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 To Facilitate Contact, Pay Russian Girl A Compliment.
The easiest and, simultaneously, one of the most complex little cases, that lead to success in
relations with girls is ... compliment. Compliments - are those things that help finding contact with
people and to establish good relations with them, therefore, they are important. The more they are
pleasant! To
Russian girls a compliment, because of the historical realities, sometimes means more
than a gift! Of course, this must be a compliment, skillfully made, to the point, and most importantly -
sincerely. How our sympathy to a human arises? As a rule, when a guy skillfully emphasized the
dignity of some girl. Here we continue to affirm - the ability to make a compliment (but not butter up),
which has touched desired, hidden strings of girl's soul is a half the success.
Girls like the compliments
Here are some simple rules of these pleasant affairs:
first, a compliment should be very specific. You should
be absolutely clear what you like in a girl. Shape of
eyes, combination of hair color with the new costume,
successfully imposed make up or a character.
Otherwise, our "mental trick" will be quite transparent
and turn into the very undesirable flattery.
For practice, try to use the phrase with "because". It
will help you specify your mind and, more importantly,
better to focus on the interlocutor. For example:
"Marie, you're smart woman, because you always
know how to apportion you working hours so
Note the compliment ceased to be groundless, and the
notorious Marie has blushed, while just a statement of
her intellect would not made even a half of a such
impression. By making such a sincere compliment,
you are not only helping the girl to feel your respect,
you (surprise!) you can see why you respect her, and it
helps you feel the sincerity of words spoken. And it is very important. Insincerity is always
noticeable and unpleasant as well.
Secondly, be wary of focusing only on the obvious. Pay attention to the hidden quality. "You spoke
so well! Surprisingly, how could you succeed in five lines of letter so amply to disclose this topic, I
would hit it over three weeks."
Remember, whether in your life a case when you felt particularly flattered? Sometimes, this was
when someone managed to notice some hidden talent in you .
Well, and finally. Spend a week to make compliments to all contractors, for the practice: to
secretary, waiter, janitor, stupid colleague (him too!), customers, anyone. After week of experience it
is possible to try to make it to boss. And continuing to wreak compliments, you will feel the brunt
illustration of a well-known principle: "Kindness returns like a boomerang."
Can we play on women's weaknesses? You need not to play on women's
weaknesses, but to use the womanliness in reasonable way is possible. Every
woman: Russian, French, English or any other nationality, by her nature is individual,
but  I still choose the most common women's weakness, which are located from the
least-meaningful ones to the most...
Russian women, of course, are very emotional and can be thin-skinned. But do not be
reluctant to ask questions of her. Queries such as: What kind of man would you like
to picture next to you? How do you suppose your everyday life after the marriage?
What is more central for you: the family or having a vocation?
Russian girls can make the life of a man a paradise to behold, as they have been
voted the most feminine around the world, as well as being professionals in what they
have perfected as their careers. While dating this females, they go an extra mile to
make sure that they have made you comfortable in a homely manner and are ready to
please you in any manner.
Sometimes you mess up. Sometimes you get lost in the little details and forget about
the big picture. No matter what happened, if you love your girlfriend, you should
apologize so that the two of you can make amends and grow as a couple. Flowers
like the gorgeous arrangements available through Teleflora and KaBloom can play an
important role in the process.
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