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What Russian Brides Do Not Know How To Do.
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 Of course, all described in the article does not apply to all Russian
who are looking for men on the international dating sites. But
too many girls do not take into account the difference between
psychological habits of Russian and Western men. I mean a serious
difference in the perception of advertising methods. Western man is
accustomed to the fact that any good thing (in this case, it is not the
girl) must be well presented as well. He simply does not pay attention
to something, even being very good, if it will look externally as
something ordinary and unattractive. Indeed, he has simply not
enough time to consider each proposal on dating sites where there
are tens of thousands of the ones!
Russian girl does not give adequate priority to this fact and operates
with the principle of "my prince will find me all the same". She does
not try to appear on Web-public in all her glory although in common
life before to go out she will look in the mirror not less then hundred
times. This is partly explained by the fact that Russian girl in the 
Woman cleaner with a mop in her hand.
depths of her soul holds no real hope to find a husband in the Internet. Given to it a secondary role. This is
particularly noticeable at the girls who came to the dating site recently.
Look at the photo of beginners and compare it with pictures of "habitu". I always say to our clients "Your
photo must speak
both for you and instead of you". Remember the importance of your photo on dating site.
If the photographs do not make proper impression the questionnaire or profile will not be read.
Sometimes it is curious to observe the girls, who brought amateur photos made during enjoying the
outdoors or a tourist trip. Backgrounds and the girls themselves look amazing. But in the photographs men
can see only smaller figures in shorts in front of the backdrop of colourful landscapes or huge temples.
What is most striking is that when we propose these girls to take the initiative and choose some photos of
men they choose those only who are good at photos or withdrawn so that person can be easily addressed.
They themselves are hardly impressed with men's silhouettes visible against the backdrop of huge
Another important component of the success of
Internet photos is its composition. Russian girl
could easily put on the site her photo where she
looks cool dressed in chic outfit with a sweet
smile on her face as a model and... with a
glass of wine in her hand. This happy photo
was taken at a party (girlfriend's birthday) and
the girl liked the picture because it was
beautiful. She did not even suspect that some
men would just immediately reject the girl's
photo despite her beauty! A glass of wine
breaks good impression of the girl! The men
are looking not only girls but also first potential
wives for themselves. They are already
accounted for the image of their future wives.
Usually virtual image of drinking woman does
not enthral a marriage minded man.
Photograph of the singer Natalie Mogilevskaya made at different angles.
Natalie Mogilevskaya. Both photos without Photoshop.
Men often identify girl's nature from the photo. They try to understand clearly what they want from
relationship with Russian women, their future brides. When girls are beginning to understand this fact they
are beginning to follow our tips how to create their virtual image. Should be admitted that Russian girls
learn quickly this science and gradually begin to feel easy on dating sites.
Tags: Profile
Suddenly your girl has lost interest to you and chose the other you did not know why.
For some reason you did not receive the post, which seemed was intended exactly
for you. You know, sometimes we feel that life is not fair.
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"Russian bride" and "Russian mail order bride" are very popular search terms.
They are being searched for tens thousands times monthly. Being Russian, having
knowledge of Russian woman nature and years of experience in dating industry, I can
hopefully make things clearer and present some facts about Russian brides.
The contest called "Win a Russian bride" holds the New Zealand vodka marketer 42
Below. The winner will go to Moscow. On the promotional poster contest featured
blond, which, standing on her knees, scrubs the floor in the kitchen. The inscription
reads: "Believe me, those Russian women - simply plague. Not feeling unloved, if you
are watching cricket on Valentine's Day. They damn that you are small and thick."
Russian women are highly desirable for many reasons. In previous years, unless you
were a Russian yourself, you had no hope of marrying a Russian. They used to be in
relationships only with Russians. But in the twenty first century, Russians have a
more modern outlook and are willing to consider a relationship with people from other
parts of the world.
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