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 What Is Good Of Russian Women?
KM.RU journalists ask this question to Moscow residents in the streets.
According to the well-known proverb, a Russian woman can stop a galloping horse, and enter the
burning hut.  Whether someone tested the truth of this adage - is not known, but just one clear:
Russian ladies combine so many wonderful qualities that the glory of this has dispersed
worldwide. In honor of
International Women's Day on March 8, we have decided to ask the stars
of Russian show business, what, in their view, is so good of Russian women?
To the question raised by KM.RU special correspondent
Anna Dobrovolskaya replied:
Anastasia Stotskaya
Anastasia Stotskaya:
- Russian women are caring, kind, they are 
good housewives, they know how to love.
Presumably, these are why Russian women
are good.
Otar Kushanashvili:
- Russian women are of the first
class. They are the most charming
woman in the world. They have a
tremendous charisma. I am not
saying that they are also beautiful
and have large breasts etc., but most
importantly, that they are charming.
Otar Kushanashvili
- I often use to trip round the world and
everywhere I hear that the most beautiful
Russian girls are. Our women to the same
are very strong. That is why most of men
have recently become less active. Women
take everything in their own hands: open a
business, earn money and accustomed to
rely solely on themselves. Therefore,
Russian women are such a strong.
Boris Moiseyev:
- Russian woman, is Russian woman
even in Africa. She is the patient, not
feminine but courageous and she is
steadfast and water-dust-tight.
Boris Moiseyev
- Russian women are the most
beautiful, most faithful and have most
powerful spirit. Meanwhile, despite
their own internal force, they are
sensual, tender. The main strength of
women in general is their wisdom.
Natalia Podolskaya
Natalia Podolskaya:
- Women in general are good: they are soft,
tender. And Russian woman has the
increased affection for her family, her loved
ones. She can cover entire family with care
like with wings, to warm with her love. May
be non-Russian women are not able for this.
Vlad Topalov:
- First, Russian women are the most
beautiful, most expressive, most
passionate, scandalous and most
educated. For me all Russian women
are very, very, very. Russian and
Vlad Topalov
Diana Arbenina:
- Russian women are good due to they are
full of love. Russian women love so
desperately, so frankly and so selflessly, that
few can compete with them.
Diana Arbenina
Joseph Prigozhin:
- Russian women are all good! There is no
there in the world more beautiful than Russian
woman is. Neither the United States nor
Europe, nor any women could  even match
the beauty of the Russians. I do not know
what a compound is mixed in Russian
women, but they are dazzling beauty. They
are like the bright sky in summer day, like
the sun that warms you, when you are
walking along the warm streets.
Joseph Prigozhin
Tutti Larsen
Tutti Larsen:
- Russian women are generally good.
They apparently are good, they are
caring, they are selfless, they know
how to love, are able to give. I think
they are real women, women in the
traditional sense of the word. These
women are mothers and wives with a
capital letter!
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