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                                              Language Of Gestures.
"I was so unsightly to behold... until you waved at me"
It is known that people can communicate with other people both using the words and using the gestures. In the middle of last century, scientists came to an unexpected for many,including themselves,
conclusion: it turns out that the transmission of information from one person to another occurs through
words - pay attention! - by only 7%. Through intonation - by 38%. And through gestures - by 55%! As it
turned out, our gestures, facial expression, postures and movements report other much more about us
than our words and intonation.
To date, hundreds of books have been written on art "read human gestures like the book". This is
indeed a very important issue: the wrong interpretation of the interlocutor's gestures can create not only
a comic situation, but also lead to much more serious consequences. For example, an American
gesture of approval "o'key", to be shown Greeks or Maltese, can provoke a fight: in Greece and Malta
by this gesture is understood a symbol of male homosexuality. In Bulgaria a nod top upside down does
not mean consent, but vice versa: "No", "disagree". Knowing these nuances can prevent certain
However, in most cases this is little popular knowledge, because we meet with Maltese or talk with the
Bulgarians not every day. What seems more important is knowledge of those gestures, which are used
in our everyday life. Once a certain old lady, during a conversation with her husband, confessed that in
youth she felt very ugly:
- I was so unsightly that no one guy paid attention to me. So I immediately felt in love with the first, who
has shown interest to me. That is, with you.
And  wanting to remind her husband of their first meeting, she asked:
- Remember how did you wave at me across the street?
Her husband replied:
- You know, dear, I must confess to you: in that fateful day for both of us, I did not wave to you. I just
wanted to stop passing taxi. Taxis had not stopped. You stopped...
The moral of this story is simple: all our life could change because of one wrong understood gesture.
Let's talk about some of the most important for each of us the secrets of gestures.
More precisely, one of them, called
"The law of the side".
The secret of experienced actresses
This secret is known to many experienced actress. And it sounds quite surprising: the left side of
human face, is usually more beautiful, than right. Therefore, taking pictures, to stand to the public or the
people you are talking with, it is better by the left side.
"Man can better see what is in his field of vision from the left side - said psychologist William Vinzhiano
from Detroit - so, wishing to be noticed by someone, do approach and stand from his left". Thus, you
are more likely to attract attention, if you stay left of the man who is not indifferent for you. Vinzhiano
gives such advice: "If you try to draw the attention of your boss when he is busy, please try to be in his
field of vision from the left side. If you want to be noticed by an important person, do the same".
Why does it happen? Scientists give such an explanation for this phenomenon. Human brain is divided
into two characteristic fields - left and right. Left hemisphere is responsible for rational thinking and right
- for the figurative. And not only the brain, but also a face is divided into separate left and right parts
psychologically. Both are in many ways reflecting the human experience. Results of experiments
showed that the left part of the human face is like "a mirror of the soul" and reflects the true feelings.
Right same half - is no more than a mask, which smiles with a false smile or is sad with false grief.
Muscles of the right side of a face are only doing grimace, but do not reflect emotions. As scientists
believe, this asymmetry depends on the properties of the brain. After all it is known that  more
"emotional" right hemisphere is in command of left parts of the body.
how lady's right and left sides of the face differs
This photo shows vividly how lady's right and left sides of the face differs. At the center is original
photograph. At the left and right of it are faces made with the help of ImageMaster from left a right
halves of the face.
                   Who sat down from your right, he will not be lying.
There is another explanation for this particular, the human for centuries formed a habit to show people
they are talking with rather their right side of face but left to hide. Because the right side - this is a side
of defense, side for little known people and the enemies as well. And left is side of the heart, for
relatives and loved ones... Here are some examples of compliance with "law of side": Dmitry Dibrov, a
popular showman on Russian's TV, prefers a "position of trust" before camera. he always calls to
screen by the left side, and to the guests of his show "Anthropology" - by face, he has demonstrated
unwavering benevolence, trust and love to his audience. Which, of course, reciprocates feelings.
Secret of side, it seems, is known to "first and last" Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. He won love
and respect throughout the world not only because of the announcement "the restructuring and
acceleration", but he also established a special manner of warm relations. Informed or unconsciously,
this was manifested in which side did he follow. Usually, his famous colleagues were located on his left
hand and fully "bathed" in his sympathies and inclination.
"Anyone - approves American psychologist George Makkenroy - subconsciously expresses his
feelings, thoughts and intentions by choosing the right or left side. Each of us has a "side of
confidence" and "defense side". Watching the order, which your hand a man prefers to keep, you can
determine whether he trusts you, believes in the ideas and projects that you are passionate about".
To confirm this theory scientists conducted following experiment. In the room T-shaped table was
installed, which usually is used for meetings. A specially hired man played a   "superior". Participants
of the experiment were a local theater school students. They were to be as convincing as possible to
tell him about themselves. Half the volunteers had to tell the truth, and the other - to tell invented story.
