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What women's legs will tell you about.
A favorite way of sitting or standing can tell not only about how a woman relates to the sport or
dance, but also tell something interesting about her character.
Girl sitting with her legs together
Sitting with her legs together.
Girls who prefer to sit exactly in that position,
usually do not like being late themselves, and
could hardly stand when someone other is late
on. They are reasonable, intelligent, vulnerable,
consider that a bad peace is better than a
good quarrel, and feel uncomfortable when
someone shows his feelings in public,  no
matter what it was - a passionate kiss or
marriage "dispute". If a girl likes to sit
connecting her legs and at the same time
based on the whole feet, then she is fairly
straightforward, open. Maybe she has a little
short temper and probably pedantic by nature.
If in this position she prefers to raise up the
toes of shoes, leaning on her heels, then be
sure - her "armoured train is standing at call."
This girl even looks restrained, in fact, always
is ready to fight back all and sundry, the world
for her is a hostile environment, and the house
is a kind of refuge, a fortress, which walls can
hide from all the adversity. Any remark at her
address she perceives as an allusion to the
fact that she is not all right, and immediately
begins to "counterattack''.
Sitting. One leg is encircled by another.
Girls who like to sit just so, usually are not too
eager to marry, and if they marry, then do not
hasten to settle down  offspring before the
receiving an education and a career, because
they think that "all in good time". They are
marked by persistence (sometimes turning into
stubbornness) and determination. Ambition
makes these young ladies to forget about
caprices (though occasionally the desire to
pout has the upper hand) and  to move forward,
the place where dreams come true. For them
is extremely important, how do they look like.
You will not be able to realize what a tragic
experiences  the "imperfectness" can deliver to
her - extra kilogram (one) or a crease on her
stomach with  0,5 mm thick, which nobody,
except the owner does not notice. Deep down,
somewhere very deep - they are a little not
sure of their strength, that is why they often
take the criticism (even the most constructive
and friendly) with hostility.
Sitting, toes together, heels apart.
Sometimes girls who prefer to sit in this
position, try not to notice the problems.
Applying a principle: "If you hide your head
under the blanket, the monster will go away".
They believe that things will get better by itself.
Sometimes this approach works  and then
they cheer, and sometimes fails - in this case,
the problem is usually shifted on to other
shoulders. It is very easy to communicate with
these personages, they are not "sticky". They
able to switch over quickly, they extremely rare
"chew" one the same idea during the day.
They are very creative, charming, a little bit
flighty and infantile. These girls often initially
say and then think about what they said. The
men like them, and the other women do not
really like, because they rightly believe that
they are dealing with serious rivals.
Sitting, legs crossed, the back is sooner
round rather than direct.
The girls, who often "slide" down on a chair,
more than any other know what a real comfort
is. They may be, will not arrange a shopping
marathon on weekend, in hope to create the
perfect look, but can spend a lot of time trying
to choose a new perfume or cream. Their
relations with the flavors and textures are very
complicated - in this respect, these
personages are very capricious and selective.
Quite often they are surrounded by so-called
"jumble" and "chaos" - but what the other
people name the mess, it has some logical
system - any necessary thing can be found by
the hostess with the eyes closed. Their "weak
link" is the inability to concentrate on the one
Sitting on one leg.
Girls who choose this pose are dreamy, with
well-developed imagination and they love the
subjunctives, "Oh if only.., oh if he should..." 
Among these persons there often come across
those who are called the "soul of the party". It
is  rarely boring with them - they constantly
generate new and sometimes crazy ideas.
These girls love to travel and they easily
acquire new acquaintances. They are
somewhat similar to the casket, from which a
jack jumps out, when it opened. It is unlikely
that they will patiently wait "until Monday" or
next year to begin life anew. Why? If you can
start immediately! In an instant to change the
image, the man, the activity, the city or even
the country of residence - for them is in order.
In fairness, we note that these girls do so only
when their patience is exhausted.
Standing, body weight is shifted from foot
to foot.
