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What You Focus On You Get?
I long ago started believing that what I
focused on was what I was going to
get. Not only have I seen it through my
past experiences, but I have also seen
many examples in everyone else's past
that I know. I know that where your
focus goes your attention flows without
a doubt, and if you want something
badly enough and stay focused then you
will eventually get it.
When you put your focus onto an idea,
an event, or a circumstance you end up
getting that desired focus not just 
A straight road goes to the rising sun.
because of the law of attraction but because you tend to put action towards that
focus. You tend to set yourself up to do things that could result in that focus.
For example, if you are focusing on getting a raise then it's not likely you are just
going to sit around stare at a wall. You will probably improve your communication skills
or do your work with a better attention to detail. You will do little things that could
add up to a raise and if you do them long enough then
chances are pretty good you
are going to get the raise.
Do I also believe that the universe moves people and situations into your line of path
to help you get what you are focusing on? Yes. I think that if you are trying to get a
raise then you may find yourself with chances to prove yourself to your boss, or you
will get extra work that will show your boss exactly what you can do.
The problem with these people or situations appearing is that you do not always view
them as good things. You may see that person as a conniving jerk who is trying to get
in your way of succeeding. If you start to focus on how conniving he is instead of
finding a way that he can help you get a raise, then you have shifted your focus from
getting a raise to getting rid of the obstacle. And now your raise moves further away
from you because you are not taking action towards it.
The trick is to stay focused on what you want. One way to do this is to view every
person or event that comes into your life as a way that could possibly help you
achieve what you are focused on. Ask yourself how that new person can benefit you
or how that event can benefit you. You may be
surprised at the answers you get,
even if it's something as small as teaching you patience so that you can be a better
worker all around. There is most likely a benefit to be had.
If they can't help you then don't shift your focus towards them but rather keep your
eyes on the prize. Like I said, focusing your attention on them is a waste of your time.
You will be taking the long route to getting what you want because you have just put
an obstacle in the way. Remove it and move ahead!
Kari Farmer 
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