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Instead of "erection on-call" - the love without schedule.
Due to the "all-male" problems the women usually suffer. The phrase "just giggled -
and hushaby" sounds funny just in a joke. Is it possible to improve the situation
radically, especially if a man is over 40? The urologists say "yes".
The fact of erection stimulates in men the next erection.
To date, the worst problem for the strong half of humanity is
erectile dysfunction (ED). Faced with it, even the most confident men are closed and do not dare to
openly discuss their problems. And in vain! Erectile dysfunction is treatable in most
cases, no need to rush to write off all for
sexual disharmony - it is not the age issue, but rather a consequence of medical
and psychological problems. Sure, there are age-related changes that affect the
quality of sexual life. But in 2011 the World Health Organization has revised and moved
the frame of growing... for 10 years! Male of 65 is now classified as a "young man". 
Not only the approach to the age has changed, but also to the treatment of erectile
dysfunction. But first things first...
Causes and consequences.
Among the main causes of ED were released:
     endocrine diseases (e.g. diabetes),
     unhealthy lifestyles (e.g. alcoholism),
     psychological problems.
Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man"
What you need to know beforehand.
In addition to classical erectile dysfunction, there is
also the "false" one. Its causes are:
Unreasonably high expectations from the men
themselves (meanwhile the intimacy 2-3 times a
week is the norm, what is more is classified as "acts
of bravery")
Lack of awareness about the fact that he (man) is
not a robot (a man thinks he should be "always
ready", not knowing, for example, that his activity
depends on the
amount of hormones produced at any
given moment)
Incorrect behavior of the woman partner (an inappropriate joke about him).
Whatever the cause of ED was, the patient and physician should work together to fix
it, and perhaps not only the urologist, but also a clinical psychologist.
How it works
Until now, the drugs were used which worked for the "erection on-call", the scheme
was as follows: a man assumed a "loading dose" of the drug and after a while he could
count on an active life - the period of sexual activity ranged from several hours to
several days. Today, the approach has changed - instead of "loading dose" is a lesser
dosage of drugs.
A self-confident man with happy woman
They should drink it at least a month, but
after 5 days of the treatment a man
receives the same effect as that of
receiving a "loading dose", but this effect
does not stop. The quality of the man's life
is changing, he can enjoy the "spontaneity
relationship" (this is especially pleased
because the urologists have found that
the fact of erection stimulates the next
The latest treatments help men to find a
free choice of the moment of intimacy and the self-confidence 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week. What could be more important for women?
Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. Sex is rather better than the Cosmetologist's room. In the
course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital the group of experts reviewed the people of various
ages through unilateral mirror...
A man is young until he's all right with his erectile function. It is a fact. As a fact is that the youth
can be renewed at your will. The tool is as accessible as potent. It is your desire plus a little
labor. As a result, an erection of 18-years-old boy will be provided to you.
You may be one of millions of people who are afraid of failing. Yet overcoming fear of failure is not
difficult. Adopt these simple steps and turn failure into success. You'll soon become much more
powerful than you think you are.
You are young, free, and a lady appeared on the horizon, when looking at whom a obstinate
snake of the loneliness runs up to the neck. Lady is good, arrogant, impregnable, and pays no
heed to you. I want badly to see the lady undressed. Well, at least in the home dressing gown to
let the sawdust out. A she-goat, on which you can get on the right side to her, as ill luck would
have it, does not arise.
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