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Why Russian girls look like sluts?
It is taken from Russian blog community LiveInternet, where Russians (living both
abroad and in Russia) discuss among themselves the subject of Russian women's
passion to sexy style of dressing. This is a direct translation, uncut and uncensored, a
part of the original text was written in Russian (here it is highlighted in blue), all
explanations are in italics.
why russian women look like sluts (english)
this is again a census of my comments on the stereotype of Russian
women as whores in American cinema and TV.
original topic of (Name has been removed at the request of the author): 
American culture has made "dressing up" inappropriate. Most girls wear
crap and when you're dressed up, wearing a nice/sexy/cute dress, you
almost feel uncomfortable.
When I want to wear a skirt, dress (a little above the knee high) people
start staring and it makes me feel I'm dressed inappropriate... :(("
My answer:
Master Bo:
Based on occasion, ladies. Cocktail party is not the same as going to the church, and going to
pop-concert is not the same as going to a funeral. I've seen enough "slutty-looking" American girls
going to "adult' cocktail party or to a dance club, but not to the family-type event. But Russian women
dress-up like prostitutes everywhere, even to the funeral, or parent-teacher conference at school.
Sometimes my wife would ask me how she should dress up to her cousins birthday party to Russian
restaurant. I'd suggest to dress up like a whore, so she looks like everyone else.
no offense, please.
I have literally seen what I am talking about. Russian ladies (especially the ones who don't work),
simply don't have any "normal" clothing, and their version of "dressing up" is a "Russian party" version.
I don't blame them.
The ones who are actually more integrated to American "burb" culture have some other "common
sense" clothing, and they "manage" not to raise the "red flag" everywhere they go.
It is is absolutely as I am telling you in NY/NJ/Philly area. I've seen it. I know!!! LOL.
When I was in Jersey my wife sent me to Kinder-garden parents-teacher and she staid home with our
youngest. There were 6 other ladies, Jewish and not, but one of them was definitely Russian. I've
figured it out before she even opened her mouth.
Guess why?
She was wearing "
stiletto heels" she could barely walk on, fishnets and ass-tight mini, with a silk top
you would not want to wear to the office (perhaps to the bed or to meat-packing district in the city).
I was making fun of her, but she later became my wife's best GF. Who would have thought!
One acquaintance of mine told me "I thought Russian ladies all dress up like prostitutes regardless of
age, but later i was told its just "European fashion", but how come Italian and Greek ladies don't wear
shit like that?
Russian girls look like sluts?
Trillian McMillan:
Have hard-translated from English, but you're absolutely right! I do not know
about your America, I had not been there, but being in Europe and tourist
countries of Asia I accurately guess the Russian women.  A ton! Mini
dresses, "spike heels" anywhere down to the beach and a
bright makeup,
too, down to the beach. Europeans do not dress so. So acquaintance of
yours is not righ, this is not a "European style" but somewhat unknown,
because in Asia, too, they do not walk down the street dressed so.
Master Bo:
Wow, well done, you've translated.
Trillian McMillan:
Well, English, I had still learnt in school, even was given five (highest
mark in Russian school)
Master Bo:
After school I was in no way. Only a year before leaving was studying. helped.
Roger)) Well, I've practiced a little still here in late May, talking with
the Europeans.
Trillian McMillan:
they will tear you to pieces.
Take into consideration  -  someone had come recently and they still have
clothes from Russia, that is, they are dressed so in poverty. Someone went
on vacation - and again brought the cheap clothes... and then, look here
(the name of user Master Bo), WTF? - who does have the legs those
wear mini skirts. I wore too, by the way...
Nope... Everyone dresses so, even those who was born here and lives in
Brooklyn and Fili. The bad taste and vulgarity is passed on from mother's
Master Bo:
This is not just bad taste and vulgarity. This is instinct of poverty, misery,
when a woman needs to improve her competitiveness to survive.
 In a society where the financial stablity is for a long time, there is no such
a necessity. Even a woman can get along and support both herself and her
However wisely. But it is an instinct, cause they continue to do so getting
richer, and successfully married, and after having the children and
Master Bo:
Should be a few generations pass over untill the instincts will fade down :)
I join the "WTF?".  WTF! That is an aesthetics so special unaesthetic. I
don't know how you do in Harrisburg (correct?), but we have a lot of Iranians
here in DC (great many). If it were not the facial features - well, look just
like Russians. Make-up to the knees, gold, tchotchke-pecka, dresses in
sequins, and so on. By the way, very nice people. I prefer doctors Iranians
only. If I see that an Iranian - I go without hesitation. And nobody thinks
they are cheap (women). They are considered the Iranians. Stop. Enough
already of this self-flagellation and guilt and shame for what is nothing.
Thank you, Marina (the name of user GypsyQueen)
And my doctor is a woman from Egypt. I respect her - to get on in the
world here! We had a talk about the children, her son had studied in
medical school for one year, then gave up! Says - not for him. Katerina is
on the second semester.
Russians just frequently do not perceive the fine line between eroticism
and vulgarity, and most importantly the relevance. Yes, it is commendable
- to be beautiful, to dress bright. BUT! There are certain rules of etiquette,
in which the heel for every day should be no higher than 5 cm, and
diamonds - exclusively in the evenings but not on march to the store. And
the other extreme -  everywhere sneakers, jeans, bikes, jackets, face a la
naturelle hangover in the morning. I.e., I stand for moderation. For the
comfort and appropriateness. For elegance. And for a sufficient
self-confidence, which helps to not look for enthusiastic (pop-eyed, etc.)
gazes of passers-by to raise the self-worth ;)
Choosing clothes, we are usually guided by the criteria of taste and fashion and do
not reflect on the influence the colors and style have on our sexual instincts. Many
people cannot even imagine that the very utility clothes can be more erotic than the
most extravagant lingerie. Create a Sexual Silhouette. 
Half of the men, sooner or later come to the services of professional marriage
agencies, had previously "been in the hands" of one-aloner gurus. They did not
receive the answers there. This is quite logical. After all, the proper answer to the
question "
What is a Russian woman" could not give a single person. The adequate
personal conclusion can only come about as a result of living communion with many
Journalists of asked this question passers-by and received sincere
Russian men and women really are much less smiling than most nations of the West
and East. For the Russian communicative behavior it is distinctive not to smile, that
stands as one of the most prominent nationally specific features of Russian
Sex in the life of a men is slightly different thing than in a woman's life. For him it is
not only the satisfaction of physical needs and the euphoria of the merger with the
beloved person, but also a field of self-affirmation, gaining the self-importance and
Leggy girl in a mini skirt walks widely
Jokes about
Russian mentality
Two girls in mini skirts
History of Mini
Comments, questions:
Olga Viboroska 2015-03-02 00:32:56
As a Russian I agree with the Autor.
100% whores, 100% trying to Keep Attention from all men, friend's husband inclusive.
I met one at the english classes and she introduce herself as a doctor.
No language, no one word as a doctor.
Dress like a whore ready to go. One BH, Flur jacket and really cheap shoes and bijouxs from Dollarama.
Come on.
At the tableshe is a disaster. Eat everything too fast(affraid to be hunger)and use the sticks for clean her teet at the table.

