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What women don't like in men in family life.
Russian girl: why I do not like the cynics.
What is important in a man? We women can argue long about it, but can not answer
the question briefly. I used to think on a grand scale, making a mental list of "smart",
"responsible", "kind", "
true", "humorous", "ambitious", "adventurous", "attentive", "easy
on the rise", "sociable", "livable "and so on.  And only now I understood what kind a
man should be before I could appreciate his intelligence, wit, alertness and ability to
earn. Rather, I realized what a man I'll never fall in love with and whom could never
live with... With a cynic!
Cynicism has become a favorite "seasoning" of our life, an ingredient, we can not
conceive of our existence without which. The characteristics as "cynic" is seen by
many people as a
compliment, and a healthy cynicism is a measure of the individual
held. They say, a cynic is a person who knows the price, but knowing nothing of
value. Take, for example, family and
A cynic is married, though reluctantly, because it is so comfortable, with some a
reluctance, and with the understanding that "one must once..." A cynic ties marriage
bond without love, guided by considerations of convenience: I will get along with her,
she is kind and caring.
He always marries the "equal" on the financial position woman (money makes money),
or a daughter of wealthy parents, which is working ("I can not bear the kept women"),
caring ("breakfast, lunch and dinner"), hospitality ("Lena, quickly lay the table for the
arrival of guests"), placable (a muck can be amended with one rose), no touchy
("Okay, forget it, what's wrong I said this?..")
A wife for cynic is an undeniable
convenience compared to the
bachelor life. This is ironed shirts and trousers,
cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners,
homemade pickles and tomatoes, curtains
on the windows. Unfortunately, the cynic
can not appreciate this. Because the
cynic can not be grateful. He not only
sees the comfort created by his wife as
the granted application to the status of
"married", but all the while is still sarcastic
and teasing his wife:
Husband is speaking on the phone, next to him is thoughtful wife.
- Honey, look, you have a cellulite?..
- Look! A new diet. Maybe it will help you return your form?..
- Do not bother. Your orgasm in the program was moved to tomorrow, replacing with
live broadcast of football match with the British.
- I understand why don't you go on increasing...
- Are you hurt? Well, I'm sorry. Be patient for another 5 minutes...
- Tomorrow I'll call my mom. Let she teach you to cook the meat patties.
- You have not yet been fired?.. It is strange...
- A headache? What do I have to do with your head... I'm not going to love it...
- I will not eat yesterday's soup. Aren't there other first courses in a cookbook?..
The fact is the cynic does not believe in love, but good sex, not a destiny, but
compatibility, not in unity, but coexistence. He does not love his wife and does not
believe that she loves him. He is convinced that she also lives with him because of
convenience and some of their "female" needs sort of "to be married".
Much worse when both spouses perceive a cynical psychology as the only possible
framework for family life. It must be confessed. Many couples live so. Living out of
convenience, because of the children, without the love and spiritual closeness, making
love out of habit. Live cynically, live, not trusting each other, but in full confidence
that they know each other enough to "keep the situation under the control." A
spouse's treason is a betrayal only when you learn about it.
A friend of mine, who was never a cynic (unfortunately, he is no longer alive), had
taught his nephew how to treat a woman should be: "Imagine that before you is not a
woman, but a fragile glass vase. And you should treat it tenderly and with care.
Carefully to pick up and neatly to put down, carefully to move from place to place. A
woman should be loved and respected. Then she will love and respect you. If you
break the vase, no love will be, no trust and respect. There will be the mud and
Beloved, bride, wife... Start of a new life, new relationships, new responsibilities. When care
for your future wife, you dear men conquer her soul, her feelings and her thoughts, to seek her
affection to you. Then a woman without fear gives away her body. But this does not mean that
you finally got your big prize, and you can forget about the female soul!
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