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Russian village women. Don't Be Afraid of Back-Country Girls
Russia is a tremendous country. Climate and
nature vary a lot in different regions of its
spacious territory, so it happens with the
economics and
mentality. A Western man who
wants to meet a Russian girl should keep in mind
that there is a serious difference between
residents of St. Petersburg or Moscow and girls
from small industrial cities or some back-country
areas. I do not mean that back-country girls
somehow give the pas to big-city ones by
saying this. However, we could not traverse the
fact that provincials have different background
motivations for meeting a foreigner.
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First of all we should accept that average income in Russian countryside is several
times less than one of Moscow or St. Petersburg, while the prices for basic goods and
foodstuffs are the same. However, despite the popular Western
opinion, in Russia you
can watch TV, read newspapers and use the Internet in any city or village. Thus, the
girls who grew up in the country or in small industrial cities have quite a clear idea of
global culture values, main fashion trends and life in a big city or abroad. They may
learn how to use a computer and study foreign languages. And all the more so they are
not so happy with the idea of spending their whole life working in the plant or in the
farm for a penny salary. That is the main reason for their desire to leave their
home-places by all means.
Some of them take a risk moving to big cities. However, they face there a lot of serious
competitors in the name of the girls who were born in town and have well-to-do
parents, place where to live and some useful connections. Having unequal background
only a few of country girls manage to achieve anything. Some of them have to work
hard to get the room in the hostel, others, being more decisive and attractive, find a
kind of "sponsor". By the way, nowadays this word in Russian has a slightly different
meaning than it has in the West. According to it sponsorship can be defined as
prostitution by subscription rather than commercial partnership for advertising purposes.
For a country girl
marrying a foreigner is one the few ways to gain the life she considers
worthy. Some of the metropolitan girls can afford to be extremely particular and
capricious and regard men who traveled thousand miles to meet them as funny
experience. Meanwhile, provincials take seriously any chance they get.
The main problem that Russian country girl has is that she is afraid to present a
foreigner to her family. She is afraid that something can go wrong and nothing will
happen from their relationship and she will be laughed at at her native city. Everybody
knows everybody there, and after that she can have no chance to build a family there.
So if she presents you to her
family, it is a big step from her side, it shows that she is
really serious and hopes that everything will be all right between you. In this case, it is
good if you have at least a small present for all members of her family, especially her
mother and father. Be attentive to them, and you will have always good support from
them. If your Russian bride is reluctant to make you know her relative, make her trust
you and she will do it.
Of course, there can also be some troubles with country girls. Countryside is the place
where the majority of scammers come from. Some of them managed to rise to eminence
in their criminal profession and it is rather hard to figure them out. However, following
some simple recommendations, which have been numerously published on our site, will
help you to avoid their heartbreaking tricks and to find the girl who will be honest in her
gratitude to you.