Told everyone that when she met her husband he was tired from the travel but she (catch his penis in the mouth before he sleeps)
Come on....what kind of high education someone have???

Doctor in oral sex....

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Jack Anderson 2013-05-03 18:35:14
All Russian women are sluts and prostitutes. They are greedy sluts looking out to marry foreigners and settle abroad. Bitches and whores. Never marry a Russian woman. I am from America, have had a bad experience. They are ready to sleep with anyone for money. They not only dress as a slut but also behave like prostitutes, they only have one GOD i.e. MONEY.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Paul M 2013-05-06 10:00:58
I feel sorry for you, loser.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Catherine 2012-12-03 14:04:51
Omg I didn't put that stupid second smile :)

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Green 2012-12-03 15:21:42
I have edited.
Thank you for your comment, Catherine.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Catherine 2012-12-03 14:00:15
Well I would say I'm russian, and I've been to US, too. I have also been to Germany and Holland. In Europe I was very attentive trying to find all those "crazy russian chicks" from stereotypes who allegedly "dress like prostitutes on the funeral, wear heels at the beach" and so one. I didn't find ANY WOMAN or girl like this. Russians who I've met were dressed in completely decent and "down to earth" manner, just like other people. It depends on your environment. If one's dreaming about "sexy prostitutes", if he's surrounded by "promiscuous woman" - that's what he will notice first. I went to a good univercity there in Germany, and didn't see "slutty russians". I'm not offended by this stereotype though, because compared to other stereotypes ignorant people create like "German women are ugly", "American girls are fat" us Russians being "dressed too slutty" sounds not so bad :))

By the way, if the weather is warm, I don't see anything wrong with girl walking in short dress and high heels showing her stunning long legs(of course if she's not on her way to work!) Girls are the most beautiful part of our society, who would "please our eyes" if not they ?) We have lots of slim bombshells here in Russia, who can dress sexy in summer, and I don't bother analyzing if they're smart or stupid, slutty or virgins, I just enjoy this beauty I have one friend who's smart and successful young women of 24 and makes good money, has great boyfriend, but she can also dress very sexy if she's not going to work. And she should, with her model type body!

