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What Are You Saying With Your Body Language?
You have mastered the art of saying all the right things to someone you like but for
reason you are still sitting at home on a Saturday night playing on the computer.
If the object of your affection always has a reaction to you different then you would
imagine it to be then you may be saying something with your
body language that is
speaking louder than your words ever could.
Body language is not a new form of
communication. It's been around long before we
were able to speak words that made sense. Body language tells a person everything
are thinking
and feeling, and it's very hard to hide the true meaning of what you are
saying because of it. This is why you can get labelled creepy, annoying, scared, or
boring before you even open your mouth.
With a little awareness of your body language you can start
saying all the right things
and expressing all the right things simultaneously.
The most important thing to remember is that you will be sized up by your body
language instantly. This can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The
object of your affection is unconsciously studying your every move and gesture and
deciding whether you are the type of person they want to get to know better, so you
better make sure you body language portrays someone who is worth their time.
While explaining the science of body language is too much for this short article there are
some important things to remember when talking to someone you are interested in.
1. Be Relaxed
body movements and gestures will make the
other person tense or uncomfortable as well, while
relaxed body movements and gestures will make the
other person feel welcome and comfortable around you.
So keep your body relaxed and welcoming.
2. Good Posture
Standing and sitting tall will speak of confidence in
yourself while slouching will only show a lack of
confidence. Confidence is essential to attraction, so
keep your shoulders back and your head high in order
to make a great impression!
3. Eye Contact
Make sure to maintain eye contact with the person you
are talking to. This will show interest in what they are
saying and doing, and let's face it, everyone wants
Confidenced man
someone to be interested in them. If you dart your eyes around while they are talking,
or if you focus your attention on something else instead of them, then they will think
that you are bored with them or just plain rude. Either way it will not go over well.
These 3 tips will get you started into making a better impression through your body
language, and making sure that your words line up with what you are portraying. Once
you understand your body language better you will unconsciously make it portray
exactly what you are trying to say.
Bellaisa Filippis
Article Directory:
Bellaisa is the owner of the Relationship Circle, a website with
relationship advice for
men and women on dating, relationship issues, and sexual concerns. For more
information on
body language and other attraction concerns visit her website today!
The people who say "truth and nothing but the truth" does not exist, we all are lying
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