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Why Russian Brides Marry Foreigners?
I often talked with many Russian girls which came
to our marriage and matchmaking agency.
I asked them one and the same question. "Why do
you want to marry foreigner?" Some of them
wanted to find "their only" man. To search for one
with whom the girl feels well and comfortably, to
find their "another half". These girls are ready to
meet both  Russians, and Western men as well.
They want to have the maximum of chances and
use all available opportunities. They usually marry
in six months - a year after revenue to the
agency. Some of them choose Russians husbands,
some other - foreign.
They aim not just leave abroad, but find the native
soul, and most often they reach their goals.  Many
of the girls coming to the agency, has already met
with Russian men, and even had their children, but
decided to marry the Western man.
Woman in the train door.
Usually, they explain their decision so that they could like more the Western men's
attitude toward both children and their men's health as well.  It is a serious attitude
allows them to maintain their health and activ vivacity of spirit to a much later age. If
you want to find a decent father for your child, it should be remembered that the man
is looking for wife above all - looking for a woman for comfortable warm soft relations.
There are girls who set themselves the task of simply travel abroad only to "bump".
Our experience shows that this category of girls is the most vulnerable. If the rest
girls deal with a reasonable share of caution, drawing attention to the deeds,
remarks, inconsistencies in the letters, those who just want to leave, usually ignore
such trifles. And it is often occur different troubles with girls of the kind. They can
get married a drug addict or get into a situation of domestic terror. I do not call for
suspicion, reaching up to paranoia, in the search for hidden meaning in each the
words and terms of your vote. I appeal to listen to your feelings, try to understand
whether reliably, whether you are comfortable with that person, whether you want to
wake up next to him every morning, hold together weekend  to educate children
together.  Of course, politics "endured-beloved" also has a right to exist, but in this
case, you should be prepared for any surprises.
Some girls or women come to the marriage agency after heavy loss or divorce. They
can come immediately or after a time rolled over after the loss. For them apeal to the
agency is an important step to the next stage of their lives. They understand - all
that was dear to them is now in the past but now they have to live the present and
look to the future. They rarely marry foreigners, but the letters, calls and the
attention of men on the site enables them to feel interest to the present to start to
live full lives and be ready for the new love. Sometimes love erupts with a foreigner
on the site, sometimes it's Russian, and not even from Agency. These women literally
could not be recognized in a month - two, their eyes begin fluoresce, gait became
flying, the voice - alive and sensual.
The last contingent, I would like to tell about - are the girls who did not enjoyed
success among Russian men, but somehow feel that they will be easy to find man in
the West. But in other countries men still want to see a partner in woman, a friend
lover and simply incredible woman. In that aspect western men no differ from Russia.
They want to see the next person to be comfortable and safe with. Therefore,
women who have not been able to build a close relationship, first must address to
themselves, to think about their style in appearance and behavior to look closer to
the happier couples and try to understand what attracts men to their favorite wife.
To look at the warmth and joy, which they give to each other.  And then, of course,
their men who want to bask in the rays of light coming from those who want to
forever link their fate with them.
According to a questionnaire conducted by the independent Russian
statistical agency, it has finally been found what most Russian women
do not like in Russian males 
Exports of Russian brides, according to some estimates, has about 4.5
billion dollars of annual profit... The experts noted a change in the
wedding fashion in Russia: Russian brides are no longer so eager to
escape abroad, and foreign Suitors find it possible to stay in the home
of Russian wife. To understand the latest trends, we spent a half-day
at the wedding ceremonies.
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According to statistics, Russia today is home to over 20 million single
men. And the experts predict a rise of the number. What is the reason
of bachelor boom? First, the changed attitude to the unmarried men.
Compared to the Soviet period, single men are given more opportunities
to build a career.
There are many articles that have been written over the years
regarding some of the common myths about Russian women. In fact,
people of all nationalities, ethnic groups and foreign cultures are often
associated with some kind of stereotype. American men should not at all
be surprised that Ukraine girls often tend to maintain generalizations
about them.
When marriage with foreigner in the RF the procedure and form of its
conclusion is established in accordance with the legislation of the
Russian Federation, and the conditions of the marriage shall be
established for the person under the law of the country of which he is.
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M.Sohail Naeem 2015-08-14 09:31:03
Its one right to have a partner who care you in all and every walk of life. who understand you and who really be the half of you.

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