And the last things I would say, American girls are beautiful! I don't know who creates this stereotypes about them but they really are! Greetings

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Mariika 2012-10-15 12:00:27
Oh common!
Have u ever been in Russia?
Or have u ever seen russian women?
All countries have some kind of "light" women.
But we have not a big percent of them.
We have very sweet, beauty, smart and kind women (inb4: im not russian, im from Estonia)
You r fully wrong.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Natalie 2012-08-18 07:19:21
The problem is not that they dress to attract men (high heels, minis etc) but they dress it in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY. The clothes look cheap and not classy. Even picking up Kim K style would be better but not - they'd rather stick to their own frightening ways. Still, there are some tasteless forigners who will dig the style and take invitation to the dump they live in just becasue they can't have a nice flat and spend all the money on useless clothing from perechod. It gives them an idea that some poeple "dig it". But you have to know one thing: they will never understand that there's something wrong with them. They really do think they look nice and classy. You can't win. Me and my husband, who are crazy about fashion, just take hours taking the piss out of people here as educating will not help. Anyway, I've never seen so many bad dressed people in one place... this is Russia!

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Lange Winckler 2012-08-04 05:57:20
Z'draasvitye! Kak tvi?

Yep can't use Cyrllic characters on the US keyboard.

I like Russian women a lot, and think wearing short skits is simply a way to show off great legs. Guys who find that slutty are stupid. So are the dummies who complain about high heels.

I'd enjoy having a very sexy Russian wife. Most Russian women are intelligent, well-educated, and high;y motivated. I am obviously not speaking of the old ladies with the cloths about their hair, I saw too many of them in Moscow in the 1970's.

So anyone who wants an American husband who speaks 7 languages, writes books, and is looking for a tall, leggy, busty Russian wife, write me.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Irina 2012-06-24 15:38:39
Why do we women have beautiful shapely legs, what for? If you do not play the hypocrite, the answer is straightforward - to walk around in short skirts and drive mad the strong half of mankind.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Diana 2012-06-22 16:34:51
Russian women are sluts and proud of it. Don't know why, to be honest. They don't even pull up their shirts in public (or care to) if they think a man will see. As for etiquette ... wait, what etiquette? In Russia, the only etiquette a woman must follow is opening up the flaps of her labia wide enough. And then they act sooo surprised when their main (read: flavor of the week) starts sleeping with someone else! Just because he, uh, "respected" your pussy that one night does not mean he'll truly respect you later! And I guess when when Alana Mixailovna said she's proud of being Russian, she means that she's proud of being a complete, bloody slag! But prostitution is something Russian women are good at; must be hard operating a cash register between their legs that they get at birth.

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Klarissa 2012-06-22 16:56:51
Dear Diana! Excuse me for the indiscreet question. How much do you weigh? Eh? just wondering   !;)

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Simon 2012-06-10 23:26:51
-_- stupid americans..... So fat stupid americans..... Kepp fighting for oil noobs)

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Green 2012-06-11 06:22:14
My husband (Russian) worked in the U.S. fishing company for 2 years. The impressions are most good. Ordinary Americans are mostly good-natured and sociable, and just do not like and criticize their government, as well as people of any other country. It makes no sense to judge people by the actions of their government. The peoples' and governments' goals are always different!

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Andy G 2012-06-06 08:21:30
I am a firm believer in live & let live, if a woman feels happy & confident with herself, why shouldn't she dress as she sees fit?
I remember hearing a comment about a lady who had been attacked over here in the UK, they said "The way she dressed she was asking for it" no, she wasn't, I look at attractive ladies but I don't go trying to jump their bones!!!

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Lenochka 2012-05-30 14:21:43
A feeling that a certain "Russian prostitute" (by the author's definition) denied to the author, and he wrote a critical report. The author clearly discriminates against Russian girls and says what can not be! This means one thing - anger, which moves to lie. He writes: "She was wearing "stiletto heels" she could barely walk on"
The author, do not lie! Where have you seen a Russian girl could hardly walk on high heels? What kind of nonsense? I am a Russian girl, and my husband always scolds me for that I sit at the wheel in high-heeled shoes, which in his opinion interferes with driving. Ha-ha! Me and thousands of my countrygirls it does not stop! And a mini skirt I wore, and I will wear it! This is a private matter. Well, here in Russia are also plenty of grumbling old women near the porch!

[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Alana Mixailovna 2012-04-19 17:32:37
you jealous girls!! I'm russian, Im not poor I wear one ct diamond (real) and up on every finger and I wear makeup and miniskirts, I look at the mirror and I like what I see, sneakers are for workout and washed out face to sleep, then why you girls complain when your man leaves you for a prettier girl??? sorry if I made mistakes but as I told you IM RUSSIAN, AND VERY PROUD OF IT!!!

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