The girls, who every now and then transfer the
body weight from foot to foot, sometimes are
not quite confident. However, they do not have
much trust to other people. That is why among
them there are very many persons who feel
that only through total control  you can
somehow cope with the events of this life. They
do not like improvisation, lack of news for them
is really good news. Before making a decision,
they often weigh up all the "pros" and
"against". "Better safe than sorry" - this is said
about them. In addition, these young ladies,
whose care sometimes verges on the
suspicion, are quite categorical in their
judgments - sometimes they even try to
impose their views to the rest, because they
are confident that there are two views in the
world - one is wrong, and the second is theirs.
Standing, resting on both legs, feet
shoulder width apart.
Girls who prefer to stand, resting on both legs
are realistic. They are very practical and
somewhat boring, they have an incredibly
strong will and ability to go bald-headed for
goal. These girls often focus solely on their
personal interests, regardless of others. The
flexibility of mind is not relevant to their main
advantages. They can not lose and admit their
mistakes, even when everyone else is ready to
quit, they stubbornly continue to make their
own, even more they have affected that there is
not anything special. These individuals are able
to draw any circumstances to their advantage.
To make a slice of ham from the beastliness,
and a lemonade from lemon? Nothing could be
simpler for them!
Standing, stand at attention.
The girls who feel comfortable standing this
way, are generally confident in their abilities.
They understand what they really want.
Rhetorical questions which torment the
philosophers for centuries, such as "Who am
I," "Do I have a mission in this world," etc. they
do not really care - they prefer to think of
something more concrete, useful and...
understandable, for example, about the next
gastronomic masterpieces and new diets,
economic worries. They prefer regular fitness
to the gymnastics for brain. They watch over a
figure with greater pleasure.
Standing, legs crossed.
These girls are distinguished with big, if not to
say exorbitant ambitions. In order to get what
they want, they can use other people,
manipulating  them. Typically, these
personages are very wary in expanding the
circle of communication, and prefer not to let
new people get too close. At the same time
they are not afraid to take risks when it comes
to something really meaningful for them. In
addition, they do not like when any events
happen in their lives, unforeseen by them
Girl sitting one leg  encircled by another.
Girl sitting, toes together, heels apart.
Girl sitting, legs crossed, the back is sooner round rather than direct.
Girl sitting on one leg.
Girl standing, body weight is shifted from foot to foot.
Girl standing, resting on both legs, feet shoulder width apart.
Girl standing at attention.
Girl standing, legs crossed
Sometimes the girls themselves do not realize how much information about
themselves they report to others without saying a word. Read about the girl's
character you can not only by her legs, or lips form, but also by a make-up that she
selects the most often.
The people who say "truth and nothing but the truth" does not exist, we all are lying
about 200 times a day. Is it possible to identify a liar without degrading validation of
the data and the lie detector? Body Language
Body language is universal and we tend to do a lot of common gestures daily no
matter who we are. Whether they are passed down from generation to generation or
they are just instinctual there's no denying that body language is a huge substitute for
speaking in many different situations, and much of the time they are more powerful
than words could ever be.
Plump, wide lips.
Venturesome. If she liked something, she wants to get this "something" at once, and
it does not matter what was going on - a new purse or a man. Uninhibited and
energetic, she is not shy to take initiative in her hands and she makes an
appointment or gives a call first.
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gedop 2012-09-28 14:55:07
The girl is so pretty. What is the name of this girl

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Green 2012-09-28 20:18:09
Anastasia Marina. Birthday: June 6, 1988. Lives in Tashkent City. She is married.

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adni 2012-09-16 15:43:52
these are often just allude to someone's mood and not necessarily or completely to they're personality

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Green 2012-09-16 18:11:03
Of course! That is why, in the beginning of the article states: "A favorite way of sitting or standing can tell..."

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