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The image of Russian brides in Russian folk tales
as a reflection of reality.  
To understand the source of the nature of Russian bride it is better to appeal to Russian fairy tales. If
you know the Russian woman you will know Russian Bride. A careful reading of Russian folk tales
shows that the main figure of almost all fairy tales is a clever woman. There are fairy tales, calling the
heroine directly to mind, for example: "Wise wife",  "Elena The Sage" or "Vasilisa The Sage",
"Czarevna (daughter of a Czar) The Guess Riddles." There are only 1-2 fairy tales per 1000, where a
woman named "silly". But with careful consideration it turns out that the woman is simply of another
kind, she is not consonant with the standards of everyday existence and firmly ignores them, and due
to this she is believed silly by other people.
Ivan-goose (analogue of English Simple Simon) is very often found hero of Russian tales, but try to
find Maria Little Fool! Not found! A woman in the Russian fairy tales may be quarrelsome, greedy,
lazy, but stupid - very rarely. Starting from Vasilisa and Elena (the mind for the good) and ending
Baba Yaga (the mind of evil), there is always mind.
Let us consider a typical fairy tale plot by the example of Zhukovsky's tale "About the Czar
Berendey". Maria-Czarevna is very wise daughter of Koschey The Immortal. Koshchey asks Ivan
challenges, and every time Ivan returns from he in despair. Three times a conversation with his bride
Maria-Czarevna happens in which every time he said that Koschey is about to cut his head off. And
on the question of Maria, "what do you intend to do?", he gives the same answer: "Nothing. There
should not be Three times of death, but the only one you can not escape". On the advice of  Maria:
"Morning is smarter than evening" - the hero goes to bed.
This example demonstrates the archetype of fabulous relationship between men and women: the
woman soothes while the man in important turning point of life for himself falls asleep. A woman
begins to act: she consults with magic books, objects, sometimes her intentions are evil, but in her
the boundless and not knowing the barriers energy is laid.
In the fairy tale of Zhukovsky Maria-Czarevna converts Ivan  first into the bridge, and then into the
forest, and  then into her husband in the end. She converts, He is convertible. He is the material -
She is the master, creator. This is not Ivan who marries Maria, but she makes him her husband, as
he usually in the Russian fairy tales is idle, while She works. The motive of  the women's power cuts
across the most of tales. And this is not fiction of authors - it is a long ago rooted peculiar idea about
the role of Russian women in the structure of being, objective reality but not just human life.
If for instance we compare the Russian fairy tales with the French ones, we can see that the
relationship between men and women  is opposed in them, in some cases is mirror image. In French
tale a man goes to his goal and with the help of his mind and tenacity reaches her. In Russian fairy
tales such dedication is typical for women. French hero unrelentingly seeks his bride, for the sake of
her he beats the opponents, overpowers obstacles, he is ready to sacrifice even his life, while his
lady bride sometimes is simply capricious.
Russian brides in Russian fairy tales, first, never are capricious, secondly, I could not find a Russian
fairy tale where the hero died sake of his bride. Certainly, we are dealing with very different points of
view on a woman.
In Russian fairy tales male character is little active, he can not do without outside help, which often
comes from a female heroine (his bride), both active in goodwill and in the evil, in anger and
tenderness. The image of luck often presented in the Russian fairy tales, is usually tied to a male
character. A woman does not need luck, a woman receives all she needs by her own.
There are several plots of Russian fairy tales, in which the fate of women depends on the behavior of
man. It is in these cases, the woman dies. Once the old man clambers  to heaven, holding in his
teeth a bag with old woman, and does not keep. Once he is deceived by old fox, to which he
entrusted to heal old woman, a fox eats her. No matter how different the situation, the same
outcome: a woman perishes of a man's fault.
Russian wife. Who is assistant and protector?
Men's psychology in the tales image often
reminds the child psychology, which must be
directed, which has to be cared, otherwise he will
make troubles, mostly to himself. With this role,
of course, the woman best deals: mother, wife,
sister. And in a fairy tales relationship between
men and women, between bride and groom most
often resemble the relationship between the
mother and son, regardless who would in fact she
was to him.
This is the reality of Russian fairy tales! What is
this? The dream of a clever woman, writing, in
order to make the plot more attractive precisely by
its difference from real life or still reflecting the
Russian life? I think the latter. Meanwhile, in
Russian fairy tales we always saw the King but
very rarely - Queen. Woman must save Ivan-fool,
but remember her place! To become a Czar, it is
for him without fail! Nothing reminded?
Read Russian fairy tales, and many things will become clear in our Russian reality. The nature of
Russian bride will become more understandable. "The Tale is falsehood, but there is a hint..."
About a Russian woman it is so much written and said that the study, implying
systematisation and synthesis of many, many facts, evidence, statements about it, can
never be completed and therefore claim to objectivity. 
On December 14, 1825 in St. Petersburg on the Senate Square there was the first in the
history of Russia organized action of gentry revolutionaries against the tsarist autocracy
and tyranny. These were the senior officers of the tsarist army. The revolt was suppressed.
Five of its organizers were hanged, others were sent to hard labor in Siberia, demoted to
the ranks... Eleven wives of the Decembrists prisoners shared their Siberian exile of theirs
own free will.
The men who reveal their male opinion on Russian women intend no offense to anyone,
they only state their thoughts and feelings. It should also be said, that each person has an
individual personality that really makes the difference in human relations no matter where
they live.
Indeed, why does a businessman need a wife if he does not intend to use her as a cook,
laundress or maid? Sexual needs can be satisfied by a permanent girlfriend, one-night
stands, or, of course, even with a help of "professional services".
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