When they entered the room immediately were invited to choose from which side of the auxiliary table
to take a seat. And consequently, to identify the side they would be turned to their listener by. It turned
out that the narrators of invented stories by 85 per cent preferred to sit to the "supervisor" by their right
side. Indeed, their task was more complicated - outlining a fiction, it is important not to muddle up the
details and be concentrated to answer correctly  the captious questions of interlocutor. But most of
those who had to present the true facts, preferred to substitute the left side. That is, they did not care
the logic of narrative, it was more important to convey their own emotions.
                           Unloved husband sleeps on the left of wife.
Have a chat with Russian girls:
Agents of Israeli Mossad secret service have a technique:
always to follow from which side the man of interest prefers to
sit or stand - from left or right. To those who keep all the time
the right side of a person, you need to buck your ideas up.
Unless he is left-hander. Because all the left-hander are
opposite: left-hander-man has his defensive side located on the
left, and a woman-left-hander - on her right hand.
Over the years of the evolution it happened so that men and
women formed their own trust and defensive sides. A man's
defensive side is right, so he reacts to danger exactly with right
arm, for example, reaches a weapon or shoots. And from the
olden times men's clothing has been intended on this property:
provide an opportunity to act with right arm.
Unloved husband sleeps on the left of wife
But the woman's side of defense is located on the left. Traditional women's clothing reflects precisely
this pattern and is constructed under the left arm action. Each family thus constitutes a closed
defensive system.
A detailed statistical analysis of family photographs of two hundreds married couples reaffirmed the law:
a perfect pair should stick to each other by side of confidence, ranging to the outside world as a
coherent whole: trusting his partner and keep outside with the defensive side. On half the photos
couples were depicted, which once photographed, were divorced. On the rest - those whose marriage
was strong and valued by both spouses as definitely happy. After computer processing of photographs
there were revealed that people from divorced couples were usually held to each other just by defensive
sides. That is, between them the emotional contact had been violated. Besides, easy to understand that
people on the eve of divorce are keeping few wary and aloof in relation to partner, and that caused the
intuitive application of the law of side by conflicting spouses. And in cases of strong marriages, in
contrast, the pairs chosen to each other by the side of confidence, demonstrated that they not only
have faith in their partner, but also have emotional attachment to them.
The law of side is manifested in bed as well. It is during sleep when a person is most vulnerable and
defenseless, his true feelings to the partner are reflected. If he completely trusts his wife, does not
expect dirty trick or treason from her, he likely will choose his side of confidence.
           You have very nice legs, and I would like to examine them closer.
It is understandable that many couples are holding and photographed the way they feel habitual and
more convenient. Armed with the law, we can quickly determine which feelings do spouses experience 
to each other. To confirm this theory, scientists studied photos of famous couples.
Galina Vishnevskaya and Mstislav Rostropovich
Galina Vishnevskaya and Mstislav Rostropovich - star pair, the
connection of two bright personalities and musical talents. Warm
spiritual contact was established at the outset of their novel through
the witty efforts of Mstislav Rostropovich. Trying to fascinate her, he
tirelessly told jokes - in the words of Vishnevskaya, she had never
laugh so in life. But when they left alone, he immediately changed the
tack and said: "You have very nice legs, and I would like to examine
them closer". They got married in four days after acquaintance.
And since there are no photographs, wherever the spouses "conduct
a defence" - only confidence, only love.
Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky - this pair from the outset,
was forecasted as futureless, although both spouses were gripped in
violent passion. Despite that, on the formal and informal pictures the
lovers unconsciously held "defensive" position relatively to one
another - they had a foreboding!
Bill and Hillary Clinton - it is an open secret that the famous couple
had long ago turned into a political alliance which supports each other
only from higher, the public interest. On the numerous photographs
they are located relatively one to another, in general, as a good old
family. But far from it: Bill Clinton is left-hander! And all is accurate to
the opposite: Bill and Hillary had long since to keep mutual defence
in the family: Hillary - against overly loving husband womanizer, Bill -
against the politically ambitious wife.
Rules are simple people are complex...
"The law of the side" - is valid! Scientists are finalizing their study with
such a conclusion. However, in doing so, for all who wish to take in
practice the law, the scientists make one important reservation. "Man
has always faces the alternative - "to go to the left" or "to the right".
And this choice has not always been done freely, without the
influence of external factors or any force majeure. Therefore, we
recommend that you do not rush to conclusions. Man and human life
- is too complex a phenomenon to judge it with only one "law of the
side". This law - is not dogma, but only rule that should only be taken
into account, rather than blindly executed".
Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Tags: Marriage
The people who say "truth and nothing but the truth" does not exist, we all are lying
about 200 times a day. Is it possible to identify a liar without degrading validation of the
data and the lie detector? Body Language
A favorite way of sitting or standing can tell not only about how a woman relates to the
sport or dance, but also tell something interesting about her character.
Plump, wide lips.
Venturesome. If she liked something, she wants to get this "something" at once, and it
does not matter what was going on - a new purse or a man. Uninhibited and energetic,
she is not shy to take initiative in her hands and she makes an appointment or gives a
call first.
Husband and wife who can't live without each other is not a "myth" or a cliche. It is
possible to achieve, you can achieve this with your future wife, but it's a challenge and
a tough one. Truth to be said, many people decide not to take that challenge when they
get married. Those usually get divorced.
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