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Is it required to have a photo on my profile?
For women it is required, otherwise, they stay in the status
Limited. For men it is not required. Members with photos get
browsed and written 8-10 times more often. Members prefer
connecting with members who have photos attached to their
profile. If you want, you can send the pictures to us, and we will
upload them for you!

If I sent you my photos, could you attach them to my profile?
Yes, you can send us your photo by email or by post. Send your
photos to us and we will scan and attach them to your profile
FREE of charge.

What types of photos does your site accept?
If you are sending us photos by uploading from our My Photos
page, we accept JPG, GIF, and BMP files. JPG is the best kind
of format for uploading.

Where on this site do I add my photos?
you can go to My profile on the menu, and click there on the
photo section or just click on to
Add my photos from the home
page after you login.

Do you have any maximum of uploaded photos?
No, we do not have. The first uploaded picture is your main photo
picture(it is seen in the gallery, you can change it clicking on the
button under photo
To make main photo. The three photos are
seen in your profile instantly after your web page is uploaded. All
others are placed in your album, users can see the photos in your
album when they click on the buttons in the section
More photos
of this person
in your profile.
How can I change the photo that is seen to users in the

If you have another photo that you think is better for the gallery go
to the Photo section in My profile, and click on the button
under the photo you want to make seen to the other
members in the gallery. There you can make it of the size you

I want to place other photos to my profile. How can I do it?
First delete your photos from the gallery or move them to the
album. Then you will see that you have a free space among the
pictures. Upload a picture there or move a photo from the album.

I want to upload photos that only seen to members who I
added as friends. Can I do it?

Yes, you can do it. Create an album (The button Add/Edit
photoalbums), then set settings there For Friends. And only your
friends (someone whom you added as a friend) will be able to see
this album.

What is the maximum file size for uploading photos?
8 Megabytes.
In Windows, it's simple to find out how big a file is (image or any
other kind of file). Simply right click the file's name, then click
Properties. The Properties window will display the exact file size
and size in Megabytes (MB).

The site won't accept my photos. What's wrong?
First, let's see who does not accept the photo - the site or a
manager. After you upload the photo it should appear in your
section My photos and above it there should be a sign that it is
Waiting for approval of the site's manager. If the photo did not
appear there it can be one of factors:
Is the file you are uploading larger than 8 Megabytes in file size or
very small in size?
Is the file bmp., jpg or gif format? It should be in one of this
Is your photo file compressed into a ZIP file? We do not accept
ZIP files, due to virus vulnerability
If the photo is uploaded all right and you see it in your Photos
section then it is waiting for manager's approval. After approval it
will be seen to other users and you can put it to the photo
contest. In some cases the manager does not approve the
if it is a porno photo.
if it is offensive for other members
If it is the only photo in your profile and there are no you there (in
all these cases it can bring your profile to be deleted. It is a
serious marriage agency and we do not help a child or a kitten
(about about 3 percent of users put only a photo of a baby or a
photo of kittens into their profiles) to find a mistress). If you are
still having photo upload problems, you are able to send them to
us via e-mail. But please

Do I need to provide a description for each of my photos?
No, we do not need description of your photos, but it is a good
thing to do.:)

I uploaded my photo, but it doesn't look as good as others!
When the image file was saved to floppy disk or your hard drive,
the file was not saved with a high enough resolution (dots per
square inch) and was distorted.
When saving any image files, after scanning or when extracting
them from your digital camera, make sure you save them as a
JPG file and with very high quality. Then, when we scale your
photos down to size, they will look great!

How many times can I change my photos on this site?
If the photos are decent, then it is all right, you can change them
as often as you want. We will delete your profile only if you place
indecent photos (nude and offensive to other members).

Why does my photo shrink when I upload it?
We must shrink it to fit nicely within your profile. Just do not
forget to crop all white spaces from your photos before you upload
each of them.

How is the photo used for my listing photo determined?
For the ladies we look for the clearest photo of their face. If it
happens to be the photo #1, that is the photo we will use. For
men it is the photo that was approved the first. If you want to
change it just go to your pictures and click there Make an avatar
and place the square at the place where there is a face, you can
move it by clicking and dragging, arrows will help you to make the
square bigger, click the arrow and move it to make it bigger.

After uploading pictures do I have a way to preview them
or to see my profile as it will look to the world. When I
clicked to upload the photos how do I know what has

If the uploading went all right, then you see the pictures that you
upload on the photo page with the sign over them - waiting for
manager's approval. Your photos will be seen to other users only
after they are approved. Only after that you can put the pictures to
photo contest and you can make an avatar from the pictures.
Only then you can see how your profile is looking for other
members - go to Home on the menu, in the middle of the page,
you will see the box My profile, click on the link My page there,
and you will see how you profile will look like for other people.
You won't see there buttons Wink, and other similar buttons
because this profile belongs to you and we do not have possibility
for you to send messages to you.

What are the photo guidelines?
Photos should meet the following guidelines:
1. Post a recent photo of yourself.
2. At least several first pictures should be where you appear.
3. Do not post images of abusive, obscene, or sexual situations
or the profile and/or image will be removed and your profile can be

How do I manage my photos?
Click on the "My profile" link on the menu. Then go to the
photographs tab and click on it. Press "Delete photo" to delete
photo from your profile.
4. Click on the sign
Make an avatar near the photo from
where you want to crop a small picture for main listing. You
can also move your photo to the photo album and back to
main profile pictures. When you first upload pictures to your
profile, the first three pictures go to your main pictures, the
next go to an automatically created a photo album
-General. You can move pictures from the main photos and
photo albums as you wish.
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