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Why Chinese guys choose their brides from Russia.
When a Russian girl from city of
Komsomolsk-on-Amur was going to Harbin for
studying, she could not assume finding her destiny
As a beginning, four years ago 25-years-old Marina
Kushnarenko decided to study the Chinese language.
In Heyluntszyan State University girl was persuaded
to give Russian language lessons to one of the
employee. Soon she noticed that her student is not
so much interested in Russian verbs, but his pretty
teacher. "Malina", as Chinese friend called the  girl,
was not going to stay in China, so decided to stop 
Newlyweds had celebrated their wedding twice. Both in China and Russia.
the advances fundamentally. But Chzhunven was persistent. When he had told her about his love,
Marina already was fairly speaking Chinese. It's the language young family communicates today.
- He bribed me with his reliability, a serious attitude to life, family - she recalls one year after the
"New dwellers of Harbin"
Settled down in Harbin, Marina had established relationships with compatriots, and after a while
headed the Russian club. In the city with Russian history there is a lot of people from the former
Soviet Union. There are about 200 mixed marriages.
With the help of Russian Club, new dwellers of Harbin from Russia retain connections with the
old-timers - children and grandchildren of immigrants of the first and second waves.
- We want to unite the compatriots - our heroine says. - We make tours on the historic Harbin, lay
flowers to the monument to Soviet soldiers and organize action "St George Ribbon" on the Victory
Day, we put in order the territory of the Holy Iverskiy Temple (General Kappel, associate of
Alexander Kolchak was buried here). And if possible, we make  parcels to the Russian prisoners
that are in Chinese prisons...
But now the deals of club are on the second plan. Since four months ago the family has a son
Timur and Marina holds most of the time at home.
Oddly, Chzhunven dreamed of a daughter. In China, the law prohibits making ultrasound and find out
in advance the gender of the child. It is linked to the fact that young couples get rid of unborn girls.
Incidentally, the Chinese one-child policy does not apply to international families, so it is possible
that little Timur will have a brother or sister.
Marina by her own experience convinced that the stories about the caring Chinese fathers - are not
a myth.
- Here in China, the men have a lot of responsibilities in family. But I am probably more lucky,
Chzhunven has good character - she admits. - He comes from work and washes the diapers, he
can cook dinner or clean the apartment. In short, he does not object to any housework, no problem.
No discords for the food - wife cooks Russian dishes, her husband cooks Chinese.
The interpreter and journalist Jana, Chinese girl accompanied us the visiting, once said how gently
spouses address to each other:
- In our families we do not call the husband "dear, sweet." We call so the children only. But Marina
is producing this so naturally...
The difference of mental experiences has been balanced by common values - they both cherish
family and believe that the most important is understanding and respect. Well, if you have found a
common language in the main point then a different upbringing, skin color and shape of eyes are no
longer relevant, young people feel sure.
Prestigious wife
When I was going to arise for visit, I called Marina, she, unlike most Russian wives, had not been
objected. Usually our girls go on about the Chinese men, who for some reason do not wish to
advertise the family routine and avoid the journalists. When we met, it became clear that Marina
settles all in the family.
To the question: "Who is the "boss" of the house?" the husband having no reflection points on his
As the interpreter Jana said, in China it is agreed that the current affairs of the family have been
decided by the wife, and serious problems - by both spouses.
It is prestigious to have a Russian wife in the Celestial. And Chzhunven confesses not without the
pride that friends envy him. When spouses walking along with little Timur, passersby look at an
international family with interest and well-dispose, that incidentally, can not be said about the
attitude to Russian-Chinese families in our homeland...
Marina does not cease thought of returning home. This is a sore point for her. But so far, she says it
is not possible. The reason is not the ignorance of her husband the Russian language and
consequently the inevitable problems with the work. Russian wife is afraid to move her Chinese
husband to her motherland, because she is not confident in his safety.
- I will simply be afraid to let a spouse leave the home - the girl says frankly.
Little Timur, as well his mother, has Russian citizenship. In this case it is easier to obtain
documents to travel to Russia, and Marina is going to spend the summer with her parents in the
Khabarovsk district.
The difficulties of translation
The walls of the kitchen in three-room apartment, which is bought out from University by
Chzhunven, are decorated with Russian alphabet. It turned out that Marina's mother-in-law began to
study Russian language in order to better understand her daughter in law. Grandmother and
grandfather came here every night to help nurse the grandson.
The son's decision to marry Russian girl caught them as a surprise, but they did not object. Just
wanted to know what she is in the eastern horoscope. And, having learned that the girl was born in
the year of goat, noted with a happy: "Goat and Cat is a good union." Now the parents are helping
her to get along with life in a foreign country and of course, respect her for having learned their
According to our heroine, she has not a traditional Chinese family. In the China it is agreed that all
major decisions concerning the child are taken by grandmother (husband's mother). But Marina as
soon as learned that she was pregnant immediately placed on all the dots above "i". She told
relatives that she herself  will care about a child.
Chinese women are with children up to three months, after this the child is given to nurse or
grandmother. Marina decided not to rush to work, the salary of her husband provides the family of
the average standard of living.
- We are well fed, everything is cheap here, and what is most important we can afford to fly to
Russia and to rest in the Chinese resorts - the girl says.
In her prospect there is the trip to home, meeting with relatives. Chzhunven with his visa will be able
to stay with Russian kinsfolks not longer than two weeks. Then he will come back to Harbin to be
waiting for his Malina...
Anna Hamatova, professor, director of the Institute of East of FESU:
- The Chinese are getting married foreign dirls (not only Russian women) primarily because of the
country's one-child policy, at the same time the international family can have two or more children.
In addition, in the country there is artificially created situation where men prevail over the women. So
there are the problems in the Chinese population, in other words, our neighbors do not have enough
their own brides.
There is another feature there. The Chineses are educated in a spirit of teamwork, opposed to, say
so, personalizators - the Americans, that is why there is the cult of the family in China. The man,
based on the canons of Confucianism, is obliged to take care of his wife and children, that is in our
understanding a reliable man's shoulder... We have many girls students, which having a period of
trial in China, entered into marriages with Chinese men. Another issue - whether the girls can stay
in this country forever?
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I often talked with many Russian girls which came to our marriage and matchmaking
agency. I asked them one and the same question. "Why do you want to marry
foreigner?" Some of them wanted to find "their only" man. To search for one with
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ready to meet both  Russians, and Western men as well. 
The matchmaking site that you visit for a Russian woman will attest to the fact that
the kind of female you will come across is after a serious relationship, since many
the Russian culture has been on the forefront of encouraging traditional values of
homeliness and family.
Russian girls can make the life of a man a paradise to behold, as they have been
voted the most feminine around the world, as well as being professionals in what they
have perfected as their careers. While dating this females, they go an extra mile to
make sure that they have made you comfortable in a homely manner and are ready to
please you in any manner.
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