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>> Some couples on the site part because of a simple
misunderstanding. Be patient, be considerate. Ask if you did not
understand something. If your relationship grew well, do not throw
it away because of 1 or 2 words! Cultural differences or innocent
translation errors are often the cause of such misunderstandings.
>> Always check the words that are written. The online translator
can identify normal words but is unable to correct spelling
>> The thing that most surely kills all
relationships is jealousy.
Until you meet, jealousy is inappropriate. Only a real meeting,
when you touch, hold hands, or look into the eyes of each other,
can tell you if you have found your Miss or Mr. Right. Until then,
questioning someone for failing to immediately reply to a letter
can end a relationship before it has an opportunity to truly begin.
>> If you have not received letters for several days, we will hint
members that you often come to the site and are waiting to hear
from them. You will appear in the list of members to whom no
letters were recently sent. Many members view this list looking
for someone compatible.
>> There is one question that almost all men and women hate. It
sounds something like "You are so beautiful/handsome/nice.
What are you doing on this site? "
>> Our site is for those seeking serious relationships. Any and all
profiles from those who are married or are just looking for sexual
pleasures are deleted immediately.
>> Every person has one word that is always very pleasant to
him/her, it always gives them positive emotions. This is their
name! Use this word more often.
>> Both men and women want to see photos of the person with
whom they are communicating. If you do not place your
photos on the site, you will have very little chance of finding the lady of
your dreams.
>> Your photos, username, and avatar are seen only by
registered users. In addition, we do not sell any contact
information. You are safe here.
>> Women have different desires than men. They want courting,
conversation, gentle touching and only when they are aroused are
they ready to go further. According to statistics, approximately
50% of women do not like to view men's private parts when they
are not aroused. That's why the first 'introductory' letters with
photos of men's private parts very often offend them. These are
the worst introductory letters.
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