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What Women Want - What Every Guy Should Know
Bad news, guys: all women know that men want sex. But the good news: you can start doing things
to get a woman into bed faster. It's all a matter of changing your approach.
First, let's divide women into two categories:
1. Everyday women
2. Hot women
What Women Want
Everyday Women
Everyday women want:
- a guy who will treat them well
- a guy who doesn't come off that he only wants sex
- a guy with a great sense of humor
- a guy with a job
- a guy who doesn't play games
 Keep in mind that these are generalizations, as every woman has varied preferences and tastes.
Let's emphasize again that women do not like men who only want sex and want it right away. That's
what hookers are for. When you spend time with a lady, you need to be a gentleman if you want to
increase your chances of getting lucky.
Hot Women
Hot women are a different ball game. Since they can get any guy they want, their expectations are a
lot higher. In addition to wanting most of the things everyday women want like a guy with a job and a
sense of humor...
Hot women want:
- a guy who has something of value to offer
- a guy who's fast on his feet
The thing to remember about hot women is that they're in such demand, they won't go out with just
anyone. Don't be fooled into thinking you can get a hot woman just because you think she's hot.
You have to have something of value to offer. Hot women are naturally attracted to glamour and fame
because they have the look for it, and because everyone tells them that (how else can you explain
unattractive rock stars who have hot chicks all over them?). But if you can't attract a hot woman with
fame and money, don't panic! There are tons of hot women out there dating normal guys who aren't
rich and famous. But clearly, these guys have something to offer. So now ask yourself, "What can I
offer to a hot woman that other guys can't?"
Let's find out. Are you:
- Creative?
- Smart?
- Handy?
- Athletic?
- Funny?
- Connected?
Chances are you have at least one of these traits. If not, then pick one area you'd like to master and
get to work. Whatever your talent is, start using it to your advantage if you want to meet hot women.
Good luck!
Jenna S
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Can we play on women's weaknesses? You need not to play on women's
weaknesses, but to use the womanliness in reasonable way is possible. Every
woman: Russian, French, English or any other nationality, by her nature is individual,
but  I still choose the most common women's weakness, which are located from the
least-meaningful ones to the most...
Russian women, of course, are very emotional and can be thin-skinned. But do not be
reluctant to ask questions of her. Queries such as: What kind of man would you like
to picture next to you? How do you suppose your everyday life after the marriage?
What is more central for you: the family or having a vocation?
When you go on a first date that was arranged by an agency you might be nervous
and not know what to talk about with a total stranger. So it is a good idea to plan
ahead and figure out what you are going to talk about before you go on that very
important first date.
We tend to focus on what women want in a man in bed but leave out the things that
what women don't want a man to do in bed. Once you discover what women don't
want in bed you can eliminate those things from your routine, and even if you are not
doing everything perfect in the bedroom yet at least you won't be doing everything
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