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     What Do Russian Wives Await Of Family Life?
Beloved, bride, wife... Start of a new life, new relationships, new responsibilities. When care for your
future wife, you dear men conquer her soul, her
feelings and her thoughts, to seek her affection to
you. Then a woman without fear gives away her body. But this does not mean that you finally got
your big prize, and you can forget about the female soul! You have been her knight in shining armor,
which bore her on his hands. Do not leave your beloved on the road, passing one mile! The care
should not end after the wedding, on the contrary, it should become more intense! Remember that if
you take care of your
Russian wife as well as at the time you tried to conquer her, you will find out
how the continuing adventure will become a contact with her.
What Means Family Life for Russian Wives?
What awaits Russian woman getting married?
Have you noticed that women do not become hermits? That's
because  women and Russian especially for the most part are more
sociable than men. Russian wife needs to communicate with her
husband. When a Russian woman marries, she considers these
relationships as
communications, which will last a lifetime. The man
also wants from time to time, he is left alone, giving him the
opportunity to work in the garage or spend time in the club with
friends. Regardless of the circumstances each spouse in a good
marriage  should learn to reckon with the interests and needs of
Russian wife wants compassion. Women have an inbred sense of
compassion, which the men have no. Woman sees those helpless,
and wants to help them, while a man is trying to understand why
the man is in such condition and what can be helpful for him to get 
out of it. Because the woman has this sense of compassion and she pays so much, there are
moments when she is not in mood. At this point, your Russian spouse needs to ensure herself that
you have shown compassion for her. Embrace her, tell how you love her. Your compassion will
reassure her.
Russian wife expects from the marriage the infinite feast of the life, romantic relationships and
continuing beautiful care. Russian women are very romantic. They need flowers and gifts - romantic
trifles, even if there is no other reason, as only that you think about her and cherish her. To be
romantic, it does not require a lot of money. It is important that you keep her hands or embrace her
for her shoulders when you come together where something. Open the doors before her and contact
with her, like the Queen, in all that you are doing for her.
Russian wife is in need of affection. Your affection shows her that you guard her. The affection,
demonstrates your loyalty and love, the wife is given a sense of security. When possible, keep her
by the hand, embrace her, and your frequent and gentle touch will convince her that your strength
and love protect her. But the affection - is not just a touch. You can show your affection by words.
Your second half needs words of encouragement and to express your gratitude as well. When she
is in a difficult position and looking for your help, she needs your attention, your support and wise
Finally, your Russian wife needs the  passions. Oh! Men, you certainly had hoped also to see this
in the list! But what is very important: if a woman does not receive what in the first four paragraphs
are listed - communication, compassion, affection and romance - you can forget about the fifth!
Remember, she is a well, which water you should thrill. She is not similar to you - who is the
source, who is always ready to fountain! If you have talked your Russian wife the encouraging words
of support during the day, if you found time for her, if you kept her by the hand and opened the door
before her, then, when evening comes, it will not be difficult for her to give up to you and answer for
your passion. She expects this from you, she is happy and enjoying the moments of intimacy,if you
acknowledge your wife a beautiful creature, which God has created.
"Take care of men!" The famous slogan. What they need to be saved from? From the
sofa? Wicked women? Exactly! Men must be kept away from women. Actually, why
we need to take care of men? Are they really finches of endangered specie? Of
course not. In total they are well-fed types with a penchant for beer and the TV.
Whether moderately aggressive or not to the extent. Relatively intelligent (I said
relatively!) and not concerned about the idea, how would they care of their women. So
why on earth should I protect them?
Compliments - are those things that help finding contact with people and to establish
good relations with them, therefore, they are important. The more they are pleasant!
To Russian girls a compliment, because of the historical realities, sometimes means
more than a gift! Of course, this must be a compliment, skillfully made, to the point,
and most importantly - sincerely.
Saleswoman from one of Russia's stores hit a psychiatric hospital due to the fact that
the director smiled at her all the time. "Maybe I have shortfall," - girl tormented
constantly, and her head had turned with this. It's terrible to imagine what would be
with the director, if the above incident had occurred in United States.
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