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Energy Incompatibility
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One of our client once ordered the program of Personal Advisor.
We suggested him that he paid attention to several girls who
seemed to be good candidates for serious relationships with him.
The man sent us the criteria of search for the partner, described
the type of women he liked and took psychological test. The
advisor looked for the girls who were compatible with this client
and would meet all his criteria.
girl is lazily sunning and a guy enthusiastically playing baseball
However, the man preferred to look through the gallery on his own as well, as long
as it was his intuition and taste he trusted more. He liked one of the girls a lot,
although the truth was that he better liked her photo made by a professional
photographer. She was the only girl he wanted to meet. In a few months he came
to Russia and insisted on having a meeting with her the day he arrived.
As soon as he entered the office I understood that their relationships are
hopeless. He was so much full with energy that it seemed to flood the office. The
girl was rather attractive, but she obviously was much less energetic.
They talked a bit and decided to walk in the street. Fifteen minutes later he
returned back to the office alone and asked to call the taxi. He said that she
understood nothing he told her and she even would not have tried to. The problem
was that he just did not have anything to talk about despite her good knowledge
of English. But before this personal meeting they had communicated for some
time, exchanged some letters and succeeded to find things in common about each
I looked at their detailed compatibility report resulted from the psychological test
they had taken. Their intellectual rates and main life values were the same. That
was the reason they were able find the common language during written
communication. But their rates in the scale "Energy-Calmness" given in the main
Chemistry Compatibility report differed a lot. The girl was simply overwhelmed by
the man's energy and thus could not tell any sensible word and seemed
uninteresting to him.
Could it be for mere misunderstanding? What would happen if the man had tried to
be more sensitive and patient and had put away his energy? Would it change the
situation? There might be a possibility for that. But in such a case the person has
to control himself not only during the first date but for all his life if he has an
intention to marry this girl. But we already have enough reasons to restrain
ourselves in the street, in public places and at work! The family is not the best
place for additional restrictions. People should rest in the family and gain new
strength there instead of wasting it.
Is it possible to make a forecast for any relationships, so that the time and money
were not wasted in vain? Yes, it is. There are psychological tests that are
intended for this. They are meant to show the things unseen in the pictures and
letters. If our client had followed the advice of the manager and paid attention to
the reports of the test instead of being ruled by beautiful pictures, he would have
avoided this disappointment.
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