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Understanding Russian Women
When you are disapointed in dating locally, you may realize that there is a huge potential in
international dating and
Russian women dating in particular. While you fear that a long distance
with a woman from another culture just may not be that easy, you might be surprised to
find out that there can be incredible benefits to dating Russian women.
Below, men looking for their partner abroad share their revelations of what they really value in
Russian women.
The men who reveal their male
opinion on Russian women intend no offense to anyone, they only
state their thoughts and feelings. It should also be said, that each person has an individual
personality that really makes the difference in human relations no matter where they live.
"Russian women look feminine, and feminine is good."
David, 29, Portland, OR prefers women to
look and be feminine. He thinks that many American
women are more concerned with comfort in their clothing and appearance, and not with their look
while simultaneously questioning as to why men are "dressing down".
He says: "Russian women look like women to me, that is they dress feminine, wear
makeup most
all of the time, wear heels and generally enjoy being and looking like women."
David mentions one more aspect: the general physical shape of American women vs. Russian
women. David states that on the whole Russian women are in much better physical shape. While in
Russia, he is always amazed at how thin the people are and how there are so few overweight
In an overall summary, David prefers Russian women because they generally have
beauty and they
enjoy being and looking feminine.
Down-to-earth Russian woman
"Russian women are down-to-earth and not
Brian, 38, Pierre, SD remarks that he heard a lot of
other American men saing what he was about to
say. Russian women have the general reputation of
more down-to-earth and less spoiled than American
women. This is generally attributed to the fact that
they do not have as much as the Americans have,
either during their formative years or their adulthood.
Brian has been to the former SU twice and had
some experience with Russian ladies. He had some
negative experience as well. However, on the whole,
he found Russian women to be just as the
stereotype portrayed them and they were, as he
said, heads and shoulders above American women.
Russian women have a greater sense of family.
Greg, 35 from Chicago thinks that the society and
material wants have driven a great deal of American
women to become far more independent. They live 
"fast track" lifestyle and life needs to revolve around their own particular needs. They want someone
to be there for them, but they don't want to change their way of life. Greg admits that "there is less
of a sense of family, and more of a sense of individualistic desires. Anyone that doesn't fit into the
woman's specific goals isn't a viable partner in life".
Many of the women Greg dated in Chicago refused to have anything to do with his family and would
prefer to occasionally visit, but not have family become an integral part of their collective lives. He
adds: "Of course, many of my female friends also find that their boyfriends want nothing to do with
their family. Again, I think this reflects upon our individualistic upbringing and has less to do with
Greg reveals: "I need a woman who will accept my family and will be willing to have family vacations
with me. I am completely open and willing to accept her family as my own." What Greg sees in
many of the Russian women is a greater sense of family and that is very attractive for him.
"It seems like there are more of single women who are actively looking for love in the FSU than there
are in the US. As a result of my search, I believe I have found a wonderful, loving, caring, giving, kind
and considerate young woman in the Ukraine who appears to share more of my ideals in life than
nearly anyone I have met in the US. My decision to look in this area appears to be right for me", he
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Long-distance relationships are the reality for thousands of men who chose Russian
women as their partners. Despite the fact that a long distance relationship seems to
be hard to maintain, it is do-able. Hope you will agree that the most important aspect
in a long distance relationship is communication.
"Take care of men!" The famous slogan. What they need to be saved from? From the
sofa? Wicked women? Exactly! Men must be kept away from women. Actually, why
we need to take care of men? Are they really finches of endangered specie? Of
course not. In total they are well-fed types with a penchant for beer and the TV.
Whether moderately aggressive or not to the extent. Relatively intelligent (I said
relatively!) and not concerned about the idea, how would they care of their women. So
why on earth should I protect them?
Russian girls are not only kind, calm and devoted. They are also very beautiful in a
whole. You will be impressed not only with their figure, but also with their rich inner
world. Don t forget also that Russian mothers are the most affectionate, attentive and
devoted to children.
If your woman is mad at you then she has a reason for being mad. It may not be a
reason that you would get upset about but to her the reason is valid and worthy of her
anger, hurt, or frustration, and she wants you to acknowledge and understand that. If
you want to make her feel better than you are going to have to understand that simple
truth first.
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