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 "Win A Russian Bride"contest
The contest called "Win a Russian bride" holds the New Zealand vodka marketer 42
Below. The winner will go to Moscow. On the promotional poster contest featured
blond, which, standing on her knees, scrubs the floor in the kitchen. The inscription
reads: "Believe me, those
Russian women - simply plague. Not feeling unloved, if
you are watching cricket on Valentine's Day. They damn that you are small and
thick." Geoff Ross, chief executive of the 42 Below company, explains the promotion
thusly, telling the Sunday Star-Times, "For the single Kiwi bloke who might not be
Alain Delon or very good looking, this is a chance to get hooked up with somebody
pretty hot. The ideal woman for the Kiwi bloke is one who keeps him fed and looked
after all day and meets all his needs."
A girl cleaning floor in the kitchen
Of course it's all a tongue in cheek joke but, predictably, not everyone is taking it
that way. I admit it is a very funny idea of promoting such a specific product as
vodka. The fact is that Russian brides, being indeed a tempting prize for the
winner, are looking for  foreign husbands mainly just because they might be less
inclined to alcohol. That is why the Winner should be better not to say to his
Russian bride how he came to Moscow.
    According to the statistics, Russian women are not in a hurry to New Zealand to
care for the local men. Since last year, after simplifying the visa regime, only 17
women have been allowed to enter the country. Maria Gorokhova, who lives in
Oakland, New Zealand, said that most Russian women in New Zealand have a
university degree, so they have not to clean the floor as they have domestic
Exports of Russian brides, according to some estimates, has about 4.5
billion dollars of annual profit... The experts noted a change in the wedding
fashion in Russia: Russian brides are no longer so eager to escape abroad,
and foreign Suitors find it possible to stay in the home of Russian wife. To
understand the latest trends, we spent a half-day at the wedding
You are young, free, and a lady appeared on the horizon, when looking at
whom a obstinate snake of the loneliness runs up to the neck. Lady is
good, arrogant, impregnable, and pays no heed to you. I want badly to see
the lady undressed. Well, at least in the home dressing gown to let the
sawdust out. A she-goat, on which you can get on the right side to her,
as ill luck would have it, does not arise.
It has been often a serious debate amongst European men whom I have
witnessed at dating sites and relationship chat rooms - why should it be a
Russian woman to get married to. Well without beating around the bush, I
got good reasons for you perhaps as a man who has been asking himself
about how genuine...
Russian girls may be hard to please on the first date if you don't know
what they expect. However, with the following advice, you may be able to
capture a Russian girl's heart quickly and easily if you know the right
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