 2012-06-25 23:18:42
Andy G, have you by any chance a sister that you get on well with, someone who tells you everything and you tell her everything, like a mother figure? there's the explanation, my dear. And, by any chance, are you married? if so, what does your wife think of your female friendships?

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Andy G 2012-06-29 17:59:15
I have a sister, but she, like the rest of my family don't bother with me, I don't come from a close family, I was the outcast from birth, as for marriage, I have never been successful in relationships so no, I'm not & have never been married & at my time of life I don't think marriage would ever be an option, that said, I have as many female friends as I do male friends.

Just out of interest Ana, (I hope this question doesn't sound offensive, if so I apologise) would you have a problem if your partner had female friends that he stayed in contact with whilst in a relationship with you? Do you feel that you would e able to trust him?

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Andy G 2012-06-06 16:55:41
Never been a big film watcher, I do like Barbra Striesand though, she's a fantastic singer.

I have plenty of female friends, some married, others in relationships, most of them have been close friends for 20+ years, it's funny how some think that it's not possible to have a close male female friendship.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Andy G 2012-06-05 22:41:24
I like the fact that this site tackles a lot of subjects that other sites wouldn't, it makes interesting reading.

I would like to meet a FSU lady, but for friendship as opposed to marriage, I would like to learn of their culture & traditions, I get along better with women than I do with men as men tend to go on about work, drink or conquests all of which have no appeal. It seems a shame that there are no sites to meet up with FSU ladies just for friendship.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Green 2012-06-06 05:52:18
Do you believe that friendship between a man and a woman is possible?

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Andy G 2012-06-06 07:15:52
Of course friendship between a man & a woman is possible, some of my closest friends are women, I find that I get along better with women than men most of the time.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Green 2012-06-06 08:16:47
Andy, have you watched the movie of Barbara Streisand "The Mirror Has Two Faces"? I highly recommend. Just about that. About male-female friendship.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]

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