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 What Do You Really Want From Russian Women?
The dream of each beautiful Russian woman is to meet a king for her future wedded life. She wants
to meet a handsome, educated, kind guy like in fairy
myths whom she can entrust her love and
amorous heart. Every woman needs respect and love; she desires to be with a person who will
admire her to death, who will make all her dreams come true, who will call her a queen and
periodically make a "full of red rose petals bath" for her. Don't start laughing here. I am speaking
you a certain truth; a natural Russian lady always desires about such a delight received from her
European husband.
Russian girls are not the only dreamers who are not overlooking real life. Why? Because a
lot of European guys seek ladies who want to be at home. A young lady who will take care of her
husband and children. European boys are tired of the feminism campaign and the freedom of ladies
from their own city and are making attempt to find stillness for their soul in the arms of a Russian "
family oriented" young woman. Who will also be bothered of him. Would you mind if someone be
interested in you: cooking a great meal for you, prepares tea or coffee for you, who understand that
you are exhausted and you desire to be sole for a couple of minutes?
 Who would not trouble you when you are making your
business, who does not ask you for unreal things? Who
admires you and gives you a a lot of kisses when you come
home? Surely. But not everything is as incomplete and
beautiful as that. If a man wants his future bride to be at home
and take care of the house and kids, he must earn real money
and provide a marvelous living for them. I think you men
understand that in these days life is not easy and costly. So if
it is realizable for you to dwell and earn money for the entire
family, you can enjoy a delicious dinner and I'm sure your hot
Russian wife will be very happy to make it for you. But to tell
you the truth almost every girl is earning money in FSU states.
It becomes so not because the young men in FSU countries 
Russian housewife
are cruel and selfish, and do not wish to give the salary to their girls... no, no. It happens so
because of poor economical situation in these cities. Almost every young lady needs to earn a
living for creating some more spare money for the whole family and children.
It is a troublesome world to live in without hopes but when we are communicating about removing a
lady from another city then at the very least one of the soul mates has to be realistic and down to
earth person. Ideally, her marital partner.
So, you've made a wedding offer to a beautiful Russian young lady. My congratulations! But there
is a tiny thing: your future bride has a kid or even two. In this circumstances you have to be very
gallant not only to your nice lady, but as well to her kid too. Initially you require another bundle of
paper for your notes and additionally you must ask two times much more questions: one special
question for your future fiance and the other for her dear child. Be very polite, ask your girl about
her kids prefered topics and hobbies.
Russian wife
I'm certain your young lady will be very happy by the thing that you are
not cold to her kids from precedent unit. In fact kids are very fine and
kind tiny people; they are roses of our life. To my mind a kid couldn't be
a problem for your marriage with a beautiful Russian young lady. By the
way kids certainly adapt to a new lifestyle or altered language much
faster than their mums. So, you can be certain that you'll definitely
become good friends with your woman's child. And as well Russian
children used to help their mothers and fathers about the place: they do 
domestic duties, dusting the furniture, clear their rooms and so on. It occurs so because of
economical position in FSU cities where both parents are having work the entire day and are
commonly out of the place; that's why their kids are so productive. Here we have said about a
family when there is no father.
While there is a good husband, spouses select to live apart parents like a peculiar family. In fact
family ceremonies are powerful still and the whole family celebrates parties or a lot of other
celebrations all together. There is an important distinction between American and Russian family.
As you perhaps know American kids go away from parent's house and live independent life at age
18. When comparing with Russian families where children at the same age and even elder remain
with their mothers and fathers. Thus when you hear from a woman resides with parents do not be
surprised. So, I desire you good luck and hope you'll be very merry with your brilliant Russian bride
and her kind child (children)!
Roberto Bell 
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Can we play on women's weaknesses? You need not to play on women's
weaknesses, but to use the womanliness in reasonable way is possible. Every
woman: Russian, French, English or any other nationality, by her nature is individual,
but  I still choose the most common women's weakness, which are located from the
least-meaningful ones to the most...
While chatting, observe how a person behaves. If he is trying to avoid chat games and
insisting you to get into a private mode of chatting, the person can be suspicious. If
the person is interested in you, he or she will be very excited to share with you such
amazing chat games. Let you two be friends and then only consider a further
There are many Russian online dating agencies specially created to help two persons
meet. It is generally seen that Russian girls like to have foreign husbands. It may
sound unusual but this is true. If the Russian brides are searching for conservative
ideas and look forward to having families they might find many Russian men as well.
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