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 Becoming a member
How do I join and become an active member?
Basic memberships at this site are free. Simply click JOIN button
on the top bar navigation bar, or JOIN FOR FREE link in any
member profile and fully complete the questionnaire (form). Once
you submit the registration form, you will be our newest member.
Your profile will be exposed to thousands of other members and
After you create your profile and become a member, you can
easily upload your photos or send them to us and we will place
them for you on the site, free!

Is this site secure and can I trust it?
Yes. When logging onto our site and when registering with
personal information, we use very strong encryption to send data
back and forth, from you to our servers.
Because of their reputation in the security services marketplace,
we choose paypal and to handle all the payments.
We do not keep the information about credit cards of our paying
members in our database.
Whenever we discover a member
who is suspicious or has the
potential to defraud other members, they are deleted immediately.
We're also aggressive about policing our site and blocking entire
countries with known fraud, terrorist, and anti-peace initiatives.
We also constantly check our site for identifying known
scammers, and blocking them from the site.
We do everything physically possible to
protect our member's
privacy and to ensure a fun experience at our site. We will never
distribute your personal information to any third parties for
marketing, spam, or any other purpose. It's not our purpose to
sell you anything but the services you ask for - directly.

What are my rights as a free member?
After you register to the site you will be seen to other members
and they can write to you, you can also write one message to
other members of the opposite sex, you can read any information
on the site and try to use different features for communication.

Can I join other sites in the Dating and Matchmaking

Once you join any site powered by Dating and Matchmaking
(except network for disabled people, you become automatically a
member of all sites which belong to Dating and Matchmaking net.
If you stumble onto another site powered by us, you may simply
use the same login and password to logon.
What information on my profile is kept confidential?
We keep your personal identifiable information very confidential.
Any information we collect (your real e-mail address, etc..) which
could lead to someone else contacting you outside of this site
and without your desire, is kept from the view of other members,
partners, and third-parties.
Other online communities actually distribute your real e-mail
address to other interested members. We think that is an open
door for suspicious activity. We don't feel sharing that information
is such a good idea.
Unless you deliberately give clues or intentionally supply
information in your profile concerning your real identity (which
could get you deleted from our site), there is no way for another
member or the public community to know who you are.
We recommend also to register at the site with different
username than your mailbox for security reason.

Where can I find the list of other sites in the Dating and
Matchmaking network?

In the navigation bar in the bottom you can see the link to ABOUT
US information, there is a OUR SITES link. There you will find all
the sites belonging to the Dating and Matchmaking, Inc. network.
In our network of online communities, there are sites which cater
to nearly every segment of society. Each site is independently
marketed and targeted to its respective community.
If, however, while surfing the Internet or performing searches at
your favorite search engine, you stumble onto another site
powered by Dating and Matchmaking, you're free to logon and
you enjoy the same benefits and features you have at this site.

What if I decide to cancel my membership? Can I?
Of course. If you no longer want to be part of our community, we
would never force you to! This site has the quality of members it
has because they know we care about each of them.
There is no obligation to remain a member of our site and once
you have been deleted, your profile and photos will no longer
appear anywhere in our network.
In order to protect our site's integrity, once you have been deleted
from any of our sites, you will not be able to login any of our other
sites. You will be automatically deleted from all our network sites.
(See the Deleting Your Profile topic.)

Should I use your agency if I am not single?
No, we are a matchmaking agency and so we are working only
with people who really serious about meeting and marrying
What are some tips to remember when creating my profile?
The number of replies you get from other members will depend
greatly on the quality of your profile. Here are some helpful tips
that will help you:
Upload a photograph: People like to see who they're writing to
and as a result, profiles with photographs get up to ten times
more clicks as profiles that don't have one. You can either upload
a photo from a digital camera or a scanner. If you don't have
access to a scanner, we can do if for you for free.
Think before you write: Feel free to write as much as you want in
our essay portions of your profile. Tell other members about
yourself, for instance: your likes and dislikes, things you enjoy
doing, what line of work you're in, what your personality is like,
even your hopes and dreams. The better your profile describes
you, the more likely it is that others will read and respond to it. If
you can't think of anything right away, you can always add more
later. And don't forget to fill out the optional profile questions -
these will also help other members get to know you even better.