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Understanding Russian Women: Learn Her
Communication Style
By: Tanya Bilk 
Long-distance relationships are the reality for thousands of men who chose Russian women as their
partners. Despite the fact that a
long distance relationship seems to be hard to maintain, it is
do-able. Hope you will agree that the most important aspect in a long distance relationship is
What questions to ask in order to learn her communication style and preferences?
Below are several questions about her most appropriate ways of communication. Read on to find out
some of the questions to ask. Hopefully, you will find your own ways to convey these questions to
those women whose English is not fluent.
  • Do you prefer communication in person, by phone or email?
  • How frequently do you want to communicate? Daily, weekly?
  • Are you either a listener or a speaker by your nature?
  • Do you appreciate humor in communication?
  • Is eye contact important for you while talking to others?
  • Are you comfortable with debate? Why not?
  • What and how do you feel when there is silence in a conversation? Is it OK with you?
  • Do you like talking about your relationship? How frequently?
  • What are your preferable subjects for discussion?
  • How long will it take you to bring it up when something is bothering you?
  • Do you like to communicate when you are upset, if you do at all?
  • Are you able to interrupt others? What about being interrupted?
  • Do you feel like sharing secrets, if you do at all?
  • Are there topics you are not ready to discuss?
Are you in a long distance relationship? A recent study at Purdue University (Mary C. Pistole)
brought the really good news: long distance couples may be happier than those who are within the
reach. Why? The study says: "Long-distance partners have high-quality time together, which might
create a closeness not seen in those who see each other every day. They have more open
communication, fewer trivial arguments, and segment work and relationship time."
So do not be discouraged if you are in a
long distance relationship, as love is its own reward.
Bad news, guys: all women know that men want sex. But the good news: you can start
doing things to get a woman into bed faster. It's all a matter of changing your approach.
The men who reveal their male opinion on Russian women intend no offense to anyone,
they only state their thoughts and feelings. It should also be said, that each person has an
individual personality that really makes the difference in human relations no matter where
they live.
Very often men repeat the same thing: "A woman can not be believed", "Women's logic
does not exist", "Listen to a woman, and make vice versa"... Such statements lead to
rabies the feminists, force the hysterical blonde to cry and result housewives in mellow
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