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Tips of an old bachelor.
Almost all make mistakes early in life - a lack of experience is cause of many failed
marriages. Read carefully the tips  below, they will save you from a failed marriage.
First and foremost - never trust your feelings.
Marriages for love are the most fragile.
Vast majority of men can not distinguish the love from infatuation. You should be
approached the problem of choosing a life partner with your cool head. You must learn
how to identify those feminine features that are guaranteed to lead to a failed marriage.
Here are the main pitfalls that men come.
The very first one is appearance. A woman with above-average attractiveness will not
make a good wife. From all of your candidates you should cross off all the ladies that are
in high demand among men. Believe my experience -
beautiful women are almost always
unhappy and they will make you the same.
Next - exclude the individuals who are
too young - they have not yet formed a
personality and you do not want in 2-5 years, that your fiancee suddenly realized that
she made the "
mistake" and began to search for a new prince. It is best to marry a
woman in an age when she already knows what she wants and even have been married.
To marry a 17 y.o. virgin is dangerous.
Then you sweep out all the contestants, who grew up in single-parent family. If her
mother was abandoned by her father, she will vent her frustration to her husband, her
mother's words that all men are asholes are absorbed into the subconscious.
From those who remained, remove all who are too sociable, if she has three hundred
girlfriends, she will continue to live more for them than for you. A large number of mates
should immediately alert you.
Avoid the closed and uncommunicative. It is not always clear what to expect from them.
In no case marry a girl if she has long lived with her mother - you will not break this knot
and if you don't want your mother-in-law to take all decisions in the family immediately
delete such a girl. If you date her and her mother rings   three times an hour and they
begin to discuss some questions, leave the girl straight out on a date - you will not
 Pay attention to the specialty. Avoid, for example, teachers. Specialty leaves a strong
traces on the woman, and you do not want to be taught something all your life? You
have to understand that a woman is integral being, if she teaches all how to live the
whole day, then when home she would continue this process.
In no case do not take a woman with strong ambitions, which wants herself to achieve
anything in life - how many women top-managers have you seen, which have a happy
marriage? Either family or career - you will not be able to combine them.
Cross out the girls who love the soap operas - this is the first sign that she will make a
movie from your life.
It is not worthy to get involved with the daughters of wealthy parents - such girls have
very serious requests. Also, do not marry the poor girl an orphan. Her complex will bring
you crazy, and in a couple of years you will not know what to do with yourself.
Avoid the very well-read, intelligent individuals - otherwise you will have a lifetime to
endure the scornful glances from the fact that you do not remember all the works of
Borges by heart.
Avoid like the plague the stupid women. You'll get tired quickly from their stupidity.
Avoid both very temperamental and too cold individuals.
When you meet a girl, ask her many questions and listen to her - virtually any woman
would blabbed about all her negative traits - just give her the freedom to speak.
She tells you how she kicked out her ex-boyfriend from the house at dead of night?
Think about it.
Look more closely at how she relates to people around her - if arrogantly and
dismissively, then run away - once she'll start to treat you same way.
Do not take a woman with a child from a previous marriage. Remember one thing - you
need a loved one, and she needs a husband and father of her child. Your interests may
not to coincide - you do not want to take third place in the family after her son and
Do not marry upon getting something one doesn't want  - it's almost guaranteed an
unsuccessful marriage. You should not marry a woman who speaks about men very badl
or condescendingly. Run away from a woman who has many challenges - on becoming
your wife, she will expect that you'll solve all her problems.
Fear for women of small stature. Remember, small women have huge complex!
A boy between two girls
We can continue the list of the
characteristics of women who do not
marry, but we will not describe
everything. Once you've thrown out of
the list of contenders all the ladies with
these features,  you begin the testing.
The first thing that you need to check a
woman for is a greed.
Greed is one of the major women's
vices, and you should not connect your
life with a greedy woman.
Start from a small - invite her to a
restaurant and say that you forgot your
wallet - see how she reacts. If you are
a successful businessman and a wealthy
man, at one of the dates tell her that you went bankrupt and tomorrow you'll find
yourself in the street.
Get her to a jewelry store and say that you want to choose for her a very expensive
jewelry - not to buy, but only to choose. Put on her an expensive necklace, then
remove and give it back.
See how her behavior had changed. If she was breathing deeply and her eyes had
widened, then you can not rush with her to the registrar, - the marriage will fail. But if
you see that she is extremely careless with money, it is also better to move away from
her, she will treat to your money the same way.
Then check her for
jealousy. Come to a date with another girl and tell her that she is
your sister. See how your potential fiancee reacts to. If she makes a scene - drop her
and walk away with a "sister" - overly jealous wife will make your life a hell. If she is
completely indifferent it is bad too.
In this test she has to show you her dignity or the lack thereof.
After the checking for jealousy try on the care - "fall ill" and see how she will look after
Very many things will be manifested in this...
You have already guessed it, that you'll never get married if following these tips. Like
me. So just keep looking for YOUR OWN woman. Do not listen to wise advice. Be sure
you'll find her. Like me. And all of the above will become the delusions of an old
But I wised up with the
age. Because that's how a nature intended - the man must be a
man and a woman - a woman.
Old bachelors are successfully resisting against public opinion, even if it is backed by
millennial traditions. How do they do it - is difficult to say.
Vice-President of Russian Association of sexologists, the therapist and psychiatrist
Eugene Kulgavchuk described the main types of bachelors. Sissy. Bachelor of his
conviction. Lone wolf. Responsible. Macho.
According to statistics, Russia today is home to over 20 million single men. And the
experts predict a rise of the number. What is the reason of bachelor boom? First, the
changed attitude to the unmarried men. Compared to the Soviet period, single men are
given more opportunities to build a career.
The Bachelor gets his lunch more often from the microwave than from the pan. So it
should be known a little more about the "faithful friend". Myth: The explosion of iron dish.
There is a stubborn assertion that the iron dish can trigger an explosion of high-power (in
fact, at worst, it will cause the damage of the magnetron due to the arcing).
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Andy G 2012-06-07 18:40:39
I wonder why he is single....... at least I'm ugly, no money, no fashion sense, unavailable due to my occupation & the unsociable hours I have to work, but I'm certainly not that fussy & all women aren't that shallow, I haven't met the right one yet but I don't intend to go toes up just yet so there is still time

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