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   Think of the woman, which you want to have
Ancient popular wisdom goes:
If you sow the idea - you will reap the deed, if you sow the deed - you will reap the  habit, if
you sow the habit - you will reap the nature, if you sow the nature - you will reap the Fate.
So it is say everything starts from our head. From this container of thoughts. Remember, as in the
sacred books written: "First was the word, and the word has been..." And then the old long story goes
on. Maybe it was in all different way. Maybe Creator sat and thought: "What then became bored. What
if to make something alse? Let Me establish Earth and the life on it. "And He said: "Let there be light".
And the full-program creation started.
But few people aware that we have the same processes occur. Our thoughts as actively implemented
as a Divine Beginning. DO NOT believe it? You do look around! Do you see over there: that very
"skunk" is standing, yes, your husband! Remember how handsome he was, assistant, master? And
now? Hands not from the place grow! But stop and ask yourself: who had created this armless and the
gloomy subject of any negligence? Do you want a honest answer? You!
"No, this could not be!"- objections from any of you. And I will give you an argument. Remember when
you made court each other. What did you say, how did you act, how did you look in the end? And
now? Is this different state? Of course, you will tell. Of course, differ! After all, it's been a long time!
And now a different matter!
And what, in fact, was changed? After all, a man who is at your side, he is the same. Just you may be
not knowing the fact, set in motion an ancient mechanism.
How do you think today so you live tomorrow.
Some ones went further and called the assistance of a law that instantly  realize into reality all your
thoughts. Especially if you accompany them even more with words and gestures. The Law is simple.
But ignorance of the law does not exempt from liability! Attention, the Law!
To what you pay attention, it develops!
So Divine Creation is directly relevant to us. The same thing is happening and we have: before we do
anything, we have raised some kind of thought in the head. And after we commit to do. But now the
question arises. Whence they were, these thoughts appearing in the head? Why in one head light,
bright ideas do appear, and in another the solid dump? It turns out, there is the explanation of this.
There is a hypothesis that the idea does not arise in the head, it comes to us from outside.  You
noticed, and even scored for sound: "Oh! The idea has come. Oh! Now it went away. "So what?", you
can say. "Why do I need to know that?" This is actually quite important. When you begin the process
of working with your goals, be sure to write them. When you concentrate your attention on your
objectives, tasks, the various useful thoughts start to come. And if you do not commit, they can
quickly leave you. Thoughts, ideas, thoughts! It is through thoughts that our life takes on a particular
make sure that the Law of Attraction really works
Take a simple task. This ballerina can whirl in any direction. Logicians see her whirling in one
direction while Intuitive persons see another. Harmoniously developed person can make her to
whirl the way he wants. 
Once upon a time a poverty was. And it was so poor, that it had no money even for a capital
"P". So it was called - the poverty in small letters.And it was so unsure of itself that it could
not live alone. It always lived with someone who kept thinking about it.
Do you want to activate the Law of Attraction in a very powerful way and receive the blessings
of the universe into your life? Are you ready to take control over your life NOW and create the
amazing life you deserve? You see, YOU too can have ALL the MONEY you want, buy your
dream car, purchase the finest clothes, attract your soul mate, go on exhilarating holidays
with your family, have vibrant health and give in abundance to charity
.
Men want a dream woman, women want a prince on a white horse. For both it is absolutely
real, and achievable at any age! For many people, it is difficult to believe it. Just because,
people often become reserved for an external cause and go in the direction aside